If the NYC Mayoral Candidates were Star Wars characters…..


In a city a long time ago, in an election far, far away…..

It was a period of political war.

Evil candidates from all walks of life, striking from hidden bases, ethnic backgrounds, sexual likes, and levels of wealth, have won their first victory against the fair citizens of NYC.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret votes and endorcements of the Mayor’s office ultimate weapon against large sugary sodas, the BLOOMBERG STAR, an armored municipal building with enough power to destroy the entire city. The Naked Cowboy. Or, gasp, New Jersey!

Pursued by the candidates’ evil agents, the citizens race to the election booths this week, hoping to place their votes that will elect the right person who can save us all, and restore freedom to our great city….. 

Ok – I’m in a goofy mood today. What can I say? I’m on my fifth cup of coffee and just ate a bag of gummy bears. Call it late morning sugar and caffeine delirium. Images and crazy thoughts swirl through my head. Somehow, I had Star Wars on the brain and this is what I regurgitated. Maybe it’s because the morning tv when I was getting ready for work was nothing but political candidate commercial after commercial pandering for votes. Maybe it’s also because I saw one of my fav movies recently – Spaceballs  – and had the characters on my mind. Anyway, I see some resemblances among the players in both movies and the candidates. What do you think?

Joe Lhota – Looks suspiciously like……


Darth Maul !



John Catsimatidis – Bears a resemblance to…….

John Catsimatidis

Jabba the Hut !



Christine Quinn – Kinda reminds me of……


Princess Leia !



Bill de Blasio – Is freakishly tall like…….


Chewbacca !



Bill Thompson – Seems as smooth as…….



Lando Calrissian !



John Liu – Is kind of plucky like……



R2D2 !



Anthony Weiner – Well, I just have to go with…….



C3PO !



Can’t forget the current and outgoing Mayor Bloomberg –


Who is strikingly like…..

vBXTZDark Helmet!


Parting thought – 


20 thoughts on “If the NYC Mayoral Candidates were Star Wars characters…..”

  1. Phil, you’ve outdone yourself. This is hilarious. Spaceballs is the perfect theme for your post.

    I can’t wait until the election is over. I’m sick of all the commercials. I’m in the NYC ad buy zone.

    And about Weiner … he definitely has a name recognition problem.

    1. Hey Lauren!

      Thanks do much! I am pleased you laughed at this one. Spaceballs is a great movie to sum up this election!

      I am so sick of the commercials too. Also, I saw a KMart holiday commercial last night! WTF!!! It’s only September!

      Weiner is wishing this was an erection and not an election!

  2. That is a great take on the election Phil 🙂 Even though I don’t really know the candidates I was almost guessing some of the comparisons before scrolling down to the Star Wars character.

    It seems good to make light of what is a long, drawn out process. You all must have election fatigue and be ready for this to be over.

    May the best candidate win, or at least the less immoral one.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Thanks for the compliment! It seems as if we always have to choose the lesser of the evils as so many of them are a joke. At this point we just have to laugh at it all. Sad to say.

  3. This is awesome! We could do a simlar parody for our Texas yahoos who are running. This is the last year for Governor Perry and he’s thinking of running for the whole shebang-POTUS. Lord help us!

  4. hahahaha that was awesome! Those pictures are hilarious.
    I thought Chicago politics were bad. Well they are, but we have bigger, much more corrupt fish to fry than sugary drinks. Did you see Chicago mayor Emmanuel on Letterman? At least our gun deaths are down. That’s good right ??

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