I love eating a tasty box! Shoga sushi NYC.


While I was recently walking around my hood on the Upper East Side during a cold blustery day this hot box came out of nowhere and lured me in to take a few bites of her warm delights! She heated me up for sure, and her box was quite tasty, which already made me look forward to our next encounter! What a seductress she was!

Shoga is a relatively newer sushi restaurant that opened up a few blocks from where I live, and she is quite sexy. Upscale sushi bar decor, glowing colorful lighting, waterfall cascading down the front window, clean bathroom, and very friendly service. Terrific ambiance, reasonable prices, a diverse menu, lunch specials, along with a full bar and drink specials too! She is hard to resist and from first bite she had me hooked.

l (1)Definitely a nice addition to the area, and worthy of being such a seductive pleasure. The lunch deals run 11:30 am – 4:00 pm every day and served with miso soup & salad. For a little less than $10 I enjoyed a large Bento Box of salmon teriyaki w/brown rice, california roll, and fried shumai. “Now that is a tasty box” I thought as I munched down on it. Everything was very fresh. Large bowl of soup. Crispy salad. The salmon was tender and on a bed of veggies with just the right amount of teriyaki glaze. The California roll was also made very fresh, and from viewing a few of the sushi plates that walked by to other patrons with smiles on their faces eating them I could tell this place is a contender for sure. This box left me totally satisfied and had me wanting for more.

Damn – they even have a $1 oyster special here. This hot box gets her aphrodisiac on!

There is nothing like a warm tasty box on a cold day to munch down on. Shoga is a newcomer to the UES/Yorkville area that will give the existing sushi spots a run for their money. Glad to know I can find her lurking around a few blocks from home now! She sure knows how to show off her tasty box!

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp


Shoga – http://www.shogasushi.net/


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38 thoughts on “I love eating a tasty box! Shoga sushi NYC.”

  1. The food looks delicious (and I’m a salmon lover so that helps) but I also love your description of the ambiance. Atmosphere doesn’t always matter, but sometimes you just want a soothing spot to decompress and eat. This place sounds perfect.
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    1. Hey Christy!

      I love sushi! It’s a good thing we have so many sushi spots here in NYC. Good deals for lunch at pretty much all of them. Go for it.

    1. Hey Hazy!

      Sounds funny but I can see someone openong a yoga and sushi joint one day. Kind of fits together as long as it’s not the “hot yoga” type.Yuck!

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