Just thinking about pretzels in NYC…..

l (1)I’m just sitting here on the couch tonight watching tv. Kicking back in my sweats and a beer at my side. It’s at times like these watching sitcom reruns that I start to crave some sort of munchies. My inner fattie craves pizza, Fritos, or a whole bag of peanuts, but what I really want dammit is a big-ass hot soft chewy pretzel! Yeah right, now that my ass has molded into this cushion on the couch and I’m all comfortable there is no way I’m getting up to go out and find a hot pretzel. I’m in for the night. It did get me thinking though about some really good pretzels I had lately.

Yup, my mind goes off on weird tangents when it comes to thinking about snacks. Here’s a short list of a few favorite pretzels and related pretzel things I have munched on in NYC.

IMAG0106 (1)

The wonderful hot pretzel at The Heidelberg – just a classic style beer hall pretzel. Big, hot, chewy, fluffy, and wildly salted. Add some spicy German mustard and this is a feast in itself. It also doesn’t hurt to wash it down with some terrific Hofbrau beer! Das Boot!


l (2)

The amazing hot pretzel at Third Ave Ale House – This thing comes out big, hot, moist, fluffy, with a nice seasoned crispiness on the outside. The soft inside is filled with a gooey center of mustard-like cheese. Good lord! It’s also served with dried chorizo slices and deli mustard on the side. Just whoa! My waistline is expanding!



The ridiculous pretzel croissant at City Bakery – this thing kind of sneaks up on you. Now, it’s not really a pretzel, but a croissant on steroids. Close enough for me! Talk about carb overload. It’s just so crispy and flaky on the outside, moist and buttery on the inside. So freaking good. Pair it with their rich & creamy hot chocolate and dunk a huge slab of homemade marshmallow into it and you have entered paradise. Woo-Hoo! Time to unbutton the pants!


Photo credit Bianca S – Yelp

The fanciful Pretzel Crusted Crabcake at David Burke Townhouse – The most fun I ever had eating a box of pretzel sticks! Served with tomato orange chutney and poppy seed honey. Totally delicious beyond words. This is a must-do appetizer if ever dining here. The crab was super fresh. Wrapped in pretzel sticks – very creative and I wish they made this as a full sized dinner entree. My ever expanding waistline demands it!


Good thing it is now well past midnight and I am not going to drag my butt out of this apartment. Even though I am now starving after reminiscing through pretzel love lane I think I’ll just settle to raid the fridge. There must be some ice cream in there!

So, what do you crave when chilling on the couch in front of the boob tube?

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  1. I’ve never been keen on pretzels, in fact I don’t like them. The only time I eat them is if I’ve craving food and it is the only thing Delta (or competition) hand out on an internal flight.

    Now if they have tasty fillings then that could all change. Why haven’t I ever come across those types of pretzels yet?

    1. Hey Guy!

      I can munch on normal hard pretzels and do favor the flavored ones now like Honey Mustard.

      Now, that big ass soft pretzel I wrote about is filled and is wonderful. All the German places I have been to also has great pretzels along with mustard to dip in.

      Damn, now I’m hungry!

  2. depends on the day. More times than not, i am a savory kind of girl. I crave bagels and pizza. I just went to my local pizzeria and the delivery guy say HEY MONIQUE!
    I cant hate on a good pretzel either.
    Grannie used to buy the frozen soft pretzels, nuke them and serve them to me with spicy mustard when i spent the night at her place.
    good times.

    1. Hey Mo!

      I think we all crave carbs and starches! When the delivery guy gets your face tattooed on his arm then it’s really shameful! 🙂

      We used to do that with the frozen pretzels too. Memories.

  3. OMG I had the best pretzel EVAR at the Biergarden in Hoboken (forget the name of it, want to say Zeppelin something or other, but that could be the one in Jersey City). It came with a spicy mustard AND a cheese dip. It was the size of my head. Believe me when I tell you…my head is pretty big (lol). It was AWESOME.

    1. Hi Taryn!

      I have been to that beirgarden and need to go back! Nothing wrong with a head sized pretzel, and a big stein of beer! PROST!

      German places have great pretzels!

  4. Good grief my mouth is watering from reading this! I want one of each please. When i think of NY i think of pretzel stands all over the place. You’re so lucky! My fiance is a pretzel fanatic and would go crazy over these. We always have a bag of pretzels in the house for him. I love them with plain ol yellow mustard.

    1. Hi Holli!

      So many good spots for a great pretzel here in NYC. The stands on the street are classics, and occassionally you can get a decent one in Penn Station too. The one at Third Ave Ale House is terrific!

      Glad I made your mouth water! Now I’m have naughty thoughts! 😉

  5. I am ashamed to say I’ve never tried one but the above ones may have swayed my decision, bring on America and some awesome pretzels 🙂 (i’ve only ever seen small bland looking ones)

  6. The Third Avenue AleHouse Pretzel and the Crusted Crabcake Pretzel look delicious! Unfortunately here in Iowa, I have to go to the Mall and Auntie Annes or something like that for my pretzel fix 🙁

    1. Hey Matt!

      Yeah, we have Aunt Annies here too. They are not bad but nothing like these. Those are fast food pretzels. 🙂

      There has to be somewhere in Iowa that makes good pretzels!

  7. Those pretzels looked good. The only time I actually waste my money on those fattening things is when I’m at the mall. There’s nothing else to get to eat there that can be served right away. I get the ones that comes with cream cheese, lol.

    1. Hey Susana!

      Those pretzels are good! I have also had the cream cheese pretzels. Carb over load!

      I don’t get them all the time, but they are an occasional treat!

  8. Wow. Where have I been? I had no idea there was such a pretzel craze! The only pretzels I’ve had are the ones like Auntie Anne’s in the mall & the recently added pretzel bread w/ beer cheese dip at Friday’s. 😡

    Your pretzels sound amazing, though.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      Sure, we have Aunt Annie’s too but they are like fast food pretzels! They are good with that dipping sauce though.

      Mmmmm….pretzel bread. I think we love carbs too much! 🙂

  9. You can’t get bagels or pretzels anywhere else in the world that are as good as New York. It bums me out that I didn’t take a “last hurrah” bagel trip before I gave up gluten. Migraines or not, I might have to break down the next time I’m in the Big Apple. 🙂

    Hot pretzel + Yellow Mustard = Heavenly taste buds

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for liking my Facebook page!

      You got that right! So many good bagels and pretzels here. Maybe it is the water as they say.

      What’s a little headache for a delicious sesame or everything bagel with a schmear of cream cheese on it! 🙂

    1. Hey Carica!

      Worth a vist next time in NYC! I’m sure I left out a few places too. Dang, even the street carts here have great pretzels!

      Thanks for reading! 😉

  10. OMG, I so want to try those pretzels now – all of them! They look heavenly … and sesame bagels with cream cheese? Mmmmmm!!!! I’ve never had a big, soft pretzel but would love, love to have one … right now would be good! LOL! (I’m in British Columbia, Canada and don’t know if they have anything like that here!) Yummy post! 🙂

    1. Hey Julie!

      There is nothing like a big hot soft pretzel! Or a NY bagel! We are spoiled here in NYC for sure.

      Glad my post made you hungry. I’m sure you have some good eats up in Canada, eh? 🙂

  11. I live in nyc, but i have to ask you and your pretzel-loving readers to hop the Amtrak down to philly where soft pretzels are a regular staple. I used to live in philly, and drove an ice cream truck there for a little while, and a few times a week I’d make the haul to the main place that baked the soft pretzels. No matter how many I loaded up, I always seemed to sell them in a few hours. Who can resist a soft pretzel with lemon water ice, or ice cream? The combo of salty (pretzel) with sweet. Irresistible!

    1. Hi Jon,

      I have not been to Philly in a while and I do agree they have some good pretzels there! My uncle also owned a bunch of Mr Softee ice cream trucks. No one can resist.

      Resistance is Futile!

  12. Great pretzel pics and info! My horizons have been widened (seriously, I’m all about soft pretzels).

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