Oh My God! That thing is huge! Junior’s Cheesecake NYC.

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Yeah, I know this is a touristy type of place buried smack dab in the hustle and bustle of Times Square. Yeah, it’s normally the kind of spot that those of us who actually live here try to avoid. I just couldn’t help myself. After attending a recent Broadway show right down the street from it the allure of cheesecake was just to much for my withering resistance.

The outcome? Junior’s Cheesecake is all that! And a bag of chips!

Since we had not eaten dinner yet I figured maybe we could grab a bite to eat there. The place was packed and there was a wait list but I was surprised at how big the dining area is and how much plentiful seating was available. We were seated after only about a ten minute wait. It is a fun and festive atmosphere here. Loud and boisterous with holiday decorations around the bar area. Our waiter, Stalin (yes, Stalin), came over with menus and a plate of pickles, beet salad, and cole slaw for the table. He offered a few suggestions and we went for it – the Corned Beef and Pastrami Combo on Twin Onion Rolls and potato salad, a slice of Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake, and a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake. Now, I thought the prices here would be a wallet buster, but for NYC standards they were not bad. The sandwich platter was $15.95 and the cheesecake was $6.75 a slice. Sodas came with free refills. Plus, this was actually a lot of food and we were pretty content, fat, and happy when we left here.

l (2)The corned beef and pastrami on a roll was actually quite good. Nice and lean with robust flavor. The potato salad is a bit heavy on the mayo with slices of egg mixed in, but tasty. Pickles and cole slaw are always one of my favs and these did not disappoint. Their slaw is more vinegar based and the pickles were nice and crisp.

The “pièce de résistance”, of course, was the cheesecake. Monstrous slices of heavenly rich joy! Holy diabetic shock – they don’t skimp on the portions here! Thoughts of Wilford Brimley saying the word “diabeetus” kept dancing through my head with each delicious bite. I paid it no mind and ate the whole damn thing. Plus, even ate some of the other slice too just for good measure. Yes, I am a fatty. The hype is well deserved, as their cheesecake is the real deal!

Photo credit - Junior's Cheesecake
Photo credit – Junior’s Cheesecake

I would say if you can deal with a touristy type of crowd give it a shot. Can be a bit pricey for some, but we thought it was not too bad for the location. This is comfort food to the max. Service was attentive, the food we ordered was quite good for deli fare, and the cheesecake is like eating a slice of heaven and worth every calorie!

logo_126x109Junior’s Cheesecake – http://www.juniorscheesecake.com/


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29 thoughts on “Oh My God! That thing is huge! Junior’s Cheesecake NYC.”

  1. This post inspired me to go out and do some shopping for ingredients to make my own cheesecake. I need a whole plateful and there is no way I can be seen in public eating this much cheesecake in one sitting.
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  2. I’ve passed that place so many times, but I was a bit scared off by the touristy vibe in the area. I’m really surprised to see how good the food looks, -next time I’ll step inside! PS: Nothing junior about that cheesecake. Yummy! 🙂
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…My 2013: FebruaryMy Profile

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