Levain Bakery – Mad Scientist Evil Genious Cookies!

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I swear to God this place is the mastermind of some evil genius that is working behind the scenes at Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to make us all fat so we have to use their programs! What other sick and twisted mind could come up with these monster sized concoctions of sugary awesomeness?

Seriously, these are cookies on steroids!

None other can compare. Oreo’s? Nice try loser. Chips Ahoy? Outta my way wimp. Levain’s cookies are the big bodybuilder guy that kicks sand in your little cookies’ faces on the beach, and then makes out with your girlfriend right in front of you!

Levain’s cookies eat other less worthy cookies for breakfast!

Walking down into this small shop of cookie magnificence there were only two that I wanted to consume on this day – the chocolate chip walnut cookie and the dark chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. As the friendly counter person placed them in the bag and handed it to us I could not wait as resistance was futile. We headed straight to the counter, and went at it right then and there.

Photo credit – Levain Bakery website

All I can say is – OH MY GOD!

Biting into these cookies are like a religious experience. Ridiculously large, crunchy on the outside, amazingly gooey and rich on the inside, party in my mouth flavor explosion! I wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner of the shop and cry as these were so freaking amazing!

Do not even think about the amount of fat, calories, and sugar that are in these Frankenstein like cookies. Just open your mouth and enjoy. Amazing chocolaty taste, sweet and delicious – just simply wow! Totally worth the trip to the west side, Harlem, or the East Hampton locations to sample these beauties.

I swear I thought I saw Richard Simmons mixing cookie batter in the back of the shop making an evil sadistic laugh. Muahahahahaha!

Photo credit - Levain Bakery website
Photo credit – Levain Bakery website





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  1. You’re killing me with this all this goodness. Something else to add to the list of “musts” for me. I was crying at the thought of Richard Simmons in the back stirring batter…hahahahaha!

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