Holiday indulgence, the gym, and pancakes.

Here we go! I decided to not wait until after New Year’s to get back in the gym. After taking a much needed break these past few weeks to let my body recuperate a bit and heal up some nagging injuries I felt it was time to get back in gear. Oh yes, I also took off on my diet too and indulged in plenty of bad eating and drinking. Hey, it’s holiday season and I am not one to deprive myself of all the good food and booze being put in front of me! Ho-Ho-Ho!

I hit the gym last night and hit the weights hard, along with a half hour of cardio work. Surprisingly, I had kept most of my strength and was just a bit crusty. The treadmill part was just as if I had never left it and picked up where I had left off. Even after about three weeks not much had changed other then the fact that my pants got tighter! Hopefully, I can burn off most of this holiday weight by the end of January as we have an Atlantic City trip planned with our Yelp group for the last weekend. Two a day workouts and a stricter diet should do the trick. Discipline baby! That will surely be a deserved cheat weekend!

I do have to admit that I am plenty sore today, and it feels good to get a burn after a workout. Still love that feel of the steel along with a good sweat from a jog on the treadmill. Just gotta get through New Years Eve and it should be smoother sailing. Have a full plate of booze, food, and fun scheduled for that night! Pancake and mimosa breakfast scheduled for the morning. Carbo-loading for the holiday!



Gotta hit the gym now and get my workout in. Need to burn off that everything bagel with low-fat cream cheese I had for breakfast. Yeah, I have to ease back into the healthy diet thing. Still enjoying myself too much this holiday season!



22 thoughts on “Holiday indulgence, the gym, and pancakes.”

  1. I say better to try than not at all…good for you! You’ll get back into the swings of things. After the New Year festivities, I’m sure you’ll find your discipline and it’ll be all uphill from there! Good luck! I love a good workout too.

    Happy Holidays! Heather

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of holiday splurging as long as you don’t let it become a habit. Have fun in Atlantic City!

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