One of the best meals I have ever eaten! Chef Vola’s in NJ.

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In a total food coma. One of the best meals I ever had. Worthy of the hype! Don’t even think about passing up dessert. If you can score a reservation here at Chef Vola’s just go! No matter what time they offer you. Refrain from haggling. Run there. Wow! 

Basically, Chef Vola’s is the Atlantic City speakeasy version of an Italian restaurant. Hidden away off a side street in the renovated basement of a family home this place is the holy grail of meals in this town. Really, if you can get a reservation here it is worth the epic food coma you will be in afterwards. Kind of funny that you can’t find their phone number or address on their website but it’s listed on Yelp and the internet with some searching. That’s part of the old school “you gotta know someone’s cousin or business associate that knows someone in the family” to get in. When I called they asked how I knew about them. I played along and wrangled an early seating right at opening which worked out perfect for us, as we just wanted to sit at the tables and gamble afterwards at the casino. Forget about going out dancing or anything like that after a meal here unless you want to explode. Try to get an early seating, since if you get a late evening one you just might as well go to bed afterwards all food sleepy as if you drank a bottle of Nyquil. Best. Feeling. Ever.

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Chef Vola’s is family owned, and they cook up amazing plates of authentic Italian standards, pastas, fish, and meat dishes. I think the aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and grandparents are all in the kitchen and working the dining room. When it’s placed in front of you the mammoth size of the portions makes you smile in food lust – and a bit of fear! Starve yourself all day before coming here. The basket of fresh made bread put on the table is a meal in itself. The desserts are crazy amazing. Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, was absolutely delicious! Oh, it’s BYOB which is pure awesome, so we brought two bottles of wine with us. Yeah, we came prepared for a long meal here!

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I’m not going to go into detail on every plate we had so I’ll just post the pictures. Seafood special of the night. Breaded chicken cutlets. Triple pasta sampling. Homemade cheesecake. Each time something was placed on our table we were like “OMG! OMG!” The staff here is so attentive and friendly. I felt like I was eating at my Italian Aunt and Uncle’s place as if we were at a family event. The dining area is kind of cramped but it’s a charming setting with Sinatra playing on the speakers. It’s like eating in an old relative’s finished basement from the 80’s. In the lobby there are pictures of famous people that have been here. A Michelin Star rating plaque. Even a proclamation from the Pope! Holy cannoli!

l (5)Worth. Every. Damn. Penny. This was a meal of epic proportions. We both waddled out of Chef Vola’s with food babies in our bellies. I almost had to totally remove my belt, and my pants! Simply amazing and we can’t wait to go back here again! That is if we can score a reservation. 

I’ll tell them my Uncle Vinny The Fish sent me!



FYI – it’s Cash Only here so hit the ATM before!

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32 thoughts on “One of the best meals I have ever eaten! Chef Vola’s in NJ.”

  1. Yummy. I am getting hungry just looking.. and it’s dinner time. I’ll have to settle for a burger at local dive – Spikes…. have a great week!

  2. An epic meal that leaves you in a coma? [moans] Even though I just finished breakfast here, I want to get on a plane and head there immediately. Stopping only to pick up those two bottles of wine, of course…

  3. I usually hit up Angelo’s in AC, but I think Chef Vola’s is going to be my next Italian dinner spot. A friend of mine always raves about it, but he’s never produced photographic evidence. Looks delicious!

    1. Hey Stephanie!

      If you can get a reservation I recommend going there at least once to experience an old school style Italian meal. Then take a long nap!

  4. Dude, you always manage to make me drool…and not in a sexual way. I love your tastes in food….well, if your pictures and descriptions are anything to go by, anyway. 🙂

  5. Looks like a kick-ass meal here. Always curious when I see places like this — what kind of price tag was on it? You mention the meals at an Italian household… makes me think of eating at a friend’s house as a kid. It was in an Italian neighborhood in Philly and I’d see these friends once or twice a year when I visited my grandmother. 3 p.m. dinner and it was many courses of amazement. Score!

    Sounds like a great time here, though. And the food looks fantastic!

    1. Hey PJ!

      It is like eating at a friends or relatives house. Very old school. Great food. Hard to get a reservation. Prices were moderate and worth the price for the food. I hope to go back one day!

  6. I’m a sucker for some good chicken cutlets. I can never get mine right. To do them well is a gift! Might have to make a drive to NJ! Never saw a place to do a trio of pasta like that and home made cheese cake … say no more!

    1. Hey Arelis!

      That trio of pasta was just the start! The chicken was so perfectly prepared. Lightly fried with little greasiness. Just a great meal.

    1. Hey Anne!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Glad you enjoyed! I’m always hungry!

      I’m not all about food. Check out my newest post!

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