Let’s go ballin’ in Brooklyn! Skee Ball Mania in NYC!

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Cheap beers in cans. Pretzels. Divey hipster atmosphere. SKEE BALL!!!!!!

Yup, a bar dedicated to that world-wide Olympic sport of Skee Ball. Well, not really a sport, or world-wide, but it should be. I remember pumping in many quarters at numerous arcades and seaside boardwalks over the years playing this game. Sometimes I am good at getting the balls in the hole, and sometimes I play like a blind man. It’s always a fun game and kind of addicting as anyone can play it.

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Full Circle Bar caters to the Skee Ball community. Yes, they have a dedicated community. Who knew? Damn son, they even have competitive leagues here, trophies, memorabilia case, and a newsletter! Four gloriously pristine Skee Ball lanes. Don’t eff with these ballers as they are serious about their sport!

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Pretty good Billyburg hipster beer selection with a few surprises in cans. Walk in, look over the list on the wall with the cans pinned on it, and pick your brew. Genesee Cream Ale/Lager/Light, Young’s Chocolate Stout, PBR, Newcastle, Brooklyn, Butternuts, Sixpoint, Bud, Bud Light, Yuengling and a bunch more. Prices are on the really cheap side with many cans in the $3-$5 range! Beer and shot specials every day along with a happy hour that also includes jumbo pretzels and hot dogs. Trivia night too. A few beers on tap like Stella, Guinness, Blue Point, Goose Island, etc. Really easy to catch a good buzz on the cheap here while enjoying a few rounds of fun Skee Ball action.


The place itself is low-key, dimly lit, with a divey atmosphere which I love. Rock music on the speakers. Everyone here seemed very chill and friendly. Cool spot to hang out as it’s kind of unique in it’s own quirky way. Plus, it’s Skee Ball dammit! Get your game on!

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Even funnier was the scene we observed out in the street when we rolled up to this place on the night we were here. Two skinny little hipster dudes started duking it out and one was on a motorcycle wearing a helmet. So you have these two guys whaling on each other and the one guy keeps punching the other on the helmet. One was even smoking a cigarette that never fell out of his mouth. He started whining and screaming at the other guy like a little girl, jumped on his bike, made a few vroom vroom sounds for effect and then sped off. Hilarious good stuff!

It was at that point when we realized we HAD to go in this bar for a beer!





24 thoughts on “Let’s go ballin’ in Brooklyn! Skee Ball Mania in NYC!”

  1. Skee Ball- oh how I loved that game on the boardwalk in Cape May New Jersey as a kid! My Dad and Uncle used to give us kids a ton of money to get lost for awhile, and so the eight of us all did, miniature golfing fit somewhere in between too, the game was addicting and no mind that we probably spent hundreds of dollars to win a mere pencil with the tickets. The motorcycle show at the end of your story sounds comical, on that note though for skee ball think I’ll stick to Cape May, New Jersey. Good Story.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I have always loved it. Played it in NJ too as you did. Seaside Hights and Point Pleasant. Spent so much to get those tickets for a small prize but always worth it.

  2. OMG- I frickin love Skeeball! What a wonderful idea to have a bar dedicated to that. That was some good timing to encounter the fight between those dudes. I love that you get out so much and experience such fun places.

  3. Skee ball sounds like a fun game and with beer too should make for a great night out. For some reason it reminds me a little of bar billiards. A great little game which you have to seek out in some pubs here in the UK. Always good fun and the more you drink the better you play! 🙂

  4. Well I’m just going to have to add this place to my date night list. We love a good dive bar…add in some skee ball and I think we could have some fun!

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Find a babysitter for the night and go have some fun! Cheap beer and skee ball is winning! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  5. Who knew skee ball could draw such a ruthless crowd. I love skee ball and really love challenging my daughter in it (because I win!). This place looks real adult and worth the visit.


    1. Hey Carica!

      Skee ball is such a fun game but can get frustrating if you keep getting it in the wrong hole. That’s what she said! Har-har-har!

      Have a great weekend!

  6. I love skeeball! I used to play as a kid at Crystal Beach in Canada. When I moved here as an adult imagine my surprise to find skeeball at the Charcoal Corral Silver Lake drive-in in their game room. Miniature golf too, by the way. 🙂

    But skeeball tournaments? How cool is that!

    1. Hey Cindy!

      SkeeBall is a lot of fun! I miss those old drive-ins. The one you went to sounds like it was a lot of fun. This place is a cool bar.

  7. The drive-in is right in the town where I live and it’s hopping every summer. People even come from other states. They should do a skeeball tournament. 🙂

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