Holy crap my cell phone died! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


There is nothing more terrifying than having your cell phone die on you! In this day and age of being connected 24/7 the ability to tap a few aps, access a phone list, use social networking, or surf the net with the touch of a finger is a godsend to me as I am always using them, as are many others out there reading this I’m sure. I’m a Droid phone guy and swear by it. I love my phone as if it’s my own child. My phone is like a part of me, and I feel totally naked without it. Oh, the agony! I feel as if my puppy has been taken away from me. Well, actually it feels more like a kick in the groin! I was using it this morning as I normally do to check my email and Facebook and all of a sudden it just froze. After repeatedly trying to start and unstart it with no reaction I removed the battery and popped it back in. Still nothing and still frozen. Then it made some weird screen pixilation and went black. Oh my God – I just witnessed the cell phone equivalent of a person dying with it’s last gasp in my arms! I literally started to feel queasy. I started to panic at the thought of being disconnected from the world for a whole day. That, and I can’t remember anyone’s phone numbers anymore! I’m screwed!


Yeah, it’s pretty bad how dependent we have become on our electronic gizmos. It’s really kind of absurd isn’t it? No matter where I am I am always checking to make sure my phone is attached to me somehow. How many times have we all started to hyperventilate when we thought we lost our phones? I have literally run back home for blocks after leaving for work after forgetting my phone in the bathroom. Oh, don’t act as if you all don’t use your phones while in the crapper. We all sit there surfing the net, sending out real time tweets on Twitter,  or even making phone calls. Admit it. It is kind of funny when you are talking to someone and they hear the toilet flushing. It’s a good thing these phones don’t have smell-o-vision capabilites!


So, after taking a few deep breaths and almost passing out over the death of my phone I hit up the Verizon store on the way to the subway. I know everyone has their favorite carrier, and Verizon has it’s good and bad about it, but I still find that they offer the best reception almost anywhere I go in the USA. I travel for biz a lot and my old carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile just had too many dead areas and dropped calls. The staff here is pretty good too and they tried their best to resuscitate my failed phone. Not happening as it was DOA. I shed a tear for my fallen partner in crime and wondered what I was going to do now, especially since I am leaving for a biz trip to Vegas this weekend. It has all my biz contacts, outlook email link, and other programs I use for work when on the road. They went into the computer and told me I had signed up for the insurance plan so they would be able to overnight me a new phone. Holy crap I lucked out that I actually paid the extra for the insurance and it replaces up to two phones a year. It’s a must when having a Droid phone. These things are basically mini computers. I still get a chuckle when my mom and dad pull out their old dinosaur flip phones. All they care about is that they make and receive calls, so it works well enough for them. Actually, it would be a disaster if they had Droid phones, but I need mine like an addict needs his fix!

images (1)As for now I feel so alone and helpless. Adrift at sea with no direction. Like walking by myself in the dark of night through a dense fog out in the middle of nowhere. As if I just took a major dump in a public restroom and realized there is no toilet paper left. Dammit – how am I going to text anyone or check in on Facebook!

Am I the only one that feels this way when stripped of their cell phone? Panic? Loss? Want to cry?

24 hours with no cell phone. I need a Xanax!

58 thoughts on “Holy crap my cell phone died! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

  1. I feel panic at first… and then an odd sense of liberation. For the first time in god knows how long I’m FREE. I can do what I want… no one can get ahold of me. My email or social media pings don’t distract me. I like it.

    I like it for a short while. Then I start to get anxious about what I’m missing. Shit, that’s sad. Look at our modern world. Hope you are holding up ok!

    1. Hey Jean!

      I am so glad I got my new phone mailed to me today. I was lost without yet. I use it for work too so I need to be connected. When I saw that UPS box on my desk this morning I almost cried!

  2. I have to admit, I was never one who needed her phone attached at all times. In face, my husband used to complain because he could never reach me. Then he bought me an iPhone. It’s like crack, and I’m an addict. I have it with me at all times. I’ve become one of “those” people. And I’m not happy about it. It’s a complete distraction, and a time suck, and I’m already on borrowed hours most days, so I really probably should see a therapist. For that and all of my other issues.

    Sorry, I’ve been MIA lately. It’s been a little hectic in my world, so I haven’t been making my rounds to the blogs, but hopefully by next week, I’ll catch up.

    Until then, you should really read a book. And not one on your phone. But did you know you can do that? Both Kindle and Nook have apps, and I’m not sure about Kindle, but with the Nook app, it will sinc to your actual Nook so that you’re always on the right page. Good grief…see what they’ve done to us?

    1. Hey Mandi!

      They are crack and the phone carriers are our pushers! We have all become “those” people. It’s a sick addiction we will never lose. I need it to live!

      No problem about being MIA. Hope all is sorted out now.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss! *lighting a candle in mourning*
    I get a little nervous, like what if my car broke down? Then I don’t want to drive anywhere. It’s not even an old car. And I’m not 80 so more than half my life I drove without a phone. Old, shitty cars in bad neigborhoods. Why would I worry so much? No idea.

    1. Hey Joy!

      I think we all freak out about not being connected nowadays. Plus, it is true that if you break down in the middle of nowhere at least you can call for help!

      I lit ten candles last night!

  4. I’ll admit I’m a little attached to my phone. And, since I got the newest iPhone it’s gotten a little worse. Oops.

    What’s funny is up until last year my hubby was using one of those old flip phones, he’d had it for at least 10 years, dropped it a gazillion times and the thing just kept right on going. But, I made him upgrade to the newest iPhone, I couldn’t be seen in public with his old one! 😉

  5. So Sorry Phil, hope the new family member is a joy to behold. I understand the panic, yikes. On the other hand, I’ve a brand new phone, many apps etc…that I don’t need or want, the phone thinks I need them though, its so clever its locked me out from being able to get into my needed tasks and responses if not sitting at my computer, its been awful. Soon, I need to take a day out to get it corrected. Best Wishes in the transition and on your business trip.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I received my new baby today just as promised! I was pleasantly surprised that they delivered just as promised. New version of my old phone. So far so good. So many aps I need to install again but it’s like Christmas to me!

  6. I hear ya! I thought I could live without a cell except for basic emergency phone calls. Somehow that hasn’t quite worked out for me. I’m even on Instagram now! Yikes! And don’t even get me started on Words with Friends! I would like to blame someone else for this but … Oh, did I mention I also read novels on my phone now de temps en temps? Yes indeed … thank you Kindle App. Ooops, gotta go … it’s my turn on Words.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      Good thing I took the insurance on it! Got my new one already. So far I have been lucky with my screens – no shattered glass so far. (knocks wood)

  7. My worst nightmare! It would feel like having my right hand removed! And it’s so scary hat I got so dependent on that stupid gadget. I had a Nokia 3210 once, and I was perfectly happy with it, when did it become so important to be online 24/7?

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      I know, right? It’s like having a nightmare and waking up with cold sweats. With each new generation of these droid phones we get more addicted!

  8. This is why you buy an iPhone.. You can take it to any Apple store should something go wrong and walk out with a new one lickety-split! 🙂

    1. Hey CJ!

      Eh, most everyone I know hates their iphones. I refuse to buy one. Love my droid and the battery is awesome! Motorola Razr Maxx HD for me!

  9. Ouch! I so feel your pain. It’s a helpless horrible feeling. How sad are we? LOL. I had the whole dropped in the toilet thing, etc. It still cost me $170 to replace the phone! Hope you can survive until you get your new one. Take deep breaths. 🙂

    1. Hey Brickhouse!

      Yes, we are pathetic for sure! I never dropped in in the toilet. Not yet. Dropped it everywhere else though. After my panic attack I calmed down, and a new one came today!

  10. Oh the horrors of being without a cell phone! About a year ago, I accidentally ran over my Droid and was without a phone for two days. TWO DAYS. I thought I was going to die but then, it actually ended up being relaxing. Until I got a new phone, naturally. Then it was business as usual!

    1. Hey Cowboys!

      I would cry if I did that. It’s almost like running over your dog, or for you, Ted. If I didn’t have it for two days I would have to be sedated!

    1. Hey Karen!

      Hahaha! Get one of those chest packs that I see dads carrying their babies in and put your laptop in it! I swear, I think computers and cell phones are our electronic kids!

  11. Oh nooooooooooooo! I hope you were able to save your contacts. I worry about my computer crashing. It has this funny rattling sound like something broke off every time I lift it up.
    I am battling social media addiction and am only allotting myself a few hours a day. Yep. It’s an addiction….

    1. Hey Susie!

      I am a full social media addict now! Yes, as I got my new phone today and activated it my contacts were saved, and I just had to re-install my aps which was easy. I can’t remember any phone numbers any more!

  12. Oh, Phil, this post had me laughing! This is so damn true. You don’t even wanna know where I’m commenting from right now. Hahaha

    I think, as a society, we have become very dependent on our phones. Technology has its advantages, but also its disadvantages.

    What really bugs me though is when I’m out at a restaurant with someone and they’re using their phone as I talk! Come on, people, your porn can wait until after dinner! Hahaha.

    Thanks for always amusing me with your craziness. Where would I be without your blog… Oh, and my phone. Haha

    1. Hey Thuy!

      I know you’re on your phone!!! See – you are also an addict!

      Wait – you go to dinner with people who watch porn while you’re eating? Do they turn the volume all the way up? 😉

      Glad I gave you a laugh through my anguish.

  13. I. Would. Die. I have to go to a humor writer’s conference in Ohio next week for six days and I am already panicking about the lack of internet on the road…..17 hours…..

    1. Hey Mother!

      LOL – only 17 hours? Can you imagine having no cell phone for those six days? Torture. Kill me now.

      Yeah, I think we have serious problems…….

  14. Naaahhh. I’m not joined at the hip to our phone. However, I would hate to lose it as I too, don’t bother to learn anyone’s number. We just left Vegas today!!!

    1. Hey Shelley!

      Heading to Vegas for four days on biz. Work during day and fun at night! Glad I got my phone back for pics and my contact numbers! I can’t remember any of them!

  15. It is official, Phil. You are one of the thousands with “nomophobia.” They made that name from “no mobile phone.” I get a little panicked when I can’t find my phone, mostly because of the photos and videos of Babykins, so I totally get it. I get tons done on my phone as well, so I quickly get behind when it’s gone.

    I’m glad Verizon took care of you dude. Text on…

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Oh No! I’m a nomophobic mess!

      I use it all day long. It’s like I’m useless without it. Yeah, Verizon did right by me. Always get the insurance on these droid phones. Saved my ass on this one!

  16. Oh, yeah, you are addicted, BAD babe.

    This is the exact reason I DO NOT have internet on my phone.

    I mean, I’m already obsessed w/ blogging, facebook, twitter, and …..

  17. It is amazing how we are lost w/o or cel phones. Frankly, wireless stores shield be open 24/7!! Panic doesn’t begin to describe it.

  18. Oh Phil!, I am so sorry to hear that… RIP.
    I hope you get a flying hig tech cell phone instead … And, as soon as possible
    Best!, Aquileana 🙂

    1. Hey Aquileana!

      They sent me a new phone the next day so I stopped panicking. I swear, I am clueless without my phone to stay connected. Especially since I’m now in Las Vegas for biz!

  19. It’s like Superman without the cape, Batman without the gadgets, and the Hulk without the green tinge. How do any of us exist without our phones? It’s a good thing you were wise enough to invest in that insurance plan, Phil! You’ll be back in the real world in no time. 🙂

    1. Hey Christy!

      The old phone sleeps with the fishes and my new phone is here to stay! I use my phone for everything. It’s my mini computer!

  20. Phil, you’re not alone. I have all my contacts on my phoone and the only phone I know by heart is my landline. I don’t even know my own mobile (cell) number. Gulp! It was hubby who convinced me to upgrade my iPhone and he had to drag me running and screaming and now I’m reading blogs, twittering, replying, sending selfies, etc and yes, even in the bathroom. And yes, someone heard me flush and then wash my hands LOL!
    Akward or what!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I barely know my own phone number so without my phone I am clueless. I use it for everything.

      Just don’t take a selfie while you’re on the bowl!

  21. Hope your new phone is holding up, Phil. I remember years ago when phones were attached to a wall and the receiver had a long curly cord. I basically avoided it like the plague. Whatever happened to us? We’ve been brainwashed and now we can’t go to the bathroom without it. Sad, sad, sad…

    1. Hey Suzanne!

      I remember those days of rotary dials and long curly cords. We are brainwashed now and need a cell phone just to get through the day!

  22. Because a cellphone generally does not fit in a woman’s front pocket, I make sure it’s secure in my purse and not my back pocket when going into the bathroom. There have been some near misses of it falling in and thankfully it fell on the floor. So therefore I do not use my phone in a “public” crapper. 😉 Knock on wood I have never been without my phone. I think I’ve been at 30 mins to an hour of “lost” and that is quite a sickening feeling.

    1. Hey Kenya!

      I always make sure it is nowhere near the bowl when I flush but have had a few near misses myself! We are attached to them so much. Even an hour without is like being in hell!

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