Kings Theatre in Brooklyn – a phoenix rising from the ashes.



That’s the word that came to mind when we stepped in here last night to see the Whitesnake concert in this beautifully renovated theater.

The Kings Theatre is easy to get to from Manhattan by taking the Q subway to the Beverly Road station and walking a few minutes over. It was that simple.

I just could not fathom that this theater was closed for decades. They did a wonderful job bringing it back to its ornate glory. The thick dark woods, chandeliers, red velvet curtains, period furniture, images along the walls, the ceilings in the lobby and main theater, the regal architectural stylings, the amazing faces and carvings along the walls around the stage, and the old school marquee out front listing the night’s event were all breathtaking. There truly is so much to see here, especially if you are one who enjoys the grandiosity of old-school architecture, and a piece of Brooklyn that harkens to a bygone era of NYC entertainment.


Even so, along with the old I have to say the bathrooms are new, modern, and spacious. Plenty of bars offering beer, cocktails, and snacks. Being that it is 2016 the prices reflected that with $10-$12 beers and $5-$10 candies, popcorn, etc. Cash and credit cards accepted.

The seating is comfortable with good sight lines and decent acoustics. Nice staff here too. I know the security protocols when entering might be a put-off for some, but I don’t mind having bags checked and walking through metal detectors or being wanded. The safer the better, especially with what has been going on in the world lately. We all want to feel a little safe attending a fun show.


Only drawback is that the surrounding area seems kind of sketchy with little to do, or go to eat close by after the show. Nothing I would walk to late at night after a show here. We jumped back on the subway and hit a diner in the city. Funny to think that I was born close by and that my whole family used to live here a long time ago. True Brooklyn roots.

All in all it was a rocking night filled with great music that brought me back to the days of long hair lifted high with Aqua Net, zebra striped shirts, leather pants, ripped jeans, fun concerts, spandex, house parties, hooking up, and MTV Metal Mania! These songs played like a scripture of my hair metal youth. Slide It In, Here I Go Again, Love Ain’t No Stranger, Is This Love, Still Of The Night, Fool For Your Loving, The Deeper The Love, Crying In The Rain and so many more performed to perfection by talented musicians fronted by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer himself David Coverdale. Damn, during each song I could still picture the music videos as if it were just yesterday. Tawny Kitaen in a sheer white dress sliding along the hood of a car. The guitar solos. The soaring vocals.

Whitesnake rocked the house on 6/20/16

The Kings Theatre is a wonderful venue to see a concert. It’s a classic in the purest sense. Very appropriate that Whitesnake, a classic band from the 80’s music era, tore the roof off here. We will definitely be coming back for future events.

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7 thoughts on “Kings Theatre in Brooklyn – a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

  1. That’s a beautiful theater, Phil. We have a couple of restored venues like that in my area, but perhaps not quite as ornate.

    I loved Whitesnake and all of their music, but “Is This Love” is my fave and I do remember the video with David, Tawny and the car. Those were the days of great hair and memorable music videos.

  2. Magnificent! Love the architecture and it is wonderful to see this type of structure revived. Hope it does well and perhaps its presence will lend to something of a restaurant renaissance, thought the way it generally goes.. if one restaurant opens not as many go, if a number of restaurants open, everyone goes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It cool when they revamp and old theatre. Couple of them been done in Spokane Washing about 100 miles form me.
    Our town is also redoing our theatre, which open in 1923.
    Our art community bought the old Catholic church my guess it was build in 1920’s
    It nice to see old things be brought back to life.
    Coffee is on

  4. Nothing like a hair band rocking the stage still! Place looks cool, too. Now tell us, Phil — in the 80s, did you have that kind of hair?

  5. Seems like a great theatre. I much prefer to attend concerts in intimate, smaller venues where you can see the performers and feel part of the action. I don’t like seeing bands in huge halls and football stadiums where they appear no more than specks on the horizon – might as well watch on TV in this case.

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