Hey Winter Storm Nemo where are you dude?


Well, here we are in NYC waiting for this nor’easter, or blizzard, or squall,  or whatever the heck the weather forecasters predicted for today. Winter Storm Nemo? Really? They named it Nemo? Does Disney know about this? Is there a “TM” after this storm’s name? Do they get royalties after each mention of Nemo? Our semi-crazy Mayor Bloombito has all the trucks ready waiting to plow the streets and throw the sand down. I have to give him some props for making sure the city is prepared. Just don’t get caught drinking a Big Gulp while waiting around or the sugar police will come and arrest you.

snowmiserSpeaking of waiting around just where is Nemo? We have been waiting all day here in the city and all we have so far are a few snowflakes, light rain, and flurries. I’m not really impressed so far. I even decided to work from home today since the forecast was calling for this mess to begin early afternoon. Hey Mister Snow Miser – I want a refund!

Now the so-called weather experts, or meteorologists, or proctologists, or whatever we call them now are saying that Nemo will dump most of the snow on us after midnight. Could be six inches to a foot of snow. I guess we will wait and see. I definitely saw all the nutty people panicking and packing in the supermarkets and bodegas last night hoarding up all the milk and bread they could carry. Why? Don’t they realize by now that Chinese restaurants here never close  They will certainly be delivering to my door tomorrow!

Oh well, in the meantime here are a few funny/evil snowman pics to look at while waiting for Nemo to really grace us with his snowy presence. I don’t care if we get two feet of snow as long as my cable works and I get to see The Walking Dead season premier this Sunday night!


funny snowman 9








Yeah, I think maybe I might need a bit of therapy at one point soon!



19 thoughts on “Hey Winter Storm Nemo where are you dude?”

    1. Hi Frugal!

      We are supposed to get the brunt of snow after midnight here in NYC! Out on LI they got 20 inches already! Good thing you only have rain.

      Yes, can’t wait until Sunday night for Walking Dead!

  1. hope you are okay and your power still works and cable, too….. I am a whimp when it comes to losing my modern conveniences.. I remember when I had dial-up and it took an hour to download a 25MB upgrade and today, I get annoyed whenn the internet is slow. I saw that NYC gor hit but not as bad as Boston and further up the coast. Take care, stay warm, stay safe, and work on those snowmen!

    1. Hi Clay!

      Yeah, all is ok here in NYC. Only around ten inches of snow and it’s plowed and shoveled here. Just a bit messy. Glad I don’t live in the burbs – they got hammered!

      I’m with you and I hate when the power or internet goes down! Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by my blog!

  2. Freaky Snowmen! At least you aren’t in Boston. I have a friend there and he said a drift had blown and covered his door. He had to crawl out a window to get out to his garage to get a shovel.

    1. Hi Nina!

      You can find some funny stuff on the web! NYC did not get hammered as much as other places. In fact, it’s pretty much plowed and cleared already. I just put up a new post about it. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Hi Susie!

      Yeah,those are some creative snowmen! Yeah, NYC got some snow, but nowhere near as bad as what the suburbs had dumped on them. Check out my new post I just put up about it. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Hi Jill!

      Um, did it snow here? Not much left in the city really. We were glad to give it all to the burbs!

      Yeah, those are some funny pics. Some warped people out there!

  3. Nemo is such a wussy name for a snowstorm/blizzard! I don’t even remember them naming the storms when I lived up north (shows how much I paid attention). Of course hurricane Charley isn’t exactly a name to instill fear, either…and that one did quite a bit of damage back in it’s day. Interesting snow zombies, by the way.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      Yeah, why don’t they give these storms real names!THOR, SOUL CRUSHER, DESTROYER, ASS RIPPER, DEATHKILL, OR INSANE DEATH?

      Now, those are proper storm names! 😉

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