Olio e Piu – pizza love while dining al fresco in NYC

Made the mistake of sharing this pizza. Wanted it all!

Sitting outside and eating pizza on a beautiful Spring Day in NYC. One of the joys of life here in the big city.

We have all been there. You walk by a spot seemingly hundreds of times and never notice it. If you do, then you never bother to give it a try. One late afternoon the weather was too good to pass by again, and a table was beckoning to us to take a seat at Olio e Piu.

While wandering around the West Village we stopped by this resto for an early dinner. I can’t even count the amount of times I had walked by this place, but so glad the aroma of pizza and Italian food lured us in. As it was a perfectly sunny day out and not too hot we sat on the outside patio seating which is kind of picturesque with all the flowers and plants adorning the space. A friendly waiter handed us menus and told us about some specials. We were having none of that! Just hand over the pizza and back away slowly. Back away!

Had a chance to check out the inside too and it has a very nice decor with a cozy atmosphere. Very Italian-like setting as if you’re eating in a villa off a vineyard in Tuscany. Clean bathroom too which is always a telling sign. Plenty of people at tables and the bar area having conversations and laughs while chowing down.

o (1)
Jumbo shrimp with pasta. Carb loading the delicious way.

Service was terrific, friendly and attentive without being pushy. We enjoyed our meals and did not feel rushed to give up our seats even though it was pretty busy and tables were at a premium for those waiting. Dammit stop staring at us with those puppy dog eyes. We are not giving up our table in a perfect spot, and we’re going to take our time enjoying our vittles. Really, stop staring. Don’t even look at my pizza. Bad enough I have to share it.

The homemade brick oven pizza is delicious! So fresh. Also tasty was the jumbo shrimp with pasta, and the lemon ricotta panna cotta with cappuccino made for a happy ending. Seriously, even though this was basically a simple meal sometimes simple taste the best. More than enough portion size to split between us. Just right.

o (3)
Lemon panna cotta – a perfect happy ending dessert.

Great spot for an easy dinner, a date, or to just hang with friends. Loved it! Highly recommended if in the area.

Life is good at times. Especially when pizza is involved. Pizza is life.

o (2)
Cappuccino the fancy way. Tasty.



Olio e Piu – http://www.olionyc.com/




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  1. I was 2 weeks in New York 3 years ago. In Manhattan food was quite expensive; however when I read your blog about Italian food I regret not to have enjoyed it.

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