Le Churro is Le Delish in NYC!



I really think the “GODS of FATTYLAND” are conspiring against me by constantly inventing new ways to keep me ingesting calories of delicious goodness closer and closer to where I live on the Upper East Side.

Now along comes Le Churro. C’mon, you know I can’t resist hot, crispy, sweet, sugary, crunchy churros! With dipping sauces too? This is just not fair! NOT FAIR!

Photo credit - Le Churro website
Photo credit – Le Churro website

This place is tiny and has that “uptown mommy” coffee klatch vibe to it. Bright, colorful, and cheery. Only a few small tables and chairs with some counter seating by the front window. Assortment of chocolates and candies to purchase on shelves along the wall. The menu offers coffee, iced drinks, juices, oatmeal, hot cider, yogurt parfaits, and smoothies too. Also has a bunch of tempting goodies on the register counter.


Photo credit - Le Churro website
Photo credit – Le Churro website

Let’s be real though, as the main reason to go here are the CHURROS. Yes, I went here just for that after standing in line for an eternity at the bank the other morning to make some transactions and I wanted to reward myself with something sweet along with much needed caffeine. They have about 4-5 churro items to choose from but I ordered a standard basket of the good old fashioned sugared kind. Four different dipping sauces here too – chocolate hazelnut, raspberry, milk caramel, and passion fruit. Went with the chocolate dip. Also grabbed a cup of hot coffee. For the UES prices are not too bad.



The verdict? DE-LISH! The churros are perfectly made – light and warm with a perfect balance of sugar and crispiness. Dammit – now I will have to go back to try all the others!

I will be buying new pants.

That, and a larger belt. Life is cruel.

I need an intervention. Soon.

Photo credit – Le Churro website





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22 thoughts on “Le Churro is Le Delish in NYC!”

  1. My sister-in-law lives in the south of Spain and ‘churros y chocolate’ are our standard breakfast when we visit. Those NYC churros look perfect! My sympathies 🙂

  2. The bigger pants and belt cracked me up — have faith! Churros are so tasty, in that doughnut-like family where it tastes fantastic even though you know you are slowly killing yourself. Maybe only once a month? A week? Oh whatever, life is short. Sounds like a fun place.

  3. Those look so freaking delicious. The chocolate sauce, especially, reminds me of a school trip to Spain I took in high school.

    Btw, I had a churro vendor at my wedding as a parting gift to the guests. Gotta do it at a cinco de mayo wedding.

  4. Great Post, Phil!
    I go ot Le Churro almost every non-rushed morning I have on the way to 86th street. Delicious La Colombe iced coffee. The people who work there are super nice too. And those churros….
    -Michelle Carol

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! Hope you follow it by email. Glad you liked my churro post!

      You must live close by in my hood. I sometimes drop in there for a pre-dinner dessert. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone! 😉

  5. Ok, so living in Los Angeles makes matters even worse; and working at Sam’s Club is not any better when trying to avoid Churros. I use to work in the Cafe department and we had to prepare the Churros. When I worked in Cafe, I gained about 35 lbs because the “burnt” churros we eat. lol We roll them around in cinnamon sugar, go to the back when there were no customers and eat them rather then throw them away; let’s not forget the ones that people ordered and never showed up for. lol This was NOT an all the time thing because we had to make it look realistic that some were getting thrown away BUT getting a churro, and dumping the cinnamon sugar buttery snack in a cup of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice cream really gave me FOODgasm’s. lol

    1. Hello Dean!

      HA! Too funny! I would have done the same thing! Too much temptation. I would have gained 50!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It’s much appreciated!

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