OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!

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Big Fat Greek Wedding in Astoria style Jersey Shore fist pumping music dessert cafe.


Holy diabetes they have a ridiculous amount of desserts on display here! As we walked by Omonia Cafe after leaving a nearby event we were craving some coffee and were lured in by the never ending amount of pastries and sugar laden confections in the glass display cases. As the evening finally brought with it some comfortable and better weather we decided to take a seat in the outdoor cafe part. I was ready for some sort of sugary sweet treat and this was a good find.

This place is a trip! Booming freestyle dance and clubby house music playing, colored lights change on the side of the building, flickering white lights cascade down the trees lining the sidewalk, our waitress had a thick Greek accent, and we were surrounded by Russian girls conversing over dinner while nearby a young guy in a stylish fedora had the staff sing happy birthday to his main squeeze. Pitbull was blasting over the speakers and on the flat screens they had on the Speed Channel and ESPN. It’s designed like an outdoor open air European cafe with no walls that is open 24 hours a day.

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I gotta say this place has atmosphere!

All we wanted were a couple of iced coffees and some desserts to make us happy. Our waitress was super cool and explained a bunch of desserts to us as we had no clue about a few of them. She even offered to take me over to the display case to look over the wide selection as I was undecided and offer suggestions. We went with one of the Greek specialty desserts – Ekmek Kataifi – and some sort of Blueberry Mousse layer cake. Damn, the Ekmek was delicious. It’s custard cream topped with chantilly cream with sliced almonds on top of shredded wheat pastry in a light honey syrup. The Blueberry Mousse was flavorful and light in between layers of sponge type cake. Not too heavy and just right for a dessert not meant to be a gut buster. Decent flavor too as I am a blueberry fanatic.

l (2)Prices were fair and their menu is loaded with all types of diner fare from sandwiches and wraps, appetizers, pizza, cheeses, salads, burgers, paninis, crepes, breakfast, pastries, smoothies, coffees, cocktails and more. Full bar on hand too so it’s also sort of a lounge at night. I also hear they are an afternoon brunch spot too.

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I don’t get all the hating on from people I have read in other reviews. It’s not all that bad a place. We had great service in a fun casual setting, and our drinks and desserts were solid. Will gladly drop back in the next time we are in the area to try out something else, or just to relax with a drink and jam to the funky beats. Hey, they made the wedding cake featured in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” which is a pretty cool trivia fact in itself!

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Omonia Cafe – http://omoniacafe.com/astoria/


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43 Responses to OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!

  1. Teri

    I’ll take 2 of everything please. Looks delish!!! Makes me miss NJ even more.
    Teri recently posted…Hero…My Profile

  2. Clay

    That was one funny movie! Winded for everything. The bakery looks and sounds good – you’re review is adding adding pounds to frame! Have a great day and I can feel the sugar rush.
    Clay recently posted…some things take time…My Profile

  3. YUM! It looks delectable! I’m trying to think if I have ever had authentic Greek desserts.

    Hmmmm… may have to go get me some dessert today!
    Sarah Almond recently posted…I’m Taking OverMy Profile

  4. Barb Taub

    Big mistake! All I can say is I never should have read this before heading out to the shops.

    Your blog makes me fat. Okay—fatter.

  5. Uzo!

    Or something. 😀

  6. My Inner Chick

    this is my all time fave kind of porn)))!!! WOW.
    My Inner Chick recently posted…11 Things I’ve Learned Since Your MurderMy Profile

  7. Emily

    It’s a good thing this place isn’t in Colorado!!!!
    Emily recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Cookie Edition IMy Profile

  8. Karen

    That dessert case looks amazing and that blueberry mousse layer cake looks like something I need to work on making. The atmosphere sounds really fun, but like the kind of place I’d have to be in the mood for.
    Karen recently posted…April Use Your WordsMy Profile

  9. Wow, lots of stuff going on here. Love the wedding cake history and My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my favorite movies. Love the broad selection of pastries and the international feel. Looks like a fun place, thanks for sharing!
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…2014 Philly Farm & Food Fest on Sunday, see You there!My Profile

  10. Dave

    Nice! Looks like an experience for sure! I don’t get out to Astoria as much as I should.
    Dave recently posted…Cheap Eats: Forget Your Diet with Tasty Pork!My Profile

  11. OMG I’m drooling! That pastry case is too, too much. D’oh!

  12. I think I’ve put on 7 pounds just reading that post, Phil!
    Gary Sidley recently posted…The advantages of being a menopausal maleMy Profile

  13. Holli

    Holy cow every one of those look amazing! I love love love baklava and can thank the greeks for that. I love that movie and thats cool they have a little claim to fame.
    Holli recently posted…Texas Antiques WeekMy Profile

  14. Oh good Lord. That display case is the literal depiction of eye candy! Looks so good. What are you trying to do to me, Phil? Mexico is calling…no desserts for me!! :0)
    Hazy Shades of Me recently posted…Joplin and A JavaMy Profile

  15. patricia

    Omg, You would have to roll me out of there. lol
    patricia recently posted…Indian river FestivalMy Profile

  16. Oh that place DOES sound fun! Good music and good food – right on! I would love to try that blueberry cake too 🙂
    Christy Birmingham recently posted…A Poem: She AwakensMy Profile

  17. How can anyone give this place a bad review?? Were they dead when they wrote it? 🙂 Looks amazing and I want some, now! Wow!
    brickhousechick recently posted…RRRRROAR!!My Profile

  18. UP

    Desserts is stressed spelled backwards. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER skip dessert!

    UP recently posted…Seder Right Here, And We’ll Talk PassoverMy Profile

  19. Victoria

    Phil! Phil!! You’re killing me. Blueberry mousse layer cake OMG. And who said creamy cake was bad? Who? Let me at them. How dare they? We live for cake!
    Victoria recently posted…How to use the train in Poland: 10 tips to help you.My Profile

  20. Ok I absolutely love New York City and really love Greek food – some great suggestions here for my next trip to NYC!
    Shikha (whywasteannualleave) recently posted…The Greenwich Food Fest, LondonMy Profile

  21. Aquileana

    Hmm Great review Phil… I want a slice of cake now…
    Best wishes for your weekend ahead, Aquileana 😉
    Aquileana recently posted…Icarus´Fall: “The Myth. Symbolism and Interpretation”.-My Profile

  22. Lorien

    Wow… I was there for my 40th right after we all pigged out at Uncle George’s (is that place CLOSED now!??). Actually, the Omonia Cafe in Bay Ridge is pretty ‘wow’, too. They got me hooked on their frozen frappes once upon a time…
    Lorien recently posted…TBT: Missing My DadMy Profile

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