Highlander, there can be only one! Shoolbred’s NYC.

Photo credit -Shoolbred's
Photo credit -Shoolbred’s

As I trekked through the highlands of Scotland by way of NYC, weary and parched from our epic journey, we saw in the distance a beacon of comfort and safety. Slowly we walked up to the unassuming front entrance and pushed through the barrier door – lo and behold, tis be a fine drinking establishment indeed!

Manly dark wooden accents, dim lighting, stained glass, long bar, hidden seating in the back, ancient paintings on the walls, warm cozy fireplace with cushy leather chairs to sit in and converse over many brews. A place that Scottish warriors and noblemen alike would be proud to call their own. Shoolbred’s in NYC is the motherland for these fine people.

Photo Credit - Shoolbred's
Photo Credit – Shoolbred’s

The barkeep was a fine gentleman who handed us the menu and was very welcoming. We had told him of our journey to this far neatherland and he was more then willing to tell us of the special secret of the day. Something called “happy hour” that afforded us a wooden trinket to be handed in for another brew. My God, what kind of magic was this? We were taken in by it’s spell. We chose an ale called Rare Voss made in some country called Ommegang, and a potion of Hot Mulled Cider that the barkeep whipped up as his specialty. Both were exceptional and worthy of a second round which we drank heartily. Methinks a return trip to this land should be planned to take in a hot toddy or two.

Yet, we needed some food sustenance after a long day. Perusing the menu there caught my eye a perfect choice – french fries with malt vinegar. These fine spuds were served to us cooked dark, thick, and with a fresh potato flavor. Drenching them in malt vinegar only enhanced the experience more. Our thirst and hunger were quenched.

I also gleaned over a dutiful selection of scotch and whiskeys behind the bar. Mighty tempting, but that be for another time….

Photo credit - Shoolbred's
Photo credit – Shoolbred’s

On this day we had arrived late in the afternoon, as it seemed the sun was just over the horizon at about 4:30 or so. Night was falling. Just a few local townsfolk and fellow travelers were inside resting their feet and bellying up to the bar. The sounds of music were at a soft level and conversation was easy. Yes, tis a fine establishment indeed laddies and lassies. I would recommend this a destination for anyone looking to replentish their souls for a wee bit.

Our minds were now at ease, and we made on our merry way to further adventures.

Photo credit - Shoolbred's
Photo credit – Shoolbred’s


Shoolbreds – http://www.shoolbreds.com/


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38 thoughts on “Highlander, there can be only one! Shoolbred’s NYC.”

  1. Phil – Happy New Year, I see you are still finding excellent places to hang out. I am making notes about places to visit, if i ever venture out of my nest…. take care and enjoy. I hope you are staying warm, we are coming out of our deep freeze – it is 2F and I think that is the high temp for the day. The good news, the wind is gone
    clay recently posted…Thank you IonMy Profile

  2. YUMMY- fries with malt vinegar. My first time to have that was on East coast in Rehoboth beach , Delaware. I was hooked!
    What a great interesting place you stumbled on and i love the voice of the Scottish.
    Holli recently posted…This and ThatMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a fine establishment indeed, and certainly one worthy of a second, third, fourth, visit. After all, the first may have been a fluke so you’d best check it out again just to be sure before you go endorsing it to the general population.

    I love those kinds of bars with character. If I’m ever in your area, which is highly unlikely given my penchant for general dislike of all things urban, I’ll definitely check it out.

    Love the post, Phil!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…It’s Not A Sprint, It’s a Marathon DisappointmentMy Profile

  4. Happy New Year, to our New York, Anything but Regular Guy…Phil. As usual you have us pining away for the taste of Scottish ale. Must tell you that gazing upon the first picture, one word came to mind….MASCULINE!!! Oh how perfect for the description you gave. Scottish Warriors. Images of Mel Gibson, (Braveheart) face painted blue, as he stormed thru the field, entered our mind. Yet all we kept saying was…..How F***ing good we’re those French Fries with Malt Vinegar!!! lol. Seriously, we’ve never even heard of Malt Vinegar & wondered how it would taste. So now, as Bethie said, we will have to add this to our list when we visit New York & take a trip to the masculine den where Scottish warriors & our New York regular guy dine. Perhaps we will belly up to the bar & tell them. “A Scottish spud with Malted Vinegar for 2 Irish ladies!” Great post Phil. Love the pictures which completed the story & description you gave brilliantly. You have us amazed at just how unique New York is, representing so many cultures with her restaurants. Hoping your next one will be a nod to the Irish!! Sharing this now.
    Inion N. Mathair recently posted…The Sunshine AwardMy Profile

  5. I warmed up just looking at those photos. I love the rich wood accents, fireplace and that big leather chair … maybe I’ll bring a book and just hang out on a cold winter day.
    Lisa recently posted…Let It SnowMy Profile

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