I’m just a freaking ray of Sunshine Award aren’t I?


Somehow every once in a while it seems that someone out there likes what I pen on this blog. I guess it depends on one’s reading taste – or lack of it! (I kid – don’t hate on me John!) Not too long ago I was nominated for the Sunshine Award. It’s an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”, or something to that gist. To think that I actually have that kind of influence is both rewarding and a bit laughingly twisted! Could you just imagine if I decided to try my hand at politics? Then again, there is no way in heck I would want the skeletons in my past exposed, so that is out of the question. It’s bad enough that I now have to expose some of myself here as part of this award acceptance. No, I am not putting up any nude pics of myself either so don’t get your hopes up. (I charge a fee for those.) No, this exposure is more of the personality quirks kind. I’m not sure anyone wants to know these things about me but since you’ve read this far you might as well stick around for the torment.


John Hartnett, the master of his blog The Monkey Bellhop has recognized The Regular Guy NYC with a Sunshine Award. I have no idea what he was thinking when he made this choice or how much he was drinking, but I do appreciate it. He nominated me a while back and I am just finally getting around to it. Sorry for the delay as I was very busy taking twerking lessons, learning how to power-crochet my own underwear, and building a human centipede in my closet. These things take time you know, and it’s not easy avoiding the authorities while at the same time penning a blog. I do have to say I am honored as it does mean something to have other bloggers recognize what you write as meaninful, if inspiring. John, you can also send the keys to the new sports car that comes with this award at any time. I’ll have my people call your people. Just don’t leave the country anytime soon. In the meantime check out his blog. He writes some witty stuff.


So, here is how this deal works: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.  Done, and thanks John!

Include the Badge of the Award in your post. Done. Ain’t it purty?

Now tell seven things about myself. Oy vey.

Then, select your 10 favorite victims bloggers, or some you really want to annoy, link their blogs to your post and let them know they have been awarded the Sunshine Award! The love you receive back will be tremendous, or the deafening silence will tell you how pissed off they are at you. Here is a list of nine that I thought would be good to nominate. Yeah, I only chose nine. Shoot me. It’s late and I’m tired.

And away we go – 7 things about myself.

1. To this day I still love the smell of fresh new magic markers. I really think that I can get a contact high off of them. I hope my coworkers don’t catch on as to why my office door is closed so often, and why I order new boxes of them every few weeks.

2. I have never seen one episode of Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, or Mad Men, and I really don’t care. Even though my friends rave about these shows I would still rather watch mindless “junk” tv where I don’t have to think too hard or commit to following a story each week. Wrestling, Bar Rescue, Catfish, Maury, Cops, Pawn Stars, Man vs Food, etc. Yeah, I know, I am a bad tv watcher. Sue me.

3. I think my toilet bowl is haunted. It makes some strange moaning noises whenever I sit on it. That, or maybe my butthole is possessed. It acts like a poltergeist at times as it seems to play tricks on me, move things around, and emits some funky odors at times. Weird.


4. I secretly love Times Square. No, not the annoying tourists or the Disneyland it has become, but all the lights, neon, glitz, and glamour. There is something just magical about walking through and observing all the brightness and signage lit up at night. Until I want to smack a tourist upside the head. Hey, where is my wallet?

5. I never want to own a house. Never. I would be happy living in a small apartment my whole life. Where everything is taken care of for me that might need to be fixed. Also, where everything is delivered. Where I don’t ever need to own a car. Yes, I am spoiled living in NYC. Spoiled, broke, but happy.

6. I am a closet geek. I love sci-fi and monster movies. I wish Star Trek was real, or that it would really happen in my lifetime. I want to be beamed up dammit! Also, who wouldn’t want to battle zombies and not get arrested for hacking someone’s head off?

7. Even though I live in Manhattan, I still occasionally order pizza from Dominoes, pick up burritos from Taco Bell, and even grab lunch at Subway. Yes, we have great food here but I am still lowbrow enough to enjoy a cheap sloppy fast food meal now and then. Who hasn’t feasted on Taco Bell or a .99 cent slice of pizza late at night after bar hopping? Mmmmm……drunk pizza.


Bonus tidbit #8 – I want to eat breakfast at every Cracker Barrel in the country!

Now for the Sunshine Award victims nominees –

1. Lanthie Ransom’s Life Cherries blog is about woman rediscovering herself and she can be a bit risque at times too.

2. Toby writes a blog Dumbass News and offers plenty of dumbass insights and laughs. Plenty of dumbass people out there.

3. Susana has a blog of her true life experiences as a deaf person – Susana the Deaf Lady. Did not know the things someone deaf goes through until I read her posts.

4. Paul, or UP as he is called, pens Redneck Latte Ravings, and writes about a bit of everything. His musings are very interesting and he mixes in a bit of a history lessons too in his posts. Plus, he loves Waffle House.


5. Susie has just beaten breast cancer and her blog Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride featured blog posts of her recent experiences with it. She writes about plenty of good stuff and worth following. Funny lady too.

6. Kitt has a blog called The Inner Wildcat and it’s just as expected. She writes about some raunchy and sexy stuff, along with some cool personal topics.

7. Jenn Hanson’s blog, More Cowbell, is at times crazy, racy, and sassy. Plus, she is a pretty funny lady too.

8. Matt always digs up some inspiring stuff on Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man  along with some funny and sexy pictures. Definitely a man cave type of blog.

9. Gloria Richard’s Snark E. Pen blog is a trip. She writes about all things such as poop, fantasy, other bloggers, books, you name it. I thinks she drinks while sending me comments.

There you have it. The nominess have no obligation to respond or follow up with blog posts of their nominations. Even if it’s bad karma and a kitten will be killed for each one that ignores this. Not kidding, I bought a bag of kittens and a sledgehammer. Get writing! Now!



Hey, thanks again for the recognition and the opportunity to recognize some terrific writers out there!

50 thoughts on “I’m just a freaking ray of Sunshine Award aren’t I?”

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Phil!

    Yup. My life is full of sunshine. I am 57 years old, have kids in their 30s, little girls 11 & 6, am married to a woman 19 years younger than me, I am a Texan living in MAINE and I write about Dumbasses.

    I didn’t know one Middle Aged White Guy could have so damn much sunshine in his life.

    On the bright side, I am a Fearless Leader. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Very well deserved! I love your blog so I am choosing to ignore the fact that you choose not to love some of my favorite shows….you just don’t know what you are missing! And haunted toilets….ain’t nobody got time for dat.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This was one of the funnier “acceptance” posts I’ve read…you are a freakin’ tah-rip! And I love learning things about you! I’ve never seen any of those shows either! Well, that’s not true. Once, the hubs and I borrowed the first season of Breaking Bad and made it almost the whole way through it. We didn’t dislike it, we just didn’t get into it. We like Man VS. Food too. Such greatness. But all the other crazy stuff I watch you would probably hate….:)
    Oh, and hell-to-the-yes to taco bell and dominoes.
    I love your nominees! I only know of Cowbell (love!) so I’m heading over to check out the others….

    1. I am SO headed over to read Lucy! You’ve got Some ‘Splaining to Do!

      I almost used that as one of my blog titles.

      Instead? I’m going for, Are you Unpoopular? Do you Pop out at Parties? Especially now–since you stole used the title before I got my act together.

      Could not find Vitameatavegamin in The Amazon. What’s up with that?

      1. Gloria, I love what you ended up with!! That’s even funnier! The Vitameatavegamen episode is my favorite. 🙂 Heading over to read yours….
        OH, and next time I’m thieving Lucy titles, I’ll check with you first…lol….

    2. Hey Beth!

      Thanks so much! So glad you love me! You really really love me!

      Good to see there are many out there who will eat junk and like it just as much as I do. Lowbrow all the way at times!

  4. Go ‘head, Phil. Fess up. That’s you hiding behind the loaf of Wonder Bread in the weird human photo pic, right?

    Think you can dodge the wrath glee-dancing over The Sunshine Award, eh? [Apparently, I’ve been hanging out with too many Canadians.]

    Holy Crap! [This is where I’d typically add a Kazoo Trill, but I’ll let your @$$ noises play that tune today.]

    You set a high bar for snarkdom. I am a competitive person. I have to dig deep to find and fess up to secrets more Ka-Snort-able than yours.

    Stay tuned.

    Ooooh! Double entendre potential of the non-sexual variety…

    Your neighbors–those who share a common wall with your Loo–will thank you.

    Thanks for the blog love. I’ll return the favor one day. Seriously.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      That was my Halloween outfit! It worked well until all the NYC pigeons attacked me!

      Happy to nominate you. I am sure you will come uo with some snort-able tidbits!

  5. Yaaaaaaaay on the award!
    Booooooooo on the no pantless pics.
    DO keep us posted on the human centipede!
    Congrats on the award, best thing since Canned Bread! (Spongebob joke)
    p.s. I often drink when reading your blog also.

    1. Hey Joy!

      Thanks! I need to keep this blog PG – R rated. If I go pantless I’ll get slapped with an NC-17!

      Drinking and blogging? My kind of gal!

  6. Thank you so much for the sunshine Phil!
    I always feel out of the loop when not watching the latest series. I can’t figure out why so many love Walking Dead. It is so sloooooooowwwww. And I can’t handle all the face eating..

    1. Hey Susie!

      It was my pleasure!

      I love the Walking Dead and it is a bit of a slow show at times. Face eating is fun. Use some bath salts and try it one day!

  7. Congratulations on being nominated for the Sunshine Award. I always enjoy reading all the answers to the questions people are asked, some of which are just so funny.

    Man vs Food – that show just torments me like mad. I’m actually watching someone else eat food that I can’t eat at the time but what a program it is. No amount of exercising can shift what he puts in his stomach on those shows. He needs suction at the end of each eating competition.
    If I was you, I’d get a plumber to sort the toilet out mate. If your behind is not possessed, it might mean the toilet bowl is LOOSE and one day soon, you’ll be sitting on the floor surrounded by whatever you let out, yuk…. and don’t say I didn’t warn you, ha ha ha.
    So you want to be ‘beamed up’? Now, just keep tempting me with all those food pictures on your blog posts, and your wish just might come true 🙂 And there you go again with No 7.
    When I went to America, I went to Cracker Barrel, and that breakfast could feed every person in London twice. I nearly passed out at the size of it all. So tasty.

    I can’t wait to tuck into some of the nominees you mentioned, some I already know are very good reads indeed.

    1. Hey Rum Punch!

      I appreciate the kind word.

      Yeah, I might be a bit food obsessed, and have a few foodie posts ready to be put up! Be warned now!

      I do think my toilet hates me at times. If it could really talk……

  8. Awww, Phil, you’re too sweet! Thanks for the shout out! Damn. You’re gonna make me think about stuff? Shoot. You KNOW how much I enjoy my randomness…LOL!

    1. Hey Kitt!

      No probem! Yup – put on your deep thoughts helmet and get to work.

      Life isn’t all about sex, bondage, role play, and toys you know!

  9. I love Cracker Barrel and my hashbrown casserole has been perfected to taste just like theirs! At any time does Taco bell sound like good idea though. I love pizza anytime from anyone including Domino’s.
    Your 7 facts are too funny! You deserve the award for sure. I enjoy your posts and especially your FB posts.

  10. Congrats Phil!

    Number 2 I don’t watch those same shows, never seen any of them.

    Number 5 I love my apartment.

    Number 8 Had “dinner” at Taco Bell tonight.

  11. Hilarious! Congratulations though and well done mate.
    I haven’t seen any of those shows either even though they’re pretty big even in Germany where I live, but ya know what? I don’t care. My excuse? I’m British so I just scream “BBC anyone?”

  12. I’m not really a big fan of all those blogger awards, but it was really entertaining to read the facts about you. Just realized that you share the exact same TV show preferences as my husband!

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      I guess your hubs and I love our trash tv!

      Glad you enjoyed my crazy answers to the questions! Heck, I enjoy the blogger awards. It means there are other bloggers that enjoy what you write, and an award coming from fellow bloggers is meaningful to me. Give one a shot if you receive one.

    1. Hey John!

      Thanks for the nomination! I’ll keep my eyes open as I’m sure I can find a few.

      We do have a place called Wahoo’sFish Tacos that is pretty decent.

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