Liquid therapy after shopping in NYC – the Flatiron Lounge

oGotta love a speakeasy happy hour 4-6 pm Mon-Fri! $10 cocktails, smooth music and some old school flapper era jazz to set the mood. Terrific atmosphere and dimly lit ambiance. Such was the wonderful tone set here at the Flatiron Lounge in NYC.

The Maple Leaf is a nice choice if in a rye whiskey mood, and it goes down nice and easy. I walked in around 5:30 and ordered my first. Didn’t take much to twist my arm and order up a second a minute before happy hour ended. Some libations are worth hanging around for.

Superior bartenders, quality cocktails, and a classy throwback decor make this a must visit if shopping in the area and need some liquid relaxation after dropping cash on some retail therapy. I so needed this in my life at that point, as I was a pressure cooker about to explode after dealing with way too many annoying tourists crowding the stores getting in my way, along with the locals dragging crying kids and baby carriages along the sidewalks.



Sat at the bar on a Monday and it was not yet busy, just a peaceful respite away from the madness of the city streets a few feet away. A few couples on romantic interludes chatting away in a corner. A few others meeting with friends over drinks to quietly discuss life’s events.

I gleaned this info from their website – “The bar itself is located in a landmark building constructed back in 1910. You enter through an archway leading to a beautifully restored 30-foot mahogany bar.  This actual bar itself was once stationed at The Ballroom, a New York institution frequented by the likes of Frank Sinatra and other celebrities of the time.” Pretty cool that they are preserving a bit of history here. Old Blue Eyes himself perhaps bellied up to the bar at the same space I was sitting at.

So happy that I stumbled upon this spot quite by accident. Tranquility.

A third cocktail was on my mind……so tempting.




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  1. Seems to be a few interesting choices for cocktails on that menu! I’d be interested in the one with rum, outside of the champagne. Just not a fan of that part! Always nice to find a place you can chill with a cordial or two!

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