Monday Funday – Greetings From the MTA!

I swear, there is nothing more infuriating to a New Yorker than being held captive by a mass transit system constantly on the verge of major collapse.

We here in the NYC area, millions of us, rely on the MTA subway system to get us back and forth to our places of employment every day, week, and month. In a timely manner.  LOL – yeah, and I’m gonna be the next big Hollywood action star! Get to da choppa!

Yet, here I was, along with my sweat stained brethren and sisters once again left jam-packed on a subway platform to nowhere. Oh, this one was a doozy. Totally unforeseen as we descended to the underground platforms that had become as hot as Beelzebub’s anal cavity since we were just coming off a 90 degree weekend. Dammit, it’s Autumn! It’s not supposed to be this hot out. Yet, here we all were, a sweaty mass of humanity aligned shoulder to shoulder resembling fish in sardine can.  ( and some people smelling like one – c’mon people use deodorant! ) Waiting. Waiting. More waiting.


Pretty much what most announcements sound like when stuck waiting for a subway train.

Every once in a while, an announcement was made over the PA system about mechanical problems, sick passengers, broken down trains, overcrowding, a rat pooped on the tracks, blah, blah, blah. It never changes, as it’s the same old story with the MTA. As if we are living the movie “Groundhog’s Day” in real life!

I really think the MTA believes this is funny. They must be “punking” us for sure. Make this madness end already!

Now, I do understand that the subway system here is a century old, and being a 24/7, 365 days a year service, the wear and tear is immense. Yet, unbelievably, still uses an ancient signal/switches system to control train movement that is from back in the days of Babe Ruth and FDR!

Is this a recipe for disaster or what?

Not usually a fan of graffiti on the subway but most of us can appreciate the sentiment here.

Yeah, yeah, the MTA raises our fares over and over. They claim record ridership year over year. Where does all the revenue really go? Perhaps, our own Governor Cuomo, who is actually supposed to be in charge of the MTA, should open his eyes and do something about this decrepit system. Instead, he gives quote fodder to the NYC media claiming the MTA is doing well, service is much better, and sees improvement. Has he even ridden the subways during morning rush lately with us “real folk”? The kind that doesn’t have a security detail emptying out a section of platform, and holding an empty subway car for his majesty, so he can take a photo-op air-conditioned ride?

To put it into perspective, I have been delayed pretty much all week no matter what train line I was on. The Q, R, W, 4, you name it.  Going to work or heading home, each train filled to the gills with angry and exasperated passengers. No cushy empty train car for this guy. No smiling pearly whites grinning for the cameras. Yeah Governor Clueless, I can really see the improvements. ( rolls eyes  )

Oh, this is pretty much always a given!

Yet, there was one fun moment that came out of my commuting conundrums last week. I was featured on the Gothamist website and Twitter. They actually showed my rant that I tweeted out live from the subway platform! I was a celebrity, if for a few fleeting, sweaty, and angry moments –


3 thoughts on “Monday Funday – Greetings From the MTA!”

  1. OMG! Phil you’re famous!

    But seriously, I’m really sorry to hear all that you and your fellow New Yorkers have suffered!

    Sadly, when I used to live in London, I reckon it was far worse. London has about 7 million people living there and 12 million people coming in and out of London on a daily basis!

    London is so busy that the underground trains or rather the Tube, would constantly break down so that they would have to close half the line, and then the crowd would surge to another line, which would close down too because of all the pressure! In Central London, most stations don’t have elevators, just very long escalators, and lots of winding stairways that go even deeper underground. I pity people who have children or heavy luggage. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen babies or small children on the Underground!

    And forget about using the “rail replacement service” by road. Are you kidding me? It’s even worse! It’s actually quicker to get OUT of the station and start walking!

    And then I moved to Berlin. OMG! What a difference! Trains that arrive during rush hour – every 2-3 minutes. Small platforms that don’t go deep into the earth. Elevators if needed, and escalators (mind you, Germans still don’t understand the concept of going up – walk on the left, stay still on the right. It’s a bit of a mess sometimes!) Once a whole mass of retired German tourists stood at the bottom of the escalators in one of Berlin’s busiest stations, fretting about where they should go next, and where’s Freda? And everyone literally collapsed into them!

    The trains are most efficient ‘cos most people use public transport for work, cars at the weekends, and their bikes during the summer!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Holy cow the London commute sounds like an experiment in torture! At least you now have German efficiency!

      It’s all good as even with the problems the NYC transit system runs 24/7 and 365 days a year. One swipe of my metrocard takes me everywhere. No other system in the world operates like that. Yet, I do wish it ran more efficiently!

  2. Famous Phil rocking it! Gotta love it! Though I’m not sure I could ever live in NYC, there are times that I am ecstatic that I don’t live in any city — and things like this are why. Yes, I drive to work each day, but it’s relaxing (usually, sans for the occasional farm tractor that slows you up) and I know I’m not mixed into a sardine can!

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