Jin Ramen – not just another bowl of cheap noodles in NYC!

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I am slowly becoming a ramen convert. I used to think of ramen as a cheapie meal that we have all eaten in a pinch, or when we have been broke but could still afford the 5-for-a-dollar ramen noodle packets at your local supermarket as a regular dinner entree. After downing a bowl of their delicious ramen I can see the light and now crave this stuff.

Eating at Jin Ramen has now truly made me appreciate what a superior bowl of ramen should taste like. After dining here recently at the invitation of a few good friends of mine I now know what they have been raving about. Normally, I still partake in the occasional ramen noodles packs we buy at the supermarket and prepare at home. This really opened up my palate to what real ramen is. Situated in an unassuming location just outside the 125th station subway stop this tiny ramen emporium packs quite a wallop. As I live uptown it is an easy trek for me so I know I will be back here, but might not be for everyone’s travel liking if from downtown. Sucks for those people downtown and a win for us up-towners!

Photo credit - Edward W  - Yelp
Photo credit – Edward W – Yelp

All I can suggest is that you get the Miso Ramen. Really, just order it and shut up. You will thank me for it later. This is such a complex bowl of brothy goodness that it leaves one in awe. As I slurped up my first few spoonfuls I was enthralled by the miso broth that had a bit of a kick to it. The actual bowl was chock full of ground pieces of chicken sausage, corn kernels, leeks, scallions, bok choy, sesame seeds, nori roasted seaweed, and pork belly. Oh my!!! How can I forget the amazing noodles that were just perfectly cooked? I can’t – they were terrific! This ramen was just overflowing with flavor and ingredients. It was the perfect meal on a cold and rainy day. It was so wonderful I wanted another bowl. I wanted to bathe in it. I wanted to make love to it. I wanted it to have my babies.

I must also note that we started out with some perfectly cooked edamame, and kara-age (boneless fried chicken) that was light, crispy, and tasty. A great start to a delicious meal.

Jin Ramen is not a large place, but has enough seating to fit in a fair sized crowd. Still relatively new this sleek but casual spot offers seating along the walls and front window, with a large counter seating area overlooking the kitchen to sit and watch all the cooking action. I met the chef and he is a friendly guy that is very welcoming. You can tell they pour their souls into this place and care about preparing high level food with passion. You feel so comfortable here that you don’t want to leave! It’s so good and highly affordable.

By the time we left the restaurant was filling up with hungry ramen enthusiasts. I was already so jealous of the people who live up in this Harlem hood. It’s good for them as there is really not that much in this nearby area that offers a culinary experience such as this. When can I go back? Soon, I hope!



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25 thoughts on “Jin Ramen – not just another bowl of cheap noodles in NYC!”

    1. Hey Mo!

      Thanks for reading and the kind word! I love it too. So glad it is cooler out now so I can get some and not sweat my ass off eating it!

  1. There is an epic ramen place in SF right down the street from me and the line is always a mile long. I’m craving it now after reading this!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Miso Noodles Soup and blended to perfection with other complementary flavorful extras- one of my all time favorites, well, I pretty much Love all fresh Asian Noodle Soups, you name it, the five for a dollar stuff- nothing like the real thing- and had more than enough of these in college. My daughters love the Korean version, of course they cost more than five for a dollar, Jin Ramen looks real nice and worth visiting for a good hot bowl of noodle soup.

  3. PLEASE tell me their ramen noodles are still coated in that plastic wax, like at the grocery store. Otherwise, are they even still ramen??

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

      It’s one of the many good ramen spots that have opened here in NYC. I write a lot about food, travel, and assorted craziness here in the NYC area. Hope you enjoy my blog and follow it!

  4. Ok, a few things:

    – I have been to NY 3 times in the last year and have not had Ramen once.

    – Today, I just happened to have a cheapy supermarket pack, which I was fairly pleased with….until I read this.

    – My husband just happens to be in NY right now and does NOT like Ramen. What a waste.

    – Damn.

    Yummy post!

    1. Hello Hazy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      You must try a bowl of ramen at least once here! Many good spots for it. Heck, I still eat the cheapie packets from the supermarket now and then.

      How can he not like ramen? It’s so good. Glad you liked this post!

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