Heavy Metal Love in NYC – Duff’s Brooklyn!


The BEST, and only TRUE HEAVY METAL BAR in the NYC area! F**KIN’ YEAH!!!

You are entering the portal to Hell when you walk through the door of this basement entombment of a bar dedicated to all things Heavy Metal. If you live, or crave, the metal lifestyle Duff’s is your Valhalla. Walking in we were greeted by the music that we love from Iron Maiden to Black Sabbath to Pantera, happy hour with $1 PBR’s until 9pm, a hottie no nonsense bartender, cheesy horror and old porn on the tv’s, horror movie and rock posters and pictures everywhere, with all sorts of horror and metal memorabilia on every square inch of this place. If I ever had a house with a finished basement bar this would be it!

I represent even at Yelp events! \m/

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Lamb Of God, Slayer, DIO, Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, etc, were playing all night long non stop. Just an amazing music scene. An assault on your ears that was friggin amazing! Seriously, if you would rather listen to played out rap music or hip hop or top 40 pop garbage, you will hate it here. Please go away, don’t even bother. Justin Bieber fans run and hide!

We got to chatting with the bartender who happened to be really nice and chill. Along with our cheap happy hour drinks, and buy back rounds, she also treated us to shots of Jack, Jameson, and Tequila. As it was not crowded we pretty much had the place to ourselves that night, and we were there for about six hours! It was getting busy just about the time we left around 2am. You see all kinds in here so if you are the type to get squeamish around some rough looking people, or grungy metal looking dudes, please head back to your local fratty bar with the baseball cap kids.

We drank sooo much here last night while headbanging to great metal tunes. In the end the bar tab was ridiculously small, and we were amazed. The bartender deserved a good tip for sure! Also, the jukebox here is amazing! So much metal mixed in with a few surprise cd’s. Old and new stuff. Classic rock, metal, and even Johnny Cash – the man in black!

Just one of the regulars at Duff’s we ran into. ( The dude on the left, not the creepy guy on the right. )

Yes, this place is dark, dingy, loud, a bit crazy, and the bathrooms are a total dive mess – but OMG do I love it here! If you are a true metal head you must spend a night here. Jimmy Duff the owner was hanging around for a bit and he is one cool guy who really loves the metal scene. He is Metal. Easy access from the subway as the stop is right down the street. Which is great to stumble back on in a drunken metal stupor train ride to the city! Oh yeah.







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  1. I swear I always say “If you can’t find it in NYC, it doesn’t exists” and Duff’s is proof. I am passing this on to my nephew who is a musician. He may never leave this place once he’s through those doors!

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