Old School Burlesque in a Modern Era

I am always on the lookout for new, unusual, fun, and different bars to enjoy a libation. Here is one on the risque side that is sure to get your blood pressure pumping.

In an era when many new bars open up and try to cram as much modern technology into every nook and cranny like some Vegas mega-sports-bar-ultra-lounge Frankenstein monster it is surprisingly refreshing to walk into a place such as Nurse Bettie here in NYC.

Like a throwback to the 1950’s Bettie Page style pin-ups. Simple, chic, and sexy with free burlesque shows on Wednesday and Thursday nights performed by some pretty talented and hot temptresses. You can almost picture this place full of men in fedora hats and women dressed to the nines back in the day drinking proper cocktails while enjoying the visually arousing entertainment on the stage.

Nurse Bettie is a small, cozy, and intimate spot. On many nights this place is jam packed with patrons taking in a few cocktails – especially on the nights (Wed/Thurs) when performers take to the stage in all their feather and glitter glory. Dimly lit with not much seating save for a few benches and bar stool seating. Mirrors and retro pin-up pictures adorn the brick walls. Small stage setup to the side of the bar area. Everyone is here for a show, and some even become part of one whether they mean to or not. It’s all part of the world that Nurse Bettie invites you into.

What Nurse Bettie lacks in stature she makes up doubly with ambiance, as there are very few places like this in our rapidly becoming gentrified city. Not many spots where you can walk in the door, see a sexy girl dancing on a small table next to it in retro-pinup gear, order a cocktail such as a Moscow Mule, and then take in a terrifically bawdy burlesque show!

The bartenders here do a good job slinging the booze. Only about five quality beers on tap, and around six featured cocktails such as the Mule, Au-Pear, Ginger Martini, Cucumber Margarita, Pimm’s Cup, and Aperol Negroni. Be advised that these drinks pack a punch and they don’t skimp on the booze here. The Nurse does a wallet friendly nightly happy hour featuring $4 well cocktails and draughts all night on Sun/Mon, from 6PM-10PM on Tues-Thurs, and from 6PM-9PM on Friday/Sat.

Bring a friend, bring a date, unwind after a long day at work – Nurse Bettie will get your heart racing and your blood pressure pumping! She might even offer up some mouth to mouth and a spanking if you are lucky enough!

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106 Norfolk St.
New York, New York 10002
P. 212. 477. 7515 | E. info@nursebettie.com

8 thoughts on “Old School Burlesque in a Modern Era”

    1. I am an avid member on Yelp and an Elite Yelper. I have tons of places I reviewed that I can use for my blog like this one. I try to hunt these spots down. More coming up in the future. Thanks for reading and the nice comment. You have been a great help!

  1. Sounds like a great place Phil. New York has so much so I suppose it is only right they have this too.
    I also love the pictures you’ve posted here, not sure where you got them from but they look great 🙂

    1. Thanks Guy! Yeah, there are so many good places here to eat and drink. My waist line hates me! I find these pics all over the internet. I appreciate the comment.

  2. I love old school burlesque. it is quickly becoming a lost art. There is a place here in Des Moines that does it. Pretty good too. The girl with all the tats on American Pickers is the lead dancer.

    1. Hey Matt!

      Yes, I have read she is into burlesque. I think with people like Dita Von Tease it’s made a bit of a comeback but only in certian parts of the country. Here in NYC there are a bunch of spots to catch a performance now.

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