Opa! Enjoy some Greek delights in Tarrytown NY!

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Holy crap you get a lot of food here! Opa!!!

I have always heard that you need to follow the locals to find the good places to eat. Well, during our recent weekend up in Tarrytown we didn’t have to search far as when we approached main street Lefteris Gyro right on the corner seemed to be the happening spot to eat. On a sunny weekend day this Greek food mecca was overflowing with happy local diners.

They have some terrific outside seating that wraps around both sides of this corner restaurant. We only had to wait a few minutes for a table out there before we sat down and dug into some super tasty Greek food.

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Yup, we went with some of the Greek mainstays – hummus with warm pita pieces and chicken souvlaki platters. One big ass bowl of Greek salad comes with the platters and they were delicious! The hummus was creamy good. The chicken souvlaki was served up as grilled cubes on wooden skewers along with a plate full of yellow rice and a healthy serving of house made tzatziki. Damn, that was good souvlaki! Great chicken and a lot of it for only $13.50! Large iced teas were refilled for free. We were stuffed after this and literally rolled out of here.


This is one of those local gems that everyone in the area seems to know about, or eats at on a regular basis. Everything on the outside is blue and white, table clothes are blue and white, and the inside looks like a diner with the walls covered with murals of Grecian scenes. The food is really good, they have a lot of options on the menu, and the prices are right. Service was really fast and attentive, as you expect from a family owned Greek eatery. Seemed like a father and son was running the place and came by to chat with us to see if we were enjoying our meal, which we surely did.

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You feel like family here, and we can’t wait to go back for another visit. I hope they do let us back in here after I smashed about three plates on the ground and yelled out “Opa”! It is tradition, right?


Lefteris Gyro – http://www.lefterisgyro.com/


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28 thoughts on “Opa! Enjoy some Greek delights in Tarrytown NY!”

  1. Filbio, I never get the chance to eat enough Greek food as I absolutely love it. You had me at the warm pita pieces and chicken souvlaki. But, sent over the edge with the yellow rice and tzatziki! I’m absolutely salivating sir! 🙂

    1. Hey Mike!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      I also love good Greek food. There are a few places here in NYC too that do it right. Reviews to come soon! Drool!

  2. I haven’t had a good Greek meal for a while now, but after this posting I’ll be searching for a nice place to eat and smash my plates with a loud belch. As usual, the food looks great 🙂

  3. Erm. Phil? Are you sure you didn’t fudge on your choice of drinks?

    Opa! (as I understand it) something one says after slamming back a shot of Ouzo.

    I know these things. I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    When I become rich and famous, (which will happen at the same time I mend the holes in my brain to mouth filter) I plan to rent an apartment in NY and visit the restaurants and bars you find. YUM! and Burp!

    1. Hey Gloria!

      I had to give my liver a day off! Left it in the hotel room.

      I kept thinking of that movie while sitting there engorging on delish Greek food! OPA!

  4. Ooh, I know what I want for lunch now! This place looks and sounds absolutely delish. I’m going to have a lot of stops to make whenever I make it to NYC thanks to you! We (Ted and I because how could I leave him at home?) may need you to be our tour guide.

  5. Oh YUM i love good greek food. There’s a place here in Dallas that makes the most amazing flaming cheese (cant think of the greek name at moment). I love everything there and of course the baklava for dessert.

  6. Oh man, my mouth is watering looking at all of this! I LOVE Greek food, and you are featuring some of my favorites here. I went to Greece when I was younger–fell in love with the culture and especially a little island called Hydra….gotta get back there one of these days….

  7. Very nice find Phil. Food looks very good.

    Living in Astoria I am blessed with a couple of places to go to. I just love Greek food. Will try soon since I am usually around Tarrytown area every couple of months.


  8. Love Greek food and haven’t had it in quite some time. Now I’m going to have to make it a point to go, this place looks amazing.

  9. The other day, you made me thirsty for beer. Today, your post is making me very hungry. Can you FedEx some of those chicken skewers overnight to WI?

  10. Awww man that looks delicious. Where I lived before here was a little more cultural and we had a wonderful Greek place downtown – walking distance for lunch breaks. That pocket thing at the bottom had spinach in it right? If so I used to get that, a side of Tabouli and a piece of baklava. Yum!

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