I found even more crazy NYC signage!

The things that I just spontaneously happen upon when walking around NYC.  There is hidden signage everywhere, and some in plain sight! I got a chuckle out of these. It also helps to have a warped mind!




Nothing tastes better than sweet revenge! Yet, I would guess this gelato might taste a bit salty.







Damn, even Starbucks admits it. Yet, I still go there.






Well, isn’t this what the government pretty much does anyway?








Problem is that this bar is a sausagefest! From what I hear. Not that I have been there. Don’t judge!









Bacon is meat candy! A bowl of crispy bacon is sex on a plate! Drool.






Come in and drown your sorries Mets fans. I don’t think this bar sign has changed in years.





Chicken breast of the beast! Something told me to not buy this one.






I just love the new re-design of my bathroom! Heck, I spend enough time in bars anyway!







Um, why do I get the feeling this is about to become a horror movie? Is that written in blood?





I just thought this was some cool street art, and a great way to repaint a storefront wall.






Good advice! Need to be well rested for the next day’s drinking!





I’ll be on the hunt for more signage throughout NYC. I bet these types of signs can be found everywhere. I’m sure every city has their own unique crazy messages to be discovered.

31 thoughts on “I found even more crazy NYC signage!”

  1. So funny Phil.
    & that Starbucks sign; seems to be the common consensus down here…I know there have been quite a few close, but someone must drink the stuff (???)
    Cheers, ic

  2. I love the gelato sign! I bet that is a delicious flavor. This needs to be made into a series — think of the awesome signs that will pop up in the summer. Great one 🙂

    1. Hey Jean!

      I’ll keep hunting down signs and taking pics when I see them. Seems like people like these goofy posts aso I’ll keep doing them!

  3. Fabulous collection!

    Particularly love the ice-cream and so apt since revenge is afterall a dish best served cold!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kate x

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