Head out to a Destination Bar in NYC for Jello Shots!

Photo credit - Destination Bar
Photo credit – Destination Bar

Just a seriously chill bar to kick back in and most of all –


Met up with a group of friends for an impromptu happy hour drinking binge at Destination Bar and had a great time. The place itself has a really cozy vibe, old wooden floors, open air front facade, and a terrific jukebox. Happy hour runs until 8PM every day and is half off everything – yes, everything!

I really like this type of bar. Not too big but has seating spots all around, a worn comfortable looking decor, nice bar area, and the front has what looks to be the original windows and small porch area from years ago. Nice bathrooms. A cool mix of 50’s- 90’s music playing on the jukebox. Board games available, Bartender was super nice and took care of us. She also threw us a round of shots before getting off her shift as we paid out. It’s the kind of place you can get lost in for hours. Especially during happy hour! So sweet!

Photo credit - Destination Bar
Photo credit – Destination Bar

Have been here a few times before and they usually have four types of jello shots at $3 a piece – Jello-Rita, Jello Fuzzy Navel, Jello Cherry Coke, and Jello Pineapple Paradise. Six types of beer on tap at $6 or $7 a pint – Guinness, Sam Adams, Brooklyn,  Warsteiner, Coors Lite and Goose Island – not a bad little selection. Seems they rotate the beers seasonally too. They also offer a nice list of canned and bottled beers such as Pork Slap, PBR, and Tecate.  With the long happy hour it makes for a great drinking spot. There are also some house cocktails at $10 each that are made nice and strong. If hungry there is also a small pub menu with tasty munchies such as hot pretzels, sliders, fried pickle chips, and pizzas. Perfect to help soak up all that alcohol in your belly!

Photo credit - Destination Bar
Photo credit – Destination Bar

As I stated before, happy hour here runs late until 8PM and everything is half off! Plus, they have an everyday special of a $6 Genny, PBR, or Coors Light with a well shot after 8PM. Time to get your boozin’ on!

Cozy bar, chill vibe, non pretentious friendly crowd and bartenders, great happy hour. Just a terrific remedy for what ails you. This is definitely a Destination Bar & Grill to pay a visit to if in the area. Really, who can resist jello shots?



Destination Bar & Grill – http://www.destinationbarnyc.com/


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34 thoughts on “Head out to a Destination Bar in NYC for Jello Shots!”

  1. That pretzel looks incredible. And I love the idea of Cherry Coke Jello shots. I may actually try to make those myself.

  2. Damn you Phil and your great looking foodie shots. Hungry again after a visit here.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Jello shot. I hate missing out on things that will knock me on my ass.

    1. Hey Lauren!

      I told you my blog is sometimes deadly to a diet!

      You must try out some jello shots! You can easily make them too with your booze of choice, usually vodka.

  3. Brilliant. Good to know that jello shots are not just for home any more. And I NEED that pretzel, with or without the jello shots (preferably with)!

  4. Jello shots! Yikes! Can’t handle them…They taste like wine gums and kicks like a donkey (and leave me curled up and incapacitated for days) 🙂

  5. Now this sounds like the type of place I would take my close friends to – or people like me – able to rock things in a champagne oyster bar one minute and shots and beer at another. I’ve never had Jell-O shots before but it sure sounds like fun.
    I’d come here after a night out on the town or just before, “to-get-the-party-started!”

  6. I haven’t had a jello-shot in quite a while. Perhaps it’s time to remedy that.

    Another cool place to check out if I’m ever in your neck of the woods.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      You must do a jello shot party for you friends! Just make a tray and put in the fridge. It’s snowing here so we might do that to get through the day!

  7. Looks like an eclectically cool place to hang out. I admit, I don’t go out much these days but a place like this could get me off my butt.

    Have a great one!

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