OM – Nom Nom Nom on the Upper East Side in NYC!


I have been on a kick to try out some different taste sensations lately and have been eyeing this place from afar recently. Last night I decided that we were going to give Om Restaurant a try as I was craving Indian fare. Sure glad we did as this was a feast fitting for a Maharaja!

On weekend nights this place is packed as it’s a narrow little eatery with only about 13-15 tables in it that seats two at a time. I figured Monday night would be a good call and when we dropped by it was still pretty busy, but we easily found a seat. The aroma of delicious curry and spices filling the air is intoxicating when you walk in, and immediately sets off your taste buds tingling with anticipation. The decor is understated, bright and clean, yet simple and elegant at the same time.

Photo credit - Peter T - Yelp
Photo credit – Peter T – Yelp

I had called ahead to confirm that they are BYOB and happily grabbed a bottle of one of our favorite wines at the liquor shop conveniently located a few doors down. As soon as we sat down our waiter took our bottle to open and pour into our glasses – with no corkage fee either! We ordered and within minutes were treated to a fabulous meal.

Sweet and Sour Gobi – cauliflower cooked in a sweet and sour red sauce. So good, and the sauce reminded me of an Italian style mixture.

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Om Sweet Pulao Saffron Rice –  cooked with fruits and nuts. I love this! It’s like a hot dessert but it’s not.

Plain Naan bread – their version is light, soft, fluffy, with a bit of char-grill on the underside. Perfect for dipping into the sauces of our main entrees.

Chicken Tikka Masala – in a tomato cream sauce. A classic favorite done just right. I could eat this all the time.

Chicken Tikka Curry  – chicken tikka cooked with assorted veggies. I just love the taste and smell of curry and this did not disappoint. Good mix of chicken and veggies.

l (1)Wow – what a meal!

I must say that the service here is impeccable. The servers cater to your every need and make sure you are having a quality dining experience. Our water glasses were always filled, and our wine glasses were topped off at just the right moments. Delicious food at fair prices. Even the owner came by to chat and make sure we were enjoying our meal. There is a feeling of genuine concern and warmness here that I find lacking in many restaurants nowadays. We could not have asked for a better dining choice and will certainly be back again. Lately, it seems like the the UES / Yorkville part of town is becoming a foodie haven with all of these newer additions to the area. It’s a pleasant surprise!

“OM” nom nom nom for sure!

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  1. As a Brit I’ve grown accustomed to curries, they are our national dish in the UK! I really struggle to find a good Indian overseas so it is great to hear there is such a good one in the heart of New York. Little wonder it is packed every night.

    Phil, I feel awful. For weeks I’ve been meaning to send a donation to your nominated charity for this Warrior Dash. Can you direct message or e-mail me a link to your sponsor donation site please? Well done on the Dash, you star!

    1. Hey Guy!

      Thanks so much for your kind words on the Warrior Dash that I just ran. I’ll be posting about it soon, and I really appreciate your donation to the charity!

      I’ve heard the Indian food in the UK is terrific. This place is good, and there are a few others here too, but you might have the best over there.

  2. OM my gosh, this sounds like my kind of place! The food looks and sounds delicious and the small space just adds to the atmosphere. Your food posts are making me think a visit to NYC needs to be sooner than later!

    1. Hello Patricia!

      It’s a great little restaurant. Tasty Indian food and terrific service. So many places to eat here you just can’t ever get to all of them.

    1. Hello UP!

      I don’t know how either, but I do see some 300 pounders. Maybe it’s because we walk a lot here. I know that I need to stay in the gym!

  3. Phil – you are ALWAYS making me hungry! Fries, Indian food, sausage…. this place sounds like a blast… the dining diversity of a large city is amazing. I need to explore Chicago for its ethnic restaurants… thanks!

  4. That sounds like a great place. Every woman in MY family longs to hear those 3 little words “No corkage fee!” Thanks for the pictures and food descriptions, I am pretty wimpy when it comes to Indian food. I’m always afraid the dish they recommend will turn out to potatoes and crickets. Those look fantastic.

    1. Hey Joy!

      BYOB are letters we all love! No corkage fee is a bonus!

      Oh, good Indian food is so tasty, and very diverse. Find a highly rated place near you and try out some of the basics – naan, tikki masala, rice w/fruits in it. So good!

  5. I love curry! Your photos are making me hungry 🙂 I wish that we had a decent Indian restaurant here, but I make everything at home since the one restaurant we do have is not great!

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