Lip Smacking Schmackary’s Cookies in NYC!

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Schmackary’s is the reason why I have to put in extra time on the treadmill each week!

We found this cookie shop while on the way to eat dinner after taking in a Rock of Ages show not too long ago. As it was almost brand spanking new I felt it my duty as true New York citizen to check it out as our dessert option. I stuck my head in and asked when they closed and was told midnight. Wow – stays open late and it also gave me a reason to cheat on my diet a bit!

They offer a nice little selection of cookie varieties in a few different sizes. From their modern classics, to seasonal sensations, to other baked treats, and even milkshakes this place is a sweet tooth’s delight. Coffee, tea, and espresso are also served here. We were drawn to two cookies that we bought and took home to enjoy with some coffee. I felt that if I was going to be a gluttonous pig then better to do it in the privacy of my own home. Plus, it would stop me from buying even more cookies if we were outta there!

l (1)Maple Bacon – which is made with candied bacon, maple syrup, toffee bits, and sea salt.

White Chocolate Cherry Chunker – which is made with white chocolate, Montmorency tart cherries, oats, and cinnamon.

lBoth were the old-fashioned standard size. I have to say that each cookie stood out on it’s own with distinct flavors. The Maple Bacon had a smokey taste to it with a tinge of sweetness and saltiness that helped even out the flavor. The first few bites are odd tasting but as it melts in your mouth the bacon flavor comes through in a subtle way. The Cherry Chunker was just filled with big chunks of ingredients. The cherries they use are delicious and juicy, while the white chocolate helped level out the tartness. Both cookies were moist in the middle with a nice harder crust on the edges – just as I like them – and each were totally devour worthy!

Friendly guys working the counter that answered any questions we had. Only a few high tables to sit at so it’s really a grab and go spot. Not the cheapest cookies but worth a try as a once in a while treat as they are worth it. They are really delicious! Even a gluten free cookie choice on hand.

Photo credit - Schmackary's
Photo credit – Schmackary’s

Good thing this place is well across town from where I live on the east side, as my inner fattie is trying hard to come back out and temptation like this would be hard to deny!



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36 thoughts on “Lip Smacking Schmackary’s Cookies in NYC!”

  1. Schmackary’s is great! I’ve been there a couple times — definitely give the Red Velvet, the Cookies and Cream, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter a try!

  2. Coooooooookieeesssss…Mmmmmm. I would love to try the bacon cookie, sounds really interesting.

  3. I am so confused….what is the point of working out if you are focused on a diet? 😉

    The cookies sound divine. I may have to try making a white chocolate/dried cherries/oats/cinnamon cookie…YUM!!!!

  4. Looks great Phil. This all reminds me of my stays at Hampton Inns. Each time I come in after work I keep telling myself “I will not have a cookie, I will not have a cookie” but how can you resist when they smell so fresh?

  5. Holy noms! I’m honestly starting to get cookied out, but that’s because I’ve been holiday baking. But after the season, I’m sure I could totally go for a Maple Bacon cookie!

  6. Phil, I was just wondering if Schmackary’s would like to send me a great big massive box with a variety of cookies, as I’ve never really had a good cookie before. I’m sure they’ll say yes. And I promise to give them feedback on each bite 🙂 They sound really nice and has so many different flavours. I NEED them NOW…

    1. Hey Rum Punch!

      I am sure if you go on their website they ship! Never had a good cookie? That makes me sad as I am munching on one right now! 😉

  7. When I saw the title, the first thing I thought was: “He made that name UP!” but you posted a picture, so it must be true. Bacon cookies, you say. Hmmmmm…….
    I rarely have met a cookie I didn’t like.

  8. Oh my word – I would so love to try these. I came across a new bakery here in Johannesburg about a month ago who make the most Devine chocolate chip cookies made out of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate. I was really naughty and bought 3 big bags full. You can just imagine the saliva streaming out of my mouth as it type this! Seriously yummy.

  9. Ooooh cookies at Christmastime. Yum.

    I keep hearing about “Maple Bacon” flavored cookies, doughnuts, etc. is that flavor any good? I’ve built it up in my head so now I just have to try it out and get on with my life! Hehe.

    Great description and pictures — this place sounds like a cute little cookie shop making quality goods, much better than the mass-produced crap. I hope you got a freebie 🙂

    1. Hey Jean!

      Too many cookies at Christmas time! Especially here in my office!

      You have to try it and see as it’s not for everyone. I also think it depends on who makes it. This is so much better than the mass produced junk for sure! Fresh every day.

  10. This really makes me miss NYC. I lived there during the height of the cupcake boom. So yes, I hate a cupcake nearly every day (gack!). BUT, I also walked absolutely everywhere I went. Net, net, I was slimmer than now when I’m back in the ‘burbs, spending all my time in my car. I mean, Starbucks Drive-Through down the street. Yikes!

    1. Hey Jill!

      There is still a big cupcake scene here that’s for sure! Yes, it is hard to stay slim but we do walk a lot here. Also, there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner!

      So much temptation!

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