Hot Cuban eats in Hoboken NJ – a quick trip from NYC!

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The lady and I dropped in here while over in New Jersey recently wandering around the streets of Hoboken. The weather was still super nice out that evening so we decided to take a seat on the outside sidewalk seating. The Cuban is one of those surprising finds that is totally unexpected and wish you had known about it sooner.

Kick-ass mojitos, wonderful appetizers, excellent service, live music on Thurs night, outside seating. Perfect. What more can you ask for?

Oh, maybe happy hour Tues-Fri 4-7pm, and Sat-Sun 3-6pm! $5 drinks and tapas!

Live Cuban music Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30pm!

DJ’s Friday and Saturday nights!

Strong mojitos and ridiculously authentic Cuban specialties. Drinks made with top shelf as the norm too!


The staff and service was very attentive, warm and friendly. I felt like I was at a family’s place hooking me up with a good time. Loved sitting outside under the stars listening to great music while kicking back with a few mojitos. Our waiter helped us navigate the menu and we were quite satisfied with our choices.

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Empanadas ( Chicken Fricase, Ropa Vieja, Escalivada ), Potato Croquettes with wild mushroom, grilled mushroom escabeche, truffle jalapeno aioli, and a Tamale ( Traditional Cuban corn tamal, pork, Creole onions ). All very good. Basically, we just ordered a bunch of appetizers “tapas style” so we could try a few things out. Really, the food here is delish!

l (4)Had to try out a few desserts. The Flancito ( Caramel flan w/ Malibu coconut pineapple salsita ) rocked it!  We also had an ice cream that is hard to describe but oddly addicting – Mamey. I don’t know what it was but could not stop eating it.

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If I lived in Hoboken this would be one of my go-to happy hour spots as you can’t beat it! Fun atmosphere, great food, cheap strong drinks. Who am I kidding? I would be there on weekends too. Tasty!

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24 thoughts on “Hot Cuban eats in Hoboken NJ – a quick trip from NYC!”

  1. You certainly know where to find the good spots Phil. I like the variety of themes they offer and the idea of a happy hour 🙂

    I dare say there weren’t any authentic cigars on offer?

    1. Hey Fearless!

      Grreat food in a fun place. In New Jersey! It’s like sneaking in and out for a late night booty call when heading over to Jersey!

  2. Another great find. That’s what I miss most about the City, all the great places in town and in the outlying areas. And the best part, you can have fun walking off the meal afterwards. Here in the burbs, you plop your fat ass onto the car seat and spurt gas out the back end.

  3. Sounds like an awesome place to stop in for a bite! My hubby and I do the same sort of thing (order a bunch of appetizers and desserts) when trying out a new place to get the feel of it.

  4. This would be the place for me. Love Cuban food, music, drinks and anyplace that has outdoor seating when the weather’s nice.

  5. Holy Moly, I’m out of circulation for a week and feel as if I’ve missed out on years- Real happy I caught onto this Post though not sure where I would even begin off of this menu- it all looks so good and tasty, I would definitely like to eat here and the Mojitos, one of my favorite cocktails sound pretty darn good! Thanks for sharing.

  6. OMGosh.. why do I not know about this place?! My Cuban roots have been searching for this type of restaurant. Nothing better than mojitos, empanadas, and croquettas!!

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