Is it just me?

I don’t know about any of you but I’m just not ready to see darkness starting at 5pm! It feels like I’m just getting my day started and all of a sudden it’s night time. Daylight savings was invented to play with people like me. First of all, my morning started out with a lack of necessary caffeine as I stupidly went to the voting booths to do my patriotic duty without a cup o’ joe and got trapped there for almost two hours! Everyone was cranky to begin with. Double ugh!

Oh goody – now we are going to get socked with a nor’easter storm tomorrow. As if the poor folks in the NY/NJ/CT area have not gone through enough already. My heart and prayers go out to all those displaced by Hurricane Sandy and those who still don’t have any electricity restored. These nights are getting colder lately! Mother Nature is one cruel BEEYOTCH!

What the heck man? What is this I see? Christmas decorations up along storefronts? Holiday season sales starting? Ads for Christmas shopping? Stores already putting out holiday present inventory? A full Christmas tree up all decorated? No. No. NO. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not yet! Make it stop! Can we at least get through Thanksgiving first? How about election day?  ( Hey, Starbucks has their annual red cups out. I can go for a peppermint hot mocha later! )

Also, this past week George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney. For $4 BILLION dollars! So now pretty much the Evil Empire is now owned by the other Evil Empire. Darth Mickey must be proud as they are already planning another trilogy of movies. For the love all all things holy just don’t revive Jar Jar Binks! At least Lucas has said he will donate the bulk of the windfall to various charities and philanthropic pursuits. Can I register as one of those? Huh? Huh?

I have to voice my view on this one regarding the election last night. Is it just me or did the whole Romney contingent that piled onto the stage after his concession speech look like the “Stepford family”? Stepford wives, Stepford children, Stepford friends, Stepford associates. That had to be the whitest group of robotic rich people I have ever seen. They all had that pasty white “Twilight” vampire complexion. Creepy. Maybe after this the Republican party will take note and realize that the U.S. population is a big melting pot with all kinds of races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. It’s not white bread “Happy Days” 1950’s anymore! They need to put up candidates that represent the actual makeup of America in the current era. That being said, I did like that Romney showed class and grace in his concession speech. He took the high road and was the better man because of it.

Is it me or is life sometimes just not fair? That, or it sometimes seems like one big practical joke. Wish I was in on it instead of playing the part of the whoopie cushion!

6 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

    1. LOL! It was so creepy looking. He looked like a wind-up doll on the stage spouting a pre-recorded message. “and now, back to the factory where we were made”.

  1. Yea, seriously though, this Christmas in November crap is ridiculous. They start the ads earlier and earlier every year, and for one reason only: to make sure people plan ahead and think about layaway options. God forbid they loose any of those seasonal Christmas dollars. Companies don’t trust people to save their money and plan well financially, so they gotta hit us up with reminders every two seconds in order to ensure that their CEOs make their nut.

    1. Hi Matt. I hear ya! It’s crazy how early they push the holiday shopping. Soon we will see Christmas ads right after July 4th!Thanks for reading and the comment!

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