Popping my oxtail cherry at Feroza’s Restaurant Roti, Bronx NY

My huge plate of oxtail goodness!

My first time ever eating Oxtail. So good. I’m so full. Gonna explode.

You have to hand it to these little hole in the wall ethnic spots hidden way up in da Bronx which serves authentic Caribbean, Indian, and Trinidadian eats. Sure, the hood it resides in might be a bit shady for some of those who are less adventurous to ascend all the way uptown out of their comfort zones, but for those who take the gamble the rewards are gastronomic pleasure.

A few of us decided to make a pilgrimage to Gun Hill Brewing company to check out their brews, which are terrific by the way, and then before heading home grab a bite to eat. Thanks to the handy dandy Yelp ap we found Feroza’s Restaurant Roti and took a chance on this little dingy nondescript place close to the subway. Walking in the decor is nothing to look at, and you wonder how hygienic the place really is. Yet, these are exactly the type of eateries where you can score the most delicious and authentic foods. The menu is small here, and only offer a handful of items, but they are the standards such as curry goat, roti, and oxtail. It’s not a destination spot but one where you grab your plate of deliciousness and head off to devour it somewhere else.

Photo credit – Kristy Rody – http://quinngoldie.wordpress.com/ – Baking, Photography, and Sarcasm

It’s a family run biz obviously, as the two women behind the counter are Feroza and her mom from what I have gathered. They don’t speak but a few words, and don’t really smile, but who cares when the food is made with love. After a few bites of my massive oxtail platter I knew we made a solid choice. There is actually some seating in a back room with a few tables and chairs which looks oddly like my great aunt’s and uncle’s old finished basement at their home in Brooklyn with the wooden paneling and mirrored walls. Too funny, but it offered us a spot to sit down and savor every bite of the oxtail and curried goat we ordered. The price was right as my huge plate of food plus a large cream soda was about $14, cash only. Oh, and the numerous fridges up front offered all kinds of drinks, beers, and sodas from their homeland most of which I had never even seen before.

So my first experience with oxtail was wonderful, full of flavor, and I really enjoyed it. Never thought that would happen. I ate every morsal on my plate. Sucked all the meat off every bone. Glad I finally popped my oxtail cherry up in da Bronx!

Sure, the place is a bit rundown and could use a coat of paint as it’s a relic and looks something out of the 70’s or 80’s, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Photo credit – Yelp


Fortune favors the bold, and rewards the taste buds.


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31 thoughts on “Popping my oxtail cherry at Feroza’s Restaurant Roti, Bronx NY”

  1. Okay, your post title is so disturbing but I can’t unsee it… Glad I read on though. My favorite part is the description of the seating area “which looks oddly like my great aunt’s and uncle’s old finished basement at their home in Brooklyn with the wooden paneling and mirrored walls.”

  2. I have yet to break my Oxtail cherry but most definitely want to, sir! I’m totally with you on some of the best eats can be the off-the-beaten path, little hole-in-the-wall joints. I have never been to N.Y.C. (and so want to get there) and would most definitely venture out if I had a trusted local as my guide. Now I’m hungry! Good post 🙂

    1. Hey Mike!

      Glad you enjoyed it! It’s easy to be adventurous here in the NY area. So many little holes and hidden gems to eat at. Definitely worth going out of your foodie comfort zone. I did and liked!

  3. Hi, Phil!! Remember me? Sorry I’ve not been by in a while. I’ve missed you. Will you forgive me? *bats eyes*

    As for Oxtail…my bestie is a huge foodie, and she recently introduced me to it. I’m in love. Just reading this made my mouth water for it. It’s more delicious than it sounds because…tail?

    1. Hey Mandi!

      Hope all is well with you and that you had a great Thanksgiving!

      It was tastier than I would have thought. That sauce…..

      We always enjoy some “tail” don’t we? 😉

  4. Ha ha, when I read “curry goat” I started getting those images of a funny-smelling yellow goat jumping around :):) Oxtail is so delicious. They use it a lot in Korean cuisine too and the meat is so tender you can’t help wondering, why you haven’t tried it before:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Somehow I never tried it, or had an aversion to trying it because of what it is. Dumb mistake on my part as I really enjoyed that plate of food! Now I know.

  5. “Sure, the hood it resides in might be a bit shady for some of those who are less adventurous to ascend all the way uptown out of their comfort zones”

    Translation: those who don’t like seeing too many brown and black faces… There is nothing dangerous about that area… This is not 1985… Worrying about robbery is not much of an issue.

    1. You would be surprised how many people find comfort in a blogger throwing in a comment like that. Phil and I both grew up in NY but we know how some people from outside the area perceive the Bronx to be, without ever actually going there.

        1. I used to live there up until was 29, and it wasn’t that bad. Only about 3 shootouts that I witnessed personally (mostly in barbershops though). Anyhow, Ferozi’s is awesome! I love their cod fish fritters and vegetable potato roti mmm *drools*

    2. Hello Hey!

      Thanks for commenting.

      Actually, you are misunderstanding what I wrote. For people like myself who live in NYC and have no problem with checking out different areas it doesn’t bother me. I know there is nothing wrong with that part of the Bronx, yet there are many who stay in their comfort zones and have an unfounded fear/aversion of travelling to what they perceive to be a bad area. Even if they have never been up there. In know it’s a dumb perception, and they miss out on different foods and cultures. My friends and I don’t judge people by race or the neighborhood they live in. We will go anywhere and dine with the locals. I’m hoping posts like this will open up people’s minds to take a chance to explore places they normally wouldn’t go.

      1. No – I understood you yourself were open minded… I was addressing those who are not. Yes though – hopefully posts like this will open up others minds…

        1. Hello Hey!

          Yeah, it’s a shame some people can’t be more open about things in life. They miss out on some terrific opportunities. They need to be more open and less fearful.

  6. Look good! My family makes oxtail soup, delicious. The meat we get around here is tough, you have to cook it a long time but it’s full of delicious fatty flavor. I’m laughing at the dark wood paneling, everyone had that in the 70’s/80’s. Our basement still has it!

    1. Hey Joy!

      I know what you mean. Delicious fatty flavor. Real ethnic comfort food.

      My family all had that paneling and the mirrors too! Some still have it too!

  7. I love little hole-in-the-wall places that have incredible, adventurous (for me) food! In fact, I was at a place like that last night – an Ethiopian restaurant in a strip shopping center. Looks completely forgettable from the outside, but OHMYGOD the food…..I die.

    I’ve never had oxtail but damn if I don’t really want to try it now! You genuinely opened my eyes to something I’d never really heard of. That plate of food looks amazing.

    1. Hi Beth!

      The hole in the walls are hidden gems! They sometimes have amazing food! Usually fresh and prepared the right way. Not pre-processed crap!

      That’s the reason to try out new places like this. To discover new gluttonies!

  8. My roly-poly Italian mama used to put oxtail in the sauce. Lordalmighty it was heaven. Such tender, succulent meat. There’s a hole-in-the-wall Cuban joint on 46th Street called Margon that has killer oxtail twice a week. You can get oxtail on rice w/ gravy and some plantains on the side for about $8 bucks. In fact, I think I’ll go today…

    1. Hey Exile!

      Grandmas make the best food. Now that is cooking with love!

      Wow – that is a killer meal deal. For $8 you can’t go wrong. Now I’m heading to lunch…

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