Hey Cupcake! They call it Awesome Pudding here in NYC!

Photo credit - Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
Photo credit – Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

This was goddamn awesome!

That was the thought we all had in our drunken stupor as we downed our amazing cupcakes and Awesome Pudding. Yes, it really is called Awesome Pudding. For a good reason!

It was our first time ever visiting Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery here in NYC on the Lower East Side. It’s a tiny shop that makes some damn fine cupcakes. Only a few tables and chairs to sit at. Friendly counter service. Lots to choose from to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. I am kicking myself for not partaking in their glorious cupcakery sooner. 

I'll take a flight of puddings to go! Photo credit - Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
I’ll take a flight of puddings to go! Photo credit – Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Could not resist dropping in here the other night after happy hour to sample some of the sugary treats that were beckoning me to devour. Terrific cupcakes, amazing frosting, and moist cake. A friend had a pistachio cupcake and drooled over it. I had a spiced pumpkin which I inhaled it was so good. Dat frosting tho! Fluffy, cream cheesy, orgasmic! Walnut slivers on top. If I am offered a least meal before I die these cupcakes must be the dessert list!

Oh, and that Awesome Pudding was no joke. The cup we recieved was dense and felt like a brick in your hand. You could almost use it as a weapon against a purse snatcher. We all shared this one. Peanut butter chocolate flavor which was described by one of us as “what girl scout cookies tasted like before they went gluten-free” which was a great way to explain it. Sorry, not sorry, but most things gluten free taste like cardboard. No reason to make everything gluten free. Glad this wasn’t! My taste buds bow to their greatness here.

The Awesome Pudding is pretty effing awesome! Along with their cupcakes which are only $2. Really, only $2! See, you can get something cheap in NYC that’s actually exceptional.

Photo credit - Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
Photo credit – Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery


Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery – http://sugarsweetsunshine.com/


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26 thoughts on “Hey Cupcake! They call it Awesome Pudding here in NYC!”

  1. That look and sound amazing! We have a place in Houston called CRAVE Cupcakes. I was never a big fan of cupcakes in general, but those cupcakes were like nothing I’d ever had before! It sounds like the ones at Sugar Sweet Sunshine are the same! Cupcakes on a whole new level! 🙂

  2. Wow, I love how cheap they are! I think I’d love that pumpkin spice cupcake, too. You’re making me miss the city even more than I already do- definitely need to plan a day down there in the next few weeks!

  3. I love the pudding idea. I always enjoyed pudding as a kid and it really lost it’s goodness once it was put in those prepackaged cups in the refrigerated section of our markets …ugh.
    These do look awesome and I want one now!!!!!!

  4. This is next on my list… and handily just ten minutes from my office. I’ll walk off the calories in 10 minutes, right?! Good.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh yeah – cupcakes. The creamier, the yummier. The yummier, the better! What is it with people when they talk of gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free? The point of a cupcake is to have a handful of heaven. if you take everything out of it, it isn’t heaven, is it? It’s hell.
    Demand “proper” cupcakes. Just say No!

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