Oui! Oui! Bonjour! Keep Calm and Eat a Flammy in NYC!

Photo credit – La Tarte Flambee

Such a terrific little French-Alsatian bistro that has opened up literally right across the street from where we live!

Oui! Oui! Bonjour!

I was quite surprised to see something this different and European open up right behind a part of 2nd Ave that is still engulfed in the nightmare subway construction that never seems to end in this part of town. There was a pretty decent pizza shop that was in this space for the past few years when it suddenly closed down. Within a short amount of time La Tarte Flambee opened up shop and has been a nice success story.

And why not – the unique food here is Tres Magnifique!


This cozy and quaint new spot serves up specialties derived from the Alsace region of France. Namely, Alsatian flatbreads called Tarte Flambee! These thin crispy flatbreads are covered in a choice of toppings and there are about nine options. The Traditionnelle is topped with creme fraiche, caremelized onions, and crispy bits of bacon. The Alsacienne is topped with creme fraiche, caremelized onions, crispy bits of bacon, and munster cheese. We ordered each. Both were heavenly delights and meant to share. Light as air with a slight salty crispiness. Definitely a light meal option that won’t leave you stuffed with a food baby, and will leave more than enough room for dessert. Of course, we had to try a few!


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The two we chose? The Calva – creme fraiche, sliced apples, and cinnamon flambeed in Cavados brandy. Fire! Fire! Heh-Heh-Heh. They light it on fire as it’s being served. The Banana Split – creme fraiche, bananas, homemade chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Both are prepared on the crispy flatbreads, and both were a light tasty treat. Again, not the type of choices that would be rich and heavy like a traditional dessert, but satisfyting nonetheless.




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Most of the Tarte Flambee and dessert choices are in the $10 range. The menu has other dinner and brunch options too, and also has a few all-you-can-eat flambee combo specials.There is also a small but eclectic beer list with Kronenbourg, Lagunitas IPA, and Ommegang on tap for $6 a pint. Bottles include Kwak, Duvel, and Delerium Tremens. You can even order a beer tower here and get a free flambee with it! This petit piece of French gastronomica packs a lot into it’s tiny punch!



Photo credit – La Tarte Flambee

I felt like I was transported to a small cafe on the French countryside. Our waitress and waiter both spoke French and were very friendly. They were more than patient and explained everything to us. The decor was warm and welcoming, and you almost feel as if you are eating in their dining room. On the way out we were told that we must come back to try the streak frites and pot pie with salmon in it! You bet we will!

Tres bien!

Photo credit – La Tarte Flambee


La Tarte Flambee http://www.latarteflambee.com/


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34 thoughts on “Oui! Oui! Bonjour! Keep Calm and Eat a Flammy in NYC!”

  1. This place looks so magical… What a fun date night spot. And reasonable prices! Yummy looking pastries. Qui Qui

    You have a good eye for this stuff… Go get you and your Mrs. Some free dinner!

    1. Hey Jean!

      It’s a great little spot. Cozy and the food is good. Plus, it’s almost across the street from me so I can roll home after feasting!

  2. Flambee sounds like such a fun treat for a change. And to have a place like that right across the street? They’d get to know me pretty quickly!

  3. OMGosh.. caramelized onion, bacon bits, AND cheese?! I’m in heaven! The desert options sound freakin’ awesome too! Will have to check them out next time I’m in NYC!

  4. This brings back great memories for me, I spent a year living in Strasbourg as a student – and am ashamed to say (it didn’t do great things for our waistlines!) we pretty much ate tarte flambee every night.

    Kate x

  5. This looks like one fantastic place and a spot I’d love to visit next time I am in NYC. Fun writeup and it sounds like an affordable place!

  6. That looks so good! Any place that has something with bacon and cheese on it has to rate high in my household 🙂 Sounds like a great place!

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