I just don’t get this crazy world. My faith is shaken.

I just don’t get this crazy world. The things that go on and the evil that men do seems to have no meaning or reason. We are constantly barraged with incidents and images of horrific crimes against humanity. There seems to be no end to it. There is an old saying that history repeats itself, and this was a sad recurrence indeed. After the shootings we were subjected to yesterday it makes one wonder if their faith in humanity is warranted. Mine is shaken but I still do believe there is more good in people than those with bad intentions.

This was one if the worst mass shootings in American history. The fact that most of those killed were small children is horrifying. No one should die the way they did yesterday, children or adults. The media was all over the story and seemed to bungle their reports left and right. From naming the wrong person who committed this violent act, to the amount of victims, to running pictures of the wrong people, to even sticking microphones in front of the terrified children who survived this ordeal to get sound bytes. The media at times makes me sick the way they try to outdo each other and rush to be the first one to sensationalize a big story. If I was one of the parents I would have punched the reporters in the face. It just seemed so inappropriate to me.

Then there were the attacks in China. A man stabbed an elderly woman and 22 school children in a another senseless act of aggression. Last night there was a shooting at the front entrance of the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas where two people were killed right during busy hours and a full casino. The attacks are occurring with those using knives, guns, high powered automatic weapons, etc. It just seems as if the world has gone completely mad at times. Those who proceed to commit these crimes use all sorts of weapons. If they have a motive they find a way. Now, I am a gun advocate and have a membership at a shooting range here in NYC. I do it for target practice and fun. Yet, I find no reason whatsoever for the average citizen to have high powered assault weapons such as was used yesterday for the shootings in CT. Those are military grade weapons that are meant for one thing – killing. Not for hunting, or shooting deer, or birds. They are made to cut a person in half. If you are in the military or law enforcement I can see having access to these. Again, I feel there is no reason for these weapons to be out in the hands of civilians. Now, I’m not going to get on a soapbox about the gun laws and situation of guns in this country as we all have our opinions. As we saw yesterday there are a variety of weapons that can be used in these meaningless attacks. Those that want to do harm will find a way. It’s the reality of the world we live in. Sad but true.

I grew up during a time when we left our doors and windows open. Our friends and neighbors just dropped in whenever. We went to the mall and the movies without having to worry about being shot. Nowadays it seems we live in fear a bit, and always have to keep one eye opened looking around to protect ourselves. We live in homes that have bars on the windows and security systems locking us down like a fortress. Still, nothing can shield us from senseless crimes as were committed yesterday. We still have to go out and live. We need to be out in the public. We need to send our children to schools. It’s what we do as a society.

My belief in humanity is shaken, but I still have faith in people. There is more good out there than bad. I truly believe that.





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  1. It’s just awful. I’m really worried that this is going to give people ammo to revise the 2nd Amendment. I don’t own a gun, but I believe people should have the right to protect themselves. Isn’t it in Texas where you have to carry your gun out in the open? I think they have a lower incidents of crime (muggings, etc.) because of it.

    I think we’re living in a time when people feel estranged from each other more than ever. Whenever these type of incidents happen I think about our society as a whole. What are we doing wrong? Our lives our too stressful, we don’t spend enough time connecting with one another-amongst other things. Who knows the life this Lanza guy lived or what went wrong? No matter what, I hope this tragedy encourages everyone to take a bigger responsibility for ourselves and one another. I hope in encourages more kindness and vigilance to those who made need help, because I really do believe love kills the demon. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of evil out there.

    1. Hi Holly. What a poignant reply. You said it all. It’s a crazy time we are living in. Too much hate and senseless tragedies like this. Wish everyone could just live in peace and not harm each other. I guess we will find out all the details over the next week as they come to light. Thanks for reading and the comment.

  2. “People killing, people dying, children hurt and hear them crying” My heart goes to the family of the victims, it must be hard to pick up the pieces, especially this coming Christmas…

    1. It was just such a senseless and sad thing indeed. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I feel so bad for all those families. Their lives will never be the same, especially around the holidays. So tragic. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. It was indeed a crazy few days around the world and showed the worst side of humanity. I think we have to console ourselves with the fact that 99.9% of people are good natured and not seeking to harm others.

    The gun laws is a complex one. Many of us in the UK are baffled by the freedom of gun laws in the US. I understand that the right to own a weapon dates back to the Constitution when there was more of an issue to defend yourself. Also with some element to help form a military army at short notice since you were such a young country at the time. (That is what I was told by an American anyway). Times have changed and you have one of the largest and best resourced armies in the world now.

    Fighting fire with fire just sparks trouble. Whilst weapons are available then temptation is there when someone has a moment of weakness or temporary insanity.

    Okay, I won’t go on as I know the debate on gun ownership is a hot one on both sides.

    My feelings and sympathy lies with all those affected in the US and China.

    BTW I like the Christmas background to your site Phil 😉

    1. Hi Guy. You make some very valid points. Yes, it’s a Constitutional thing, but it was meant for a different time and era. I agree with the right to bear arms and protect oneself, but it’s at the point now where we really have to take a cold hard look at what is happening here. Yet, in China it was a guy with a knife. Anything can be a weapon if people want it bad enough. It’s been a sad week indeed.

      Glad you like my new look! Gotta be festive. I even have snow falling on my site! Thanks for reading and the comment.

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