Let’s go to adult Camp in Brooklyn NYC for s’mores & booze!

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Let’s go camping!

I just love kitschy bars that have a theme to them. Camp in Brooklyn NYC is the epitome of what a fun campy bar should be. You really are partying in a log cabin! The walls, ceiling, bar, floors, along with a real working fireplace and mounted deer heads on the walls are all set up to make you believe you are out in the woods upstate somewhere in a hunting cabin! It’s a pretty neat spot!

As quoted from their website – “Camp brings Brooklyn urbanites a little taste of the country. Relive summer memories while making your own smores, escape from the cold by cozying up to our fireplace, bag a deer on Big Buck Hunter, and grab some friends for a classic board game competition. All while listening to hand-picked indie rock. Welcome to Camp.” Pretty much on-point as when we walked in I noticed people playing Connect Four and Jenga while sipping away on cocktails in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace.  

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They have many board games on hand, along with Pac Man and Big Buck Hunter to test your video game skills. Bartender will set up a spinning bowl of s’mores with some sort of blue glop carcinogen inducing flame to roast your marshmallows over. Always up for some gooey delicious s’mores! Booze and fire! Fun!

Nice beer list along with a wallet friendly happy hour make it a worthwhile visit. Cool bartender on duty that gave us more than enough buy-backs and free shots. That was very much appreciated and seems to be a forgotten nicety among bars and bartenders lately. It makes the patron feel valued and welcomed for their business. In return, we end up spending more and tipping well. It’s a win – win! We were here for the first time celebrating a friend’s birthday party not too long ago and it was a rocking fun evening. It really is a chill bar with a laid back vibe to hang out at. Even the crowd here that night were pretty friendly. Heck yeah, it’s in a log cabin! How can you not have fun in that? It’s like being away at adult camp with a full bar serving plenty libations!

Photo credit – Camp

Doing s’mores in a log cabin for happy hour near a roaring fireplace is pure joy. Being that we can experience this right in Brooklyn is a treat. No reason to head out to the country. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate! Six Point beer and red headed slut shots too!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Photo credit – Camp

Camp – http://www.camp-brooklyn.com/


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34 thoughts on “Let’s go to adult Camp in Brooklyn NYC for s’mores & booze!”

      1. And here we go again – after this post, I bought the chocolate and the marshmallows. I forgot the graham crackers. I ate the chocolate, the marshmallows are “in waiting”. I’ve been to the store about 10 million times and haven’t remembered to get what I need.

  1. How do you find these places? I can’t imagine anything better than s’mores and booze without mosquitos. Or my-campsite-is-cheaper-that-a-motel-so-let’s-party neighbors in the next tent over.

  2. Another top notch find Phil. There truly is something about log cabins which have the “come see me” feel about them. This sounds like no exception.

    I love the idea of all the various retro games and certainly with a few beverages I dare say the sounds become louder and more laughter ensues with the games.

    I must admit I’m still learning NYC talk from you Phil. S’mores???? You got me on that one. As a dear Brit I haven’t got a clue when it comes to what that maybe.

    1. Hey Guy!

      S’mores are a combination of melted marshmallow, chocolate bar, made into a sandwich between graham crackers. Fun to make over an open fire. It’s a great treat!

  3. How fun!!! I went to a restaurant in LA that brought little smores kits to the table with a fire. I love the laid back vibe of this bar with all the games. I need to know what a slut shot is though!

  4. Sign me up, Phil! Who doesn’t love the camping atmosphere with drinks, games, and s’mores? We need more cool places like that in California.

  5. Looks like a wicked cool place. Was it crowded? I definitely could see myself hanging there for a night and enjoying. Of course, I live upstate so I’d be able to go find a true hunting cabin if I needed it!

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