Hey, look, more snow on the way! Yay! Now go kill yourself.


Well, here we are on February 16th here in NYC and it’s 24 degrees this morning. Sure, it is only February which is winter you know. Hey, I’m not complaining since at least it’s not snowing. I don’t mind the cold air and it is sunny outside. I think all of us in this part of the country are just getting sick of seeing snow. So far NYC has seen double the normal amount of the white stuff. Yeah, there are those who love snow, and think it’s all beautiful, picturesque, blah, blah, blah. Then there are those who live for the winter sports season and brag about all the great skiing and snowboarding they have been enjoying. Please, go away and shut the eff up. Those of us who would rather be on a beach with a cold drink or on a jet ski don’t want to hear it. The snow is not pretty anymore. It’s all dirty and grimy looking and a slushy mess here in the city. It’s not fun to play in anymore as the novelty has worn off. I want to walk around without my shoes turning into filth, and the bottoms of my pants looking like I just stepped into a small pond. Oh, and don’t forget those unmaneuverable lakes that show up on every street corner that are impossible to get around unless you have rain boots on, or are one of those freakishly tall NBA players and can walk over them. Plus, I have slipped and landed on my ass twice already. Yup, Spring can’t get here soon enough!

Ok, I get it. I do realize that it is still winter. It’s supposed to be cold and snowy. Yet, this one feels like a bad joke. Here are some pics I found on the net that pretty much sum up our feelings of this winter so far. Nothing like enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and blogging naked in a warm apartment…….


love winter










54 thoughts on “Hey, look, more snow on the way! Yay! Now go kill yourself.”

  1. Phil – I am up north this weekend, we came here to enjoy the frozen lake and just relax – so far it’s gone well. There is more snow here than I have ever seen, but sunny enough to sit on the deck in the sunshine. As for walking around on slushy sidewalks or frozen walkways – I’m with you. Looks like I am driving home on a snowstorm tomorrow. Spring will be here soon, the days are already getting longer. Hang in there!
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  2. This is my first winter in Colorado and while I’m freezing my ass off I know that it’s not nearly as bad here as it has been in Kansas so I’m trying to be thankful for that. However, I’m dreaming of moving to Hawaii or someplace warm!
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  3. I share your sentiment on this one. Although this year here in the UK it’s not (unusually) been snow & ice that’s the problem but gales and pissing rain; several areas of the country have been under flood water since November. Roll on summer!
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  4. Filbioooooo! I just love the photos especially the snowmen. Craaaaazy!! Seriously though count me in as one of the people who love winter. I was born in December and grew up in the north of England. Near Scotland. Go figure. It was always winter LOL! In fact, give us some of YOUR snow ‘cos we had just two weeks of the white stuff. In Berlin where I live now. In Germany.
    Well, Spring had better be good. Oh wait. It’s February and its Spring already!!
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  5. Snow and deep freeze, well its rather caused a lot of disorientation with schedules in the Philadelphia region. I’m looking forward to resuming a normal schedule, and with the kids back in school. Since there is little to be done when mother nature shows her face, I suppose I’ll just enjoy the cold, clean air and look forward to warmer days ahead.
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  6. AGREED! We’ve had mild winters the past couple of years in the Midwest, so this winter everyone is freaking out about all the snow. I’m so sick of looking at everyone’s yards, driveways, etc., covered in snow in my Facebook feed. I’m also really sick of seeing it outside my windows, and shoveling all this shit. We live in the suburbs, which means driveway: Pro, we don’t have to park on the street; Con: We have to shovel the driveway 3-4 x’s every time it snows, and the plows throw ICE and snirt (snow/dirt) on the bottom 3 feet of the driveway. If you don’t keep up and shovel it right away, it freezes there and you get plowed in because of mounds of frozen ice. OVER IT 🙂

  7. Hee hee heee….I live in Canada and I’m pretty sure you’re in worse shape than us! It might not go away any time soon either as I remember being in NYC in March and there was a ton of snow!

    By all means, stay naked, but you may have to put a scarf on. 😉
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  8. Hahahahaha! You’re so right, even the kids aren’t out playing in the snow. I really needed this today as I sit on my couch at 5:48 NOT getting ready for work. It’s S N O W I N G here again and it’s heading your way. My boss, who is “tired of loosing money” clearly has a sled and dogs to get him to the office, but I do not. So today I made the executive to decision to say “fuck it” I’m not killing myself to get in on time. I’m going to scroll though your photos again and laugh out loud…hahaha!

  9. I love your attitude, if you can’t change it, you may as well laugh at it. Giving winter the finger is definitely my favorite. If my boys see that, it’ll be recreated in our front yard before you know it, which will thrill the moms of all the elementary school students who drive by our house to drop their kids off and pick them up. Oh well, if you can’t take a joke . . .
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  10. I’ve moved back to the cold North after spending two winters in the South. I’m so over being cold. Even for having grown up in Idaho, I find nothing to like about winter. I’d much rather be warm, or roasting. I think I was meant to live in the desert. The South can keep its humidity.
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    1. Hey Jeri!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Guess you picked the wrong year to move back up north! My folks live in Florida where they keep calling me to tell me how warm it is now. I’ll laugh at them come Summer when they are melting with the heat and humidity! Then again, I might fly down soon for a quick getaway and jump in their pool.
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  11. Just chuckling over here from my warm spot under a Florida palm tree. That’s ok—you can laugh at me in the summer when it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity. The only thing missing from this post is a picture of you blogging naked in a warm apartment…..

  12. I am beginning to feel as though I´m stuck in the movie Groundhog´s Day. Every single morning the exact same scene over and over again. Our snow began in October. It has snowed every single day, and will continue to do so until April.

    Today´s goal…enjoy the moment! (again)

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