Love One. Love All. 5K Races and Acceptance During Pride Month.


This past weekend featured a personal accomplishment for me as I just completed my 21st official 5K race!

Man, I have come a long way since last March when I ran in my first 5K. Sure, I did a few obstacle course/mud run events in the past but those were one-time deals. I would train a while for them then go back to normal afterwards. When one is competing in this many race events a frequent schedule of running and training is required. It’s a necessity and really helped as I hit some PR’s, and ran one of my fastest 5K times yet on a warm sunny Sunday morning at Coney Island.

In fact, this month I participated in two running events that I was proud to be a part of. A few weekends ago I ran in the Brooklyn Pride 5K along with this weekend’s Coney Island 5K. Both runs were very organized and a pleasure to be associated with. Each gave out terrific finisher medals, with rainbow ribbons to hang around your neck as you crossed the finish line, along with extra swag such as dri-fit shirts and rainbow number bibs. Both races were terrific in supporting the LGBT community and Pride Month. I had a blast at each and was honored to be involved with both. It also helped that the weather was wonderful out on both days. Always a plus when running outdoors.

As I observed people of the LGBT community running in these events it really made me wonder as to why people have so much hate towards them. Couples, friends, and groups all ran together in support. A mix of gay and straight. Young and old. Of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Some in great physical shape, and others just running their first 5K. All coming together to enjoy the day and have some healthy athletic fun. To support their community and celebrate their lives. Maybe even honor those no longer with us.

These people mean no harm, and they are not hurting anyone. In this day and age, it boggles me as to why so many people throw hate and violence at other people because of their sexual preference. All they want is to be accepted, to be an equal part of society, and have the same rights as anyone else to live their lives the way they want. The people of this community want to live and be happy. Be proud of who they are. Don’t we all want that?

I am so sick of organized religion dictating to the masses how we should lead our lives. What is considered right and what is construed as evil.

I am so sick of political figures and government using ridiculous mandates, skewed viewpoints, and flimsy laws that harbor ill will and work against this community.

I am sick of so-called People of God, so-called devout Christians, and Right-Wing Conservatives who constantly rail against the community and work against them at every turn. (Yet, still want their vote!)

Both races supported the LGBT community with rainbow number bibs and rainbow finisher medal ribbons. Brooklyn Pride 5K also went to charity. Very cool.

Yet, many of those in these above-mentioned groups have been caught doing multiple illegal things, committing crimes that the Bible says is a sin, and becoming rich and wealthy at the expense of the poor. Many have even been outed as having illicit same-sex affairs themselves, caught with prostitutes, abusing children, being drug addicts, etc. The list goes on and on. The hypocrisy is all too real. It’s so lame though how they still see themselves as better and leading a more perfect lifestyle, while preaching to the masses what is right and wrong, while leading double lives and being far from forthright themselves.

We have so much despair going on in this country. So much turmoil in the world. Way too much hate. Can’t we just respect our neighbors and offer support? Love one. Love all. Be accepting. As a society, we have much more to worry about and focus our energies on rather than spewing hate towards people because of who they choose to love.

I am looking forward to running these races again next year. Happy Pride Month!

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  1. Phil, congrats on finishing the race and being a part of this event. As a follower of Jesus, I make “loving my neighbor” a priority, no exceptions. No exceptions! It’s the only way humanity will ever live together in peace.

  2. To me, using religion to perpetuate (or rationalize) hate, is blasphemy. Among the many MANY things that those with closed minds don’t realize is that it is through our diversity that we grow. As people and as a country and globally. Congratulations for standing up for others and doing these pride races. Especially now.

    1. Hey Karen!

      Thanks so much! We all need to get along and accept each other. There is no reason to hate over who people choose to love. We all need to live among each other and grow stronger.

  3. I agree, folks spend more time on the UNimportant stuff and if we could just get along and work together. Congrats on your race – I can’t (or shouldn’t) run anymore (bad knees) so my hat is off to you. However, you inspire me to keep moving and reaching my health goals for the summer – I ma off to the gym to press some iron and get fit. it’s a long journey back to where I need to be. Take care and keep running.

    1. Hey Clay!

      Thanks! At times my legs and hamstrings hate me. Just gotta keep pushing. Don’t give up. Keep moving forward. I agree – if we all just accepted each other and work together life would be better.

  4. Congratulations on finishing the races! 🙂

    Yesterday I saw a crosswalk in Vancouver that was painted like a rainbow for pride. How could anyone get mad about covering streets with rainbows!? Hopefully one day the whole world will catch up and people can just not worry about gender, sexual orientation and the colour of people’s skin.

    1. Hey Josy!

      Thanks so much! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. You said it so well. People just need to be more accepting and not hate based on sexual preference or skin color. Rainbows for all.

  5. Go Phil Go!
    Thanks for the heartfelt commentary too. When you think about it, blacks didn’t have equal rights until the 1960’s. It may take a while before the insanity abates. With voices like yours, it quickens the process!
    Thanks for stopping by the party. Have fun meeting the guests! Lots of new faces this time.

    1. Hey Susie!

      Thanks so much! It’s amazing to me how our country can be so forward with progress, yet still stuck in this hateful way it’s citizens treat others who are different than they are.

      Always a joy to visit your blog and contribute too!

  6. “The hypocrisy is all too real.” That right there is the truest statement ever. I have found that it’s usually the people who proclaim the loudest to be something are almost always the farthest away from that thing. And it doesn’t matter what that “thing” is, if someone continually talks about what an “expert” they are at something, they really know nothing about that thing. If someone continually gets on their soapbox and declares that they are this or that, they turn out to be the opposite. It’s sickening.

    Anyway, congratulations on the run! I hope you keep at it. Medal accumulation is a good thing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Thanks so much! I enjoy collecting all that bling!

      What you said is so true. Hypocrisy is all too real, from our political leaders, to our religious leaders, to our neighbors next door. It’s sad.

  7. Way to go Phil, way to go! You must feel great about completing the race 🙂 You share wise words of acceptance here too. It’s great to re-connect with you – it’s been too long! Hope all is well xx

    1. Hey Christy!

      Thanks so much! Hope all is well. Yeah, I am getting more frequent with the blog again. All those races keeping me busy! Glad you liked what I wrote about here.

  8. Nice one Phil! Congratulations on the 5k race.
    Keep going!

    Re-LGBT. I’m so glad that I live in Berlin where tolerance and the acceptance of an alternative lifestyle is extremely high. Thankfully, it has now been made into law that gay marriage is legal. A lot of my male friends are gay, and married. Some even have children.

    I always go to Gay Pride. A few years ago, we were even on one of the trucks and celebrating Stonewall. My son was the only child on our truck so they gave him noise-cancelling headphones, and we all had posters stating. “My wife is transsexual” or “My son is a lesbian.” It was great, and I felt so proud that my husband, my son, and I, were and are, a part of supporting the movement!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Thanks so much!

      Same here as I have many friends in the LGBT community. It’s all about being supportive and accepting. So cool that you and your family got involved. We are making strides here but it’s still a long way to go.

  9. This is so awesome to see! I’m glad you had a great time. Your attitude is the best – we’re all the same at the end of the day.

    1. Hey Alex!

      Thanks so much and thanks for commenting! These are terrific races run and organized by wonderful people. I had a blast. It’s all about acceptance.

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