Lunch on Wheels! Luckyim Thai Food Truck in NYC.


Sometimes you just have to follow the leader.

My boss at work suggested we hit up a food truck for lunch. Close by where I work in the Financial District the trucks are lined up fast and furious jockeying for position to lure in the hungry hangry lunch crowd. We were eyeing a few, and Luckyim Thai was right in front of us.

It’s a tough choice as there are a bunch, but he said the Thai at this small cart was pretty solid. Judging by the line waiting at this cart he was surely correct! Placed our orders, waited about 15 minutes, got our food and headed back to the office.

Very reasonable prices for freshly made large portions.

This is not really a food truck, but more like a street corner coffee cart converted into a mini-kitchen. It’s a three person operation and every nook and cranny in that cart is being utilized. A well oiled machine. On-site Monday to Friday at Hanover Square and Water Street in the Financial District.

For $8 you can’t go wrong for a filling hot bowl of Shrimp Pad Thai! Damn, this was a tasty feast. Very flavorful, plenty of shrimp, and I really liked the sauce. Portion size was more than enough. Everything here is made fresh to order.

While waiting on the line to order I noticed others coming up to grab pre-ordered meals. This tiny dynamo on wheels also has a website to place orders. You call ahead between the hours of 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, place your order, and come up 30 minutes later to pickup your food. Very cool for a food cart to do this. Since the lines can get long here it’s a nice option instead of wasting your lunch hour away waiting.

Yeah, I’ll be back visiting Luckyim Thai very soon. Sometimes the boss is right. Especially one that likes to eat as much as I do!

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