NYC Men’s Fashion – WTF? Do you dress in the dark?


In this day and age of fashion it just boggles me when I see the way some guys dress. It makes me wonder if any of them really look in a mirror before leaving the house in the morning.  Now I will be the first to admit being a casual dresser, as my job does not require upscale business attire every day, but I do otherwise dress to look good, and when out on the road seeing clients the suit and tie is the required uniform. Some men out there know how to rock their clothes, and I applaud them. Then there are the others that I see every day in NYC on the subways and walking the streets that make me roll my eyes in anguish.

Or laughter!

I realize that dressing well will make a dent in the wallet. I have fried my credit card at times when out clothes shopping. I know that not everyone can sometimes afford expensive threads, yet there are ways to look stylish without breaking the bank. Many stores nowadays carry name brand duds that are made and priced for the “regular guy” out there. Kohl’s, KMart, Target and others offer an alternative to the overpriced designer lines that make clothes shopping a nightmare. Let’s face it, most guys hate shopping to begin with as we would rather be at a bar watching the game, or chilling out on our couch playing video games. I need to go out myself and update my wardrobe but I am too damn lazy to give up a weekend day to do it. I need a personal shopper! Why can’t I be rich?

Here are a few don’ts when it comes to menswear. These are just my opinions as I do realize that everyone has their own views on what is fashionable and what isn’t. I really think some people get dressed in the dark.



Crocs – NO! Just no! For the love of men everywhere stop wearing these hideous things. Invest in a good pair of shoes, sandals, or sneakers. Wearing these tells me that you have just really given up. Which brings me to…..


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Sandals with socks – Oh hell no! Are you a grandpa with bad fashion? Never do this. Which leads to…..






Hey man, did you put your shoes through a wood chipper? – Crappy shoes kill your look. At least get them shined once in a while. No reason to have mud and dog poop on them. Ever.





Dude, where is the flood? – Why do I see guys every day wearing a nice suit and then seeing three inches of socks peeking out under too short pants legs? Is there a nerd convention in town?



RIP Chris Farley
RIP Chris Farley



Fat guy in a little coat – Um, that blazer might have fit you forty pounds ago. You’re really not fooling anyone Disco Dan. Time to hit the Big & Tall Man’s section.


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Ever hear of an iron? – That shirt looks like you have been sleeping on it for a month. Wrinkles just look bad. Iron the shirt or get it pressed. There are only 6,387,459 dry cleaners here in NYC to do it for you.




Fifty Shades of too little
Fifty Shades of too little


Tie one on correctly – Hey, other than having kinky 50 Shades of Grey type sex know how to wear a tie. It should rest right above the belt buckle or belt line. When it rests right below your chest or on your gut it just looks like a bad comedy sketch.





No one wants to see your underwear! – I really hate this trash baggy pants look. Pants riding so low the crotch is down by the knees. Boxers or nasty looking briefs for all the world to see. Honestly dude, you look like an asshole. It’s not an attractive look.




So, what fashion faux pas do you see out there that annoy you? Do you wince at some of these I mentioned, or do you disagree?


32 thoughts on “NYC Men’s Fashion – WTF? Do you dress in the dark?”

    1. Hi Deborah!

      People who wear crocs skeeve me out! The only ones who can get away with it are maybe those who work long hours in hospitals as they are comfortable from what I’m told. Even Batalli looks like a giant orange oompa loompa in them!

      Thanks for reading!

  1. Damn! I’m guilty of wearing crocs, but 1) I’m not a guy, so I assume I’m safe. Maybe not, and 2) I don’t wear them in public — just around the house. Even though they are unattractive, they are comfortable.

    I’m waiting for you to do one for women, because daaaaamn, they can be just as bad. Especially some of the redneck Walmart shoppers I have seen. As always, great post!

    1. Hey GK!

      OK, you don’t wear them in public so you are safe. If we see you in public wearing them you will be dealt with accordingly. The punishment will be swift and brutal.

      Oh, Walmart shoppers are on a different level altogether. As for women, I don’t want to touch that one for fear of my safety! 🙂

    1. Hi Frugal!

      I just don’t get the socks and sandals thing. It looks horrible. And Nerdy!

      Crocs may be comfy, but damn they must smell in the summer when feet sweat!

  2. You’ve done your research well and I think you’ve pretty much hit all the high points – or rather, low points. And I thought men didn’t notice what other men were wearing. Consider me enlightened this day. 🙂

    1. Hi Diana!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yeah, some of us do notice. When you are trapped in subways each day getting to work with thousands of others you can’t help but notice. I like to people watch, and make fun!

      I appreciate the comment! 🙂

  3. What disturbs me the most is people getting all dressed up in suits for work, then walking around in sneakers with it. I don’t get it, they look stupid, these people might as well put on their gym clothes, if they can’t find matching shoes for their suits.

    1. Hi Susana!

      Ha! I have seen that sometimes here in the city. I think these guys think they are being trendy or cool. Not!

      Hope all is well. Thanks for reading!

  4. ! There are so many clothing faux pas like anything too tight, any butt crack or stomach flab visibility, bra straps showing, runs in stockings, stains on anything, and women carrying worn out, bedraggled and dirty purses. And Crocs need to be banned. I’ll stop here.

    1. Hey Alenandra!

      Wow – that was a great list of no-no’s to add here! Butt crack and stomach flab – bravo!

      Yes, Crocs should be banned. Along with fat guys wearing Under Armor shirts in the gym! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Lol – these are so funny. Reminds me of my dear hubby – he only wears knee length shorts with short white socks and trainers. I have tried to get him to dress better but have given up. If he hasn’t changed after all this time, I have no hope. He even goes into board meetings like this – he always says that they employ him for his brain and not for how he is dressed! Must admit – not everyone could get away with this.

    1. Hey Lanthie!

      Glad I made you laugh! Sounds like your guy is set in his ways so don’t fight it.

      Still, he gets away with that for work meetings? That should be applauded!

  6. I’ll open admit that I’m not big on fashion. Just enough to be presentable and comfortable (so basically avoiding all the things you list above). I also detest flip flops, all that flip flip flip sound when people walk by – argh! Get something with a wrap around heel, sandals will do.

    I do enjoy going to the US to top on my clothes shopping though, often much cheaper than the UK when measured by quality. I fell in love with Hollister a few years ago; it is a long term relationship.

    1. Hello Guy!

      Hey, presentable and comfortable is the best way to go. Nothing wrong with that. I see thise people wearing flip flops here in the city and their feet look nasty from all the street grime. Yuck.

      We have many Brits come here to shop as your money does go farther on clothes and sneakers in our stores. I have heard that jeans and footwear are way more expensive over there.

    1. Hey Jill!

      Fat guy in a little coat! Sing along with me!

      I think a lot of guys just pick something off the rack, try it on, and buy it. Looking like a clown doesn’t matter to them!

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Love it! I hate, hate, hate men wearing flip flops or sandals with socks. I was confused the first time I saw a man walking through the mall in Crocs and I shall not touch the topic of baggy pants…just disgusting. I recently worked with a guy who consistently wore white dress shirts without any undershirt, problem: he was sweaty and my view consisted of wet pit stains and wet nipple spots. Hated it!

    1. Hey Carica!

      Wet pit stains and wet nipple spots for the win! I just know that turned you on! 😉

      Crocs in public are really a no-no for me. Glad you liked my post!

  8. Oh man… I laughed through this article. Crocs BOTHER me! So do sandals and socks… But, honestly, I don’t see Fat Man in a Little Coat all that often–is that a hipster thing? Hmph, I feel like I am missing out.

    Great post 🙂 Now make sure you don’t commit any of these fashion crimes whether hungover or sick.

    1. Hey Jean!

      Glad I gave you a good chuckle!

      I appreciate the compliment, and happy you liked it. Also, I claim no responsibility for how I dress when hungover! 🙂

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yup, seems like the majority agree about crocs.

      I see many guys with suits that just need good tailoring. It’s almost like they forgot that part when purchasing!

  9. I am a debonair dresser (At least I like to think I am.) I have a confession to make…Lately I have been strangely attracted to nerdy girls. Not sure why, but I guess Nerdy is in. I have seen some chicks dress up nerdier than usual and it turns me on. WTF is wrong with me!!!

  10. I have a love hate relationship with skinny jeans. When I was 25, skinny jeans were starting to trend and I was like okay, I can dig this. Three years later: I guess my taste changed because I got sick of skinny jeans and wanted some regular fitted jeans; not baggy not skinny, just regular fit. I guess I started to hate them because I see guys get skinny Jeans and then sag them. So you can really see there ass hanging out plus that looks STUPID. Really, why would you wear a pair of jeans that barely have a crotch and then sag them? lol

    1. Hello Dean!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

      Oh, I hate that skinny jean look on guys. It’s just way too feminine looking to me. That, and I can never fit in them anyway. No one wants to see my ass hanging out of my jeans! LOL!

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