Junk food TV for the mind!

29260581 Over the years I have grown tired of watching tv. Sure, there are the occasional sitcoms and shows that I will watch such as The Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead which are a few of my favs. Yet, with cable tv now offering literally hundreds of channels there never seems to be anything worth watching any more! It just seems that I get bored easily and few shows can hold my attention. Tons of programming and most of it just lacks quality to me. A bunch of junk! I will literally flip through dozens of channels over and over. Commandeering the remote and driving my gal nuts. I stay up well after midnight looking for something mindless to watch that I won’t have to use too much brain power on. Reality tv is the new reality. This is how I think I became a junk food tv addict!

30471151 Wanna know what I end up watching? Well, here is my list of junk food tv favorites! Put on your white tank top, grab a few cold PBR’s, pull up a lawn chair and enjoy!



(The following opinions of shows are my own, and not meant to offend, as I really like them, so chill out people!)
29969737 Pawn Stars – a bunch of fat guys buying and selling junk.

American Pickers – a skinny dude and a chubby dude junk picking.

Storage Wars – a bunch of people being pissy to each other and buying someones’s left over junk.

TMZ – a bunch of no-talent paparazzi reporting on celebrity junk.

90sdawson-tvguide 1,000 Ways to Die – so many ways to kill your junk.

Counting Cars – a bunch of guys transforming junk cars into awesome machines.

American Restoration – ย a bunch of guys restoring old junk.

Antiques Roadshow – people bring in their junk and hope it’s worth something.

22477536 Catfish – people lie about their personal junk on Facebook.

Millionaire Matchmaker – loser rich people and gold diggers going on junk dates.

Repo Games – a few guys quizzing dumb people with junk questions to keep their cars.

Restaurant:Impossible – a musclehead chef transforms junk restaurants into something edible.

29133710 Bar Rescue – one obnoxious dude’s mission to transform junk bars into money makers.

Tattoo Nightmares – a bunch of great tattoo artists fixing junk people put on their bodies.

Worlds Worst Tenants – property management dudes try to evict junk from their illegal dwellings.

Ink Master – a bunch of tattoo artists show off their artistic skills and some show off their horrible junk tats.

29569678 Billy the Exterminator – just a guy exterminating nasty junk in your home and property.

Parking Wars – people getting angry over junk parking tickets.

Hoarders – Wow! These people have a lot of junk!

Ghost Adventures – a bunch of dudes hunting down ghost junk.

29082881 COPS – the ultimate junk tv show and the godfather of them all.

No Reservations/The Layover – a cool chef dude eating and drinking junk all around the world.

Man vs Food – a fat guy shoving as much junk down his throat as possible.

Baggage Battles – a bunch of people buy forgotten junk left at airports.

on-tv-grumpy-catmemes Housewives of (insert city here) – a bunch of spoiled drama queen women and all their junk they argue about and live for.

WWE – a group of guys and gals performing fake wrestling junk like a soap opera.

Ghost Hunters – another bunch of people hunting down spirit junk.

Jersey Shore – a group of guidos and guidettes that embarrass Italians and NJ with all the junk they do, and with all the junk that comes out of their mouths.


Boy oh boy, that is a lot of junk that I watch! I know I have probably missed a few here. Television nowadays has so much junk programming on it that it’s almost impossible to avoid. We all have our favorites -don’t deny it!



So, what did I miss here? What are some of your delicious favorite brainless tv guilty pleasures? How much junk tv do you watch?

31 thoughts on “Junk food TV for the mind!”

    1. Hi Guy!

      I do watch Suits, and it’s a decent show, but I am bored of it already. Most tv series like these lose my attention. I prefer The Walking Dead and shows like those. At least junk food tv keeps me entertained without using my brain. Isn’t that why it’s called The Boob Tube? ๐Ÿ™‚
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  1. Whew! I am so glad I only knew a couple of those titles. I got a headache just reading what the shows were “about”. I like my time with my tv to be spent watching Castle, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Hawaii 5-0 and Big Bang Theory. If I’m gonna watch reality tv it’s usually HGTV or The Voice.
    Kitt Crescendo recently posted…Romance On Grey CoversMy Profile

    1. Hi Kitt!

      I usually flip around a lot or watch these shows late at night when my gal in in bed sleeping. I just don’t have the attention span to follow a real series. Big Bang is the exception as it’s witty and funny. My girl watches all the same shows you mentioned. I am usually on the couch next to her on the computer blogging or facebooking. Just don’t bother me when The Walking Dead is on! That is my show! ๐Ÿ™‚
      filbio310 recently posted…Junk food TV for the mind!My Profile

  2. I totally agree! I was just thinking the same thing last week about the amount of brain-melting garbage they churn out on TV. I do love movies, but the majority of what is broadcast on TV is migraine-inducing.
    I do enjoy some modern series like The Walking Dead and Homeland, but mostly I’ll tune into documentaries on subjects that interest me. Firefly (2002) was a great series but they cancelled it after one season. The director made the movie Serenity (2005) to finish off the story.
    For me, the worst is the celebrity-manufacturing so-called “reality” TV shows where talentless wannabes have forced arguments/conversations – then end up with a book deal at the end of it if they made enough ‘noise’ on the show. I agree with the actor James Woods when he said that the term celebrity means to celebrate something. I don’t know what we’re meant to celebrate with these people.

    Here’s three fitting quotes I like:

    TV is chewing gum for the eyes.
    โ€“ Frank Lloyd Wright

    I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.
    – Groucho Marx.

    No Music + Bad TV = Bad Mood + No Pages.
    โ€“ Hunter S. Thompson
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    1. Hi John!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

      Most of tv and movies nowadays has little quality as it’s mostly churned out for the masses. The brain dead reality shows that keep popping up is amazing. Hey, I admit to watching some of these now and then, yet I have never watched one episode of Survivor. Ever.

      Great quotes you mentioned!
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      1. Absolutely!
        I think where so many modern shows fail is in the writing. Old shows succeeded because there was a high quality to the script, they were genuinely witty instead of just being silly, which is why MASH and Taxi are still funny to watch.

        I have also enjoyed Band of Brothers, Californication, Everybody Loves Raymond, My Name is Earl, NCIS, NYPD Blue, The Pacific, Quantum Leap and The Wonder Years.

        When I was a kid, I never missed Kojak, Starksy & Hutch and The Rockford Files.

        Also Hart to Hart, not because I thought the show was particularly clever, but Stefanie Powers always had a lot of appeal!

        Remember The Gong Show, with Chuck Barris, The Unknown Comic, Gene Gene The Dancing Machine, et al? I loved it! I wish they would rerun those shows, or release them on DVD.

        I have to admit, World’s Craziest Fools is one I watch if it’s on. Mr T cracks me up every time.
        John Walker recently posted…Jet lag is such a drag!My Profile

        1. Hi John.

          I agree with what you are saying here. Many of the sitcoms/tv shows in the 70’s- 90’s were so well written and witty. Ha – the Gong Show! That was too funny.

          Today’s TV does have some very good shows now and most of them are on the cable channels now.
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