Journey to a Forbidden Planet in NYC!

This is so much more than a comic book store, as it’s a total NERDGASM universe!

Just an amazing place to let your inner and outer nerd run wild! Live like the Big Bang Theory on steroids in here! As I wandered around in wonderment Forbidden Planet NYC had me giddy as a little kid’s first trip to Disney World. I meandered from aisle to aisle and perused the shelves. The whole time with a smile on my face.

The shop itself has so much to look at and explore on its rows and rows of shelves and glass displays. Graphic novels, comic books, figurines, t-shirts, fun accessories, action figures, collectibles, toys, and even kitchenware among other funky paraphernalia all related to comic books, TV shows, movies, and pop culture characters. If you’re into sci-fi, horror, superheroes, and other items of this related realm then a must visit is in store. What’s great is the shop is right next to the Strand Bookstore and near a few coffeehouses. You can do some nifty shopping right at this NYC corner. Pick up some cool stuff or the newest graphic novel, then grab a seat at The Bean with some coffee and enjoy.

Definitely a good choice to pick up a gift for the lovable nerd in your life. Plus, I have found the prices reasonable, and the staff has been helpful each time I have been here. Here’s a list of what they have available according to their website –

Action Figures And Accessories
Anime Manga Collectibles
Comic Supplies
Comics Movie TV Collectibles
Forbidden Planet Merchandise
Graphic Novels
Posters And Art

Yeah, I’m still a bit of a NERD. I’ll admit it. Wearing my Deadpool underwear under my pants right now, and proud of it! Maximum Effort!



Forbidden Planet –

7 thoughts on “Journey to a Forbidden Planet in NYC!”

  1. Wow. That’s all I’ve got. Why are the shelves stacked so high? Nobody could possibly read what’s in those boxes so high up there. Do they have extra tall ladders that they haul around so people can peruse the top shelves?

    I guess if you’re a nerd geek this place would be heaven. For me? I’d be a little claustrophobic.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
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  2. ‘Nice one Phil! Yep! My teen would have a heart attack of delight. Me too! Can you believe that I spent 2 years scourging Ebay for comics that I used to read as a child – Beano, Desperate Dan, Bunty & Mandy, etc.

    I got lucky too as one guy put up four comics for sale, but when he realised I was a serious buyer. I offered to buy everything he had!
    50 of ’em!
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