Learn to chef at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City NJ!


Atlantic City is one of those places that most everyone associates with gambling and not much else. With the recent negative news this past year of the multiple casino closings many have been wondering if AC was on the verge of closing shop. Let me tell you this as a person who has and continues to enjoy an occasional weekend getaway to the area this is furthest from the truth. One of the problems and misconceptions that the general public has is that there is not much else to do in Atlantic City other than sitting in front of a slot machine or a blackjack table. If you can’t find something else to do here you’re not looking hard enough! There are many things to do in this town for couples and groups alike. One fun activity would be taking a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School located at the Harrahs Resort and Casino. It’s actually a terrific way to spend an afternoon, and a great way to spend some quality time with your significant other, or friends and family that you are in town with. If you’re looking to brush up on your cooking skills, or a company performing team building exercises, then check out a class here. My gal and I had walked by the cooking school many times and always wondered what it would be like. Well, we finally had the chance to put on our aprons and get in front of the stove as part of a media junket invited to experience what Atlantic City has to offer.

You know what? We had a blast!

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As our group walked up to the Viking Cooking School we had a few minutes to check out the retail store offering all types of cookware products, cutlery, electrics, and accessories. There is a lot here to choose from, and if you have a self professed amateur chef or pro gourmand loved one at home who loves to wow with their culinary delights this place is a perfect spot to pick up a cooking gift. Oh, be sure to also check out their wine selection with many affordable bottles and vintages with many right from the New Jersey area.


The facility itself is super clean and well maintained. It offers a hands on experience for the novice chef like myself that can barely cook Shake ‘N Bake, to the experienced grill master who knows their way around a kitchen. They offer many types of classes here weekly with different themes so there is something to be found for everyone’s palate. Jump in on a class and learn some Latin inspired eats, make some Italiano, be carnivorous with some steaks and chops, go down South for some soul food, or head to France for a dinner party. Oui! Oui! What’s great is that you get to sit down with your class in a nicely appointed dining room and enjoy the delicious meal you just prepared from scratch. There is just something so satisfying being able to actually enyoy the fruits of your labor with a delectable bottle of wine. Nom Nom Nom! Check out their monthly schedule for a listing of available classes with the link below. Ours was called “Latin Sizzle”.  Latino Heeeat!


I had never taken a cooking class before so this was something I was looking forwward to. As we walked in and took our spots at the prep stations we were greeted by chef Richard Younger. Right away we knew this gentleman meant business! He was both intimidating and nurturing at the same time. Kind of like the scary drill seargent, fire breathing pastor, or some girl’s shotgun cleaning dad that you just met before taking her out on a date all rolled into one. Yet, he was also very funny, interesting, and amazingly organized. Heck, the man’s career was incredibly impressive as he worked for many years as an executive chef for Steve Wynn himself. Whoa! Legend.


To start off Chef Richard offered each of us a raspberry mojito cocktail to welcome us into his class. Now that’s what I call a proper start! He led us through each step. Prep work, how to properly hold and use a knife, setting up and cleaning the work areas, picking the correct food items and ingredients, and much more. He kept a close eye on us, demonstrated use of the tools and techniques, offered one on one help, and had no problem calling us out when we were screwing up. Hey, safey first, and he was a stickler for that. Even if it was embarrassing at times. Yeah, I goofed up a bunch. Now drop and give me twenty!






In the end we all perfectly prepared a pretty amazing meal! I was quite impressed with our cheffery! On the menu this afternoon was a tortilla soup, marinated steak with chimichurri sauce, fish tacos with a peach salsa, seasoned potatoes, and a mixed green salad with a light dressing. All made with the freshest of ingredients. Bottles of red and white wine were also included. Chef Younger came in and answered any questions we had, offered some fun insights on the biz, and even signed our cooking aprons. Dude is a star. As a bonus a dessert of dulce de leche ice cream with caramel sauce presented in a cocktail glass topped off this wonderful cooking class soirée. It was such an enjoyable way to spend three hours (11am – 2pm) in Atlantic City without any gambling involved at all. With most classes in the $99 range it’s a more worthwhile way to drop a Benjamin than losing it in a slot machine. Plus, you get to fill your belly and learn a few kitchen tricks along the way. That’s a jackpot in my book!


Better watch out Bobby Flay. I’m coming for you!

Wolfgang Puck! I’m gonna flatten your meatballs!

Morimoto! My cuisine will reign supreme!




( Disclaimer – my fiancee and I were invited for a Fall Getaway media weekend in Atlantic City courtesy of  DOAC, and even though this was included as part of the itinerary, it in no way influenced my thoughts, feelings, or review of the experience. I highly recommend giving a class a try! )



Viking Cooking School – http://www.harrahsresort.com/things-to-do/viking-cooking-school.html#.VGlqEfnF888

Class Calendar – http://www.vikingrange.com/consumer/cookingschool/classes/calendar.jsp?id=cat13660022

Harrah’s Atlantic City – http://www.harrahsresort.com/

DO AC – http://www.atlanticcitynj.com/

26 thoughts on “Learn to chef at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City NJ!”

  1. There used to be a Viking school in Sarasota, but it closed down. I was bummed, too, because I thought it would be a really awesome thing to do with my hubby for his birthday. I’d love to go to one of those classes someday with him, though. He would love it!

    1. Hey Kitt!

      I have to admit this was a lot of fun, and I didn’t lose any fingers! It’s a cool thing to give as a gift, couples getaway, or for anyone wanting to learn some cooking skills. There are many different classes offered too. We want to do it again.

  2. What a fantastic experience! My mom would go to Atlantic City with her gamblin’ girls, but she’d spend most of the time wandering the city. It’s definitely on my list of places to check out!

    On cooking classes, I’ve never taken one, but I’ve assistant-taught a few with my chef friend!

  3. This looks like so much fun! One of the things I’ve started doing when I travel is trying to take a local cooking course. We did one in Florence recently (so that’s how you make risotto!) plus one in Moscow. Not surprisingly, most fun was Paris, where they took us early each morning to the local markets, and the chefs would design that day’s cooking around what was available that morning.

  4. Oh what fun, I would love to do a class like that! I have an interest in such things I have a second blog that is a food one, and I’m addicted to cooking shows on TV, especially the competition ones. Most cooking classes around where I live are like in a college environment where you have to sign up for a whole course, this sounds great to just go and do one in a lovely environment like that.

    As someone who spent a few years living in Vegas, I totally get what you’re saying about the misconceptions! People saying things like “Do you actually have things like supermarkets in Vegas?” Mind you, there were just as many Vegas residents demonstrating their huge misconceptions about England to me!

    1. Hey Vanessa!

      Heck, I’m a big eater and a foodie myself so taking a cooking class was fun.

      I also watch those cooking competition shows on Food Network. My fav right now is Cutthroat Kitchen!

      AC has it’s problems for sure but most don’t know how much good stuff is actually there.

  5. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I’d be all over something like this. Look at you … a blogging media Juggernaut! I was in Atlantic City a month or so ago and actually have a few posts coming up about it as well. This looks like it would be a blast. Maybe next time I am near AC!

    1. Hey PJ!

      I love AC! Quick three hour ride from NYC. Fun weekends. So much to do here than just gamble. If you’re not afraid to cook check this out. Go as a couple or with friends. Then feast afterwards.

    1. Hi Mary!

      It was a fun experience. I would suggest doing it. Check out their schedule as there are many different types of food themes to choose!

  6. How fun for you and your fiancee! And to be invited makes it all the more sweeter. We attended a year end multi course meal at a cooking school in Germany years and years ago. The food and wine were amazing. I think John would love a cooking class for Christmas. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Hey Shelley!

      We really appreciated the invite from the Do AC association! They had a whole weekend full of fun activities set up for us. I’ll be writing a series of blog posts on them.

      It’s a great gift idea and a fun couples activity.

    1. Hey Gary!

      It was a blast! Plus, what I cooked actually tasted good.

      Funny you mentioned Gordon, as he is opening a restaurant here in Ceasars AC! Let the cursing begin!

  7. Looks good! Judging from the name of the school I thought you were in for some beer-brewing and wild boar roasting, but what you cooked looks a lot more sophisticated. I’m impressed!

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