Head Westville Young Man for Healthy Eats in NYC!


I’m a busy man lately. Been running all around Manhattan performing errands, getting some dreaded Christmas shopping done, dropping off a few coats for charity, and also squeezing in some much-needed fun time with my friends. NYC is a magical place this time of year, and lends itself to a bit of overeating and overindulgence.

Yes, diets and waistlines take a beating during the holiday season.

That being said it’s always nice to have a spot like Westville to drop in for some clean and healthy eats to place your mind at ease, and make you feel a little better about yourself after the previous night’s egg nog consumption and over-eating at the company party.

Chill ambiance eating at the bar. Photo credit – Yelp.

It was my first time dining here at the Chelsea NYC location and I must say it’s a solid spot to get a healthy meal. When I was handed a menu I noticed plenty of veggie options to mix and match with an entrée, or just make them the main plate if preferred.

Yes, the veggies here are no joke. They are delish and the real deal!

After a day bopping around the city the cold air had my nipples hard and my stomach clamoring for a warm meal late in the afternoon. It’s a bit nipply out in NYC these past few days, and Westville offered a warm cozy atmosphere to enjoy a late afternoon dinner.

Overall, I am eating way more healthy nowadays and Westville did me right with a grilled salmon plate that came with two market sides for $18. I chose the mashed sweet potatoes and the snow peas prepared with sesame and ginger. Perfect meal to satisfy my hunger.

Just another amazing looking plate of food served up at Westville. Photo credit – Westville

Damn, I might just come back here to get a veggie combo plate to try out some more sides! I mean, they were so good! The way they prepared the sweet potatoes they tasted like dessert. The salmon had a nice grilled taste and texture. The snow peas had a nice snap to them and very tasty.

Great spot for vegan, meat eaters, and vegetarians alike as there are enough options on the menu for all. Beer and wine available too. There are currently five locations in NYC with a sixth on the way. I wish one would open uptown where I live!

As it’s kind of a small place with limited seating get here before prime hours. I would guess it’s packed during dinner and brunch times. Or, do what I did and score a spot up on the bar. Quick and friendly service by the bartenders there. You can’t go wrong.

Now I feel better about that Christmas ale or spiked egg nog I will consume tomorrow.




Westville – http://westvillenyc.com/


4 thoughts on “Head Westville Young Man for Healthy Eats in NYC!”

  1. Yum – it’s so difficult to find a place that offers a healthy fare for a healthy fare. Place looks great. Stay the course. Merry Christmas Phil!

    1. Hey Clay!

      Yes, with all the temptations around during the holiday season it is good to find a place to have an occasional healthy meal. Hope you and your family are having a good holiday season!

  2. Sounds like a tasty experience. The one thing I dislike about living in the “sticks” is the lack of great places like this to try!

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