Playa Betty’s for California-style beach food in NYC


Dropped in this relatively new spot for some eats on the Upper West Side of NYC after seeing Deadpool again. Yes, I went and saw it again. I had an excuse this time as I took my gal who loved it. Bad thing is she now keeps talking about Ryan Reynolds’ body. I had better keep up with this new training and eating regimen! No chimichangas for this guy!

Man, as many have noticed the service here at Playa Betty’s is extremely slow and a bit confused. Our server, even though nice enough, seemed frazzled.

Our bill was screwed up and they asked me twice if we had ordered something put on the bill that we did not order. Um, you’re our server. You took our order. Did you not realize you didn’t give this phantom item to us?

Also, I’m not a fan of when the main courses arrive literally two minutes after the appetizer is placed on the table. No bueno. Spacing people, spacing!

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Look, I get it when mistakes are made. It happens, but just take care of it quickly and it’s all good. It just seems as if the front of house staff here needs some real training. Plus, on a Sunday night when the place was basically empty it should not have taken forever to get our food. This is a management problem. Again, a recurring theme among reviews I have read from other patrons who have dined here.

That all being said we actually did enjoy what we ordered once the ball got rolling in this beachy surf decor space that bills itself as “California-style beach food”.

We really enjoyed the Guacamole. Well, because, Guacamole! You can spread that shizz on anything and I would eat it. Even a brick. What’s cool is that you can craft it to your own taste as it comes with a platter of chips and seven little bowls of ingredients. Delish!

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We also went with the Dharma Bowls. You choose a grain, greens, a bean, and a protein. Again, it’s to your individual taste. Had mine with brown rice, lettuce, pinto beans, and Veracruz fish. Comes with a green sauce on the side. Again, very tasty. My gal got one with tofu and quinoa, and she really liked it. Portions were good if a bit overpriced for what you receive. I felt it was a bit skimpy on the protein but a nice choice if not in the mood for tacos which is a main menu feature here. I also like these non-meat options since I’m not eating it anymore.

Seems like a fun kind of spot to have some beers, eats, and margaritas. Some flat screens on the walls and a decent sound system. Remains to be seen though if it will last up in the space it’s in, and if they don’t work on the service and food timing here it might not.

Playa Betty’s –

10 thoughts on “Playa Betty’s for California-style beach food in NYC”

  1. Hi Phil, good to see you. Well, I must say the food looks colorful, fresh, and tasty enough. Seems they need to address some of those key details in running a restaurant, and it is an easy enough fix with a little structure and commitment.

  2. sucks about the service. The plates look good at least! Gotta give those newb spots some time to get their ish together. Hope its soon.

    1. Hey Mo!

      The food was fresh, and we loved the guac with all the ingredients. Still, I’m not on board with their service. Properly trained staff should not have these problems, even for a newer spot. Hope they figure it out.

  3. Hmmm. I hope they git it all straightened up because the menu sounds pretty neat. I agree with you on the spacing. Appetizers are meant to tease the taste buds and prepare you for your meal that will be served – later.

    Keep up the good fight. Not many can compete with Ryan Reynolds. Good luck to you on that.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. Guacamole is just awesome and I don’t think I’ve ever had a guacamole (freshly made) that I didn’t like. Whoever came up with the guacamole concept deserves all the praising in the world:)
    Too bad that the service didn’t impress. As I read through your post, I couldn’t help thinking how much it sounded like an average night out in Dubai:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      I could put guac on almost anything. It’s so damn good! Loved the way they do it here. Very cool.

      Is the service that bad in Dubai? Ouch!

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