How did I get all this stuff?

Not sure what happened here but somewhere along the line our apartment is starting to look like an edisode of “Hoarders“. Now, I know the people on that show have more serious issues going on with their lives mentally and emotionally and I can not even compare my life with them. Yet, when I found myself climbing over things to just do a little holiday decorating these past few days I realized that just maybe I need to get rid of some stuff.

Those of us know from experience that living in NYC apartments usually means having limited storage and closet space. Even though we know that we all end up gathering way too much stuff. It’s like we squirrel away things for safe keeping. We know we shouldn’t do it yet we keep piling things into our small living spaces. We have sentimental attachments to certain objects, and I am the first to admit being that way. We find inventive ways to pile things on top of other stuff to alleviate the mess. We move things around to make room for more stuff. When we have guests over we hide this stuff in other spots and hope they don’t notice. It’s a game that many of us who live here play on a daily basis. We are all guilty of it!

Now don’t even get me started on Costco. This place is evil – and we love it! One recently opened in Manhattan close to where I live and now we are addicts for this place. We go there to shop for a few things and end up coming back with huge piles of stuff. Hey, it does help cost-wise as certain things like laundry detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper sold in these “monster bulk sized packages” last quite a while, and are way cheaper than buying in the local supermarkets. Yet, we have nowhere to put this stuff! So it sits piled up against the wall in our hallway. Guess what happens? We start putting other stuff on top of it. Piles of clothes, umbrellas, magazines, and other items. It’s a vicious cycle that we really need to break.


What about closets you ask? Well, they are stuffed full. We are lucky to have a hall closet with a decent sized shelf in it. Totally packed from the floor to the ceiling. So many coats and outerware that the pole they hang on recently broke. Our bedroom actually has a huge closet the length of the wall with amazing sized storage units above it. Yup, also totally filled with stuff. Not just clothes, but all types of stuff. We actually had to get a storage unit not too long ago to store all our extra junk. Kitchenware, holiday decorations, clothes, etc.  Even our fridge is covered in magnets that I have picked up over the years during our travels, and I can’t bear to part with any of them. Yes, I think I have a problem.

Maybe we should actually make a New Years resolution to clean out some of this stuff, and stick to it. Throw away what we don’t need or give the rest to charity. We are running out of space for our stuff. Who knows, maybe if the Mayans were correct we won’t have to worry about if after tomorrow.

Oh no. I just realized that Christmas is only a few days away. Family and friends will be giving us more stuff. Time to figure out where to put it.

Are we the only ones with this particular problem? Does anyone else out there suffer from this predicament and can’t break free from their stuff?

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  1. ahem.
    i live in a studio apartment with a man. Cramped is an understatment. i know the feeling. We are looking to swap some furniture for stuff that stores as well. Its crazy.
    and getting a storage unit? we are currently on the waiting list for one in our basement. *sigh*

    1. We are looking to get a bigger storage unit! I almost killed myself the other day decorating the apartment tripping over things. Maybe we should all move in together!

  2. Living in Chicago… we have a little more space than you, so I sympathize with your issue.

    HOWEVER, living with my boyfriend.. who brought tons of stuff with him when we moved in, sometimes you just have to throw out stuff. If you haven’t touched it/needed it in a year, it’s time to go. Or, if it’s not your stuff that’s the problem, wait until vacation time and help them alleviate some mess (proceed this route with caution. Has caused an argument before).

    Costco is indeed the devil. Did I mention I visited that devil last week? *Sigh* I feel your pain. Good luck. Sell your crap on ebay!

    1. Hey Lady J! We try to throw away stuff or give it to charity – and it just shows back up! Oh, if I ever threw away anything of my fiancee’s she would hurt me. Done ebay too! Costco tomorrow!

      Have a great weekend!

  3. I could go on and on about how much I love this post. (1) I love seeing inside other people’s homes. (2) I love knowing that I am not alone in clutterville. (3) I love getting a glimpse into your psyche (you may have a problem – and I like that about you.) (4) Ugh, I really need to get rid of some stuff. And tackle my dad’s house. (5) Oh no, you’re right, we’re getting more stuff for Christmas! 🙁

    Btw, my blog-friend Cecile just wrote a good post about clutter

    And now that I’m, like, a SPECIAL commenter, I’m going to select my most recent cleaning-related post, to stay on topic.

    1. LOL! Good to know that I am not the only one out there with this problem! We love our stuff! I’m going to read both yours and your friends posts. Glad you liked my post – yes you are SPECIAL! Thanks!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of clutter you have! Moving out of your place would be a radical way to be forced to sort it all out. It seems like a daunting task before you start decluttering, but once you’re in the middle of it, and even better, once it’s finished, you’ll feel great!
    Give it a try 🙂

  5. Wow, I thought we were overstuffed. I honestly did not realize what clutter was until I had a child and move to a small house in England. Over the last few weeks, I have made a resolution to get rid of stuff. We are moving in six months and I have to get rid of stuff. I bought several boxes of black bags and I promised myself that I will drop off at least 3 bags a week until we are clutter free. Good luck on your project!

    1. This is a bit an an exaggerated picture, but I do have to clean this place out. On vacation this week so I need to get my butt in gear. I does pile up fast!Good luck with your move. That is never easy! Thanks for reading.

  6. In my house it’s my husband that keeps everything. When we first got married he kept every single piece of mail, old receipts etc. It drove me nuts. I like things really organized, so he has a closet for his stuff 🙂 Granted I have organized the closet, but it’s still technically his…. I hope you had a great Christmas and have found room for all the new stuff!

    1. Hope you had a great Christmas too, and a healthy New Years! I am on vacation this week and will be cleaning up! My closet is too full of junk and needs to be emptied. We are both bad that we keep everything. Thanks for reading!

  7. OMG!!!! I bet in your drawers you can find dead batteries, take away menu’s from restaurants who doesn’t exist anymore, some alan keys, and some electronics manual book, that already obsolete…

    Ohhhh hold on–am I describing my drawers? 🙂

    Seriously–I need to do a massive winter cleaning too…

    1. Hi Cecille. You just reminded me that I need to clean out my junk drawer too! 🙂

      Spring cleaning needs to start early this year. I dread it!

  8. Although this is an old post.. it hits home in SO many ways! When the boy and I moved to our new place recently, we threw away and donated TONS of stuff (or so we thought!). Here we are, 1 month into the new place and still struggling to find places to store things. How did we get all this stuff!?

    Ha, just today I put a shelf up above my bathroom door to store those paper towels and toilet paper I get from BJs. Those club stores are the best! 😉

    1. Hey Lizz!

      I know what you mean. That is why I put it up again. We need to clean this place up!

      We also have to find spots for everything when we go to Costco. Love it! Hitting it up this weekend! Maybe I need to install more shelves. 🙂

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