Munching a tasty box close to home! Akami Sushi in NYC.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box lunch special!

It’s a steamy swamp-assy Sunday afternoon in NYC and I was starving. Did not want to walk far in this heat wave. Looked around for a tasty new box in my hood that I could bite into and not become a soaked mess.

All I had to do was walk around the block and this hot box was right in my face! Boom!

Akami Sushi located on 1st Avenue up in Yorkville is one of those places I never ventured into, even though it is right next to one of my regular bodegas. Bento Box lunch special for $9.50 until 4pm! Great value. Nothing like wrapping my lips around a tasty box close to home!

I read over the menu outside this sushi joint on 1st Ave advertising some lunch specials that run until late in the afternoon and realized they offer many choices. I’m always into getting my lips around a tasty new box so I slipped inside. Heck, now I kick myself for not eating out this box much sooner.

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Salad and Miso Soup that is included with the Bento Box lunch.

Nice looking place. Typical Japanese sushi resto decor with plenty of seating. Attentive friendly service. Clean overall, and I must say the AC was cranked up so good I did not want to leave the cool air refreshing my body when my meal was finished. Even my nipples were hard, and it felt so good!

Tasty lunch specials at terrific prices. The Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box for $9.50 was a wallet easy deal. Food was prepared well with large portions. Delish miso soup and a bowl of salad to start. Can of Diet Coke for $1.25 was also acceptable. Can’t go wrong with a meal deal like this. The perfect weekend lunch on a hot day when there was no way I cooking anything at home over a hot stove.

Overall, this is a solid sushi joint. If you live in the neighborhood it’s worth taking a bite out of this hot box if you happen upon it. Oh yeah.

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Nice interior and decor. Basic but clean.

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  1. ‘Love Japanese food!

    The first time I had Japanese food was actually in Bangkok! Oh, the irony!

    We went to Asia again a few years ago, and the only thing our tween son wanted was sushi. So sushi it was. In a night market in Chiang Mai! Yummy!

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