Has it been one year blogging already? I’ll drink to that!


Has it really been one year already? I just realized that here we sit on the first day of November and I have been at this blog thing now for one year. My one year “blogiversary” so to speak. It just seems like yesterday that a few friends of mine who have blogs of their own suggested that I give blogging a try. Monique at Food Snob 2.0, Kristy at Baking, Photography, and Sarcasm, Angel at NYC Talking, and Bonnie at A Little Unhinged among a few others were very instrumental in helping me pop my blogging cherry. They offered advice and knowledge on how to get started, and helped me out as I my computer challenged brain tried to wrap my mind around how to set up my page, layout, and the technology involved that I could use to run a blog. Even though it seems I am up and running pretty smoothly now I am still learning the ins and outs of what the heck I am doing as far as blogging goes.


I started this idea of The Regular Guy NYC to be a creative outlet, and to express myself a bit to whomever would want to read it. To throw out some ideas and observances of my life in New York City along with my mildly warped outlook. The things I see, the experiences I have, the people all around me, the craziness, the weirdness, the events I attend, the places I eat, to the spots I down a beer at. It has evolved into “lifestyle, food, and humor blog” as seen through the eyes of a regular guy. A man’s point of view as he navigates life in the big city, and beyond. There is definitely not a lack of NYC based subjects to blog about, and I truly hope that people have enjoyed reading the diverse things that I have covered so far from the humorous to the dramatic.


What started out as a hobby has become a labor of love. I have read articles that many people start blogging only to give up on it within a few months. Maybe because not enough time to devote to it, discouraged at the low amount of traffic/comments, or even a lack of ideas and creativity of what to write about. Sure, it does take up plenty of time, but it is also very rewarding too if one chooses to stick with it. Through my blog I have met many terrific and interesting people from all over the country, and around the world who also have some wonderful blogs of their own. I really appreciate all of the comments on my blog posts and friendships I have made through this social networking platform. Even a few blogging awards along the way. I feel as I have just really started and will continue to write about topics that will interest the readers, while also throwing out the occasional laughs, rants, and goofiness that is part of my personality. You’re all stuck with me for better or for worse I guess!

Again, I just wanted to express a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who reads and comments on The Regular Guy NYC. You all make it so worthwhile.


This blog has also opened many doors for me. I have been contacted by numerous businesses, agencies, and PR companies over the year that have offered me the opportunity to experience many events, products, and services going on and happening in the NYC area. To them I also express much gratitude as I have taken part in many cool things over this past year that otherwise I might not have. It’s one of the perks of having a blog that reaches out to a diverse audience and covers topics that target a specific readership. I am humbled and thankful that these businesses, agencies, and PR companies have reached out to me, and entrust my blog to help promote their clients, products, and messages. I look forward to working with you all again in the upcoming year, and look forward to many new opportunities pitched my way. Feel free to keep contacting me!


As of the moment I have held off on placing advertising on my blog, since it’s not about generating revenue. It’s about having fun and communicating. It’s what has helped my blog become successful in my eyes. I love living in New York City, experiencing all it has to offer, and I have a lot to say about it. As time goes on maybe I’ll change things up a bit as it evolves, but for now I’ll just keep things as they are. However, if someone wants to chuck a boatload of cash my way I might be enticed to throw up a few ads here and there!

ron burgundy glass case of emotion


As always, I appreciate your support, comments, laughs, and love. Thanks again! I raise my glass to you all. Onward to another successful blogging year of a regular guy’s view of life, food, cocktails, fitness, and fun!

66 thoughts on “Has it been one year blogging already? I’ll drink to that!”

  1. Dear Phil…
    Happy blog-birthday to you… You are doing an amazing job… You gives us the chance to take a peek in your daily life as a new yorker guy and it is so much fun 🙂 … Please keep it on and I am wishing you many years ahead as a cool blogger …

    Happy weekend Aquileana 😉
    Aquileana recently posted…Marcel Proust: “En Busca del Tiempo Perdido”: “Por el Camino de Swann” / “Remembrance of Things Past”: “Swann´s Way”.-My Profile

  2. Phil – congrats I have been up to my ears in paper and family this year and haven’t been reading or writing much at all. Blog guilt. Keep up the GREAT work. When are you gonna write a post about Rex Ryan and the Jets? Hahahah

  3. Happy Blogiversary Phil. Wow, only 1 year? You come across like you’ve been doing this for ages, and that’s a good thing, so professional.

    I really enjoy coming round here mate, and it’s a pleasure to have you as a blogging friend. You’re funny, witty, ironic and I love a dose of New York sarcasm. You’ve done a good job of promoting some of those lovely food places too, and if I ever get to New York, your blog will be my atlas for sure. You’ve succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes when you show me photos of what you guys eat out there, but I won’t hold that against you.

    I hope you celebrated by doing something really nice, and I’ll hold up a glass of wine to you right now since it’s 2pm on Saturday. Continue to make us laugh, and tell us about NYC, we love it.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Can Discrimination Ever Be Positive?My Profile

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary! Seriously, have you only been blogging for a year?? Your blog looks great and your posts are really entertaining and informative and you have a great and loyal audience. So impressive! Most people only accomplish that after years of blogging.
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Chimes in Dubai: Oh Crab!My Profile

  5. Happy 1st blogiversary! I concur with everything you said in this post! I recently discovered the power of the blogging community and I love doing link ups because it shows me there are more people out there who are also going through some of the stuff I go through so it’s been eye opening and also fun to interact with them.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I haven’t seen you comment on my blog lately and I guess I miss your presence! haha. I’m glad that we met through the blogging world and I will do better at commenting on yours 🙂
    Bella recently posted…To Blog Or Not To BlogMy Profile

  6. A year? That’s it? I guess I just assumed you were some well seasoned blogging genius, but it’s even better to find out you are this great with just one year under your belt. Cheers to you as you head into year 2!

  7. Happy one year blog anniversary! I’ve been blogging for three years now and I forget my blogiversary most of the time. Ha! I can definitely see why some people get discouraged blogging, but ultimately it’s a place for the author to write–anything more is a bonus! I’m looking forward to continuing to read your blog. It’s very funny!
    Jessica recently posted…Link LoveMy Profile

  8. Many congratulations Phil! A big thanks to you and your friends for encouraging you to start the blog. It has always been a pleasure to read. I always learn something new about New York and you provide some highly entertaining posts. I love your rants.

    Here is to the future and many more great years of blogging. I raise a glass to your continued success.

    All the best.
    The Guy recently posted…Porto Istana the beach of four beachesMy Profile

  9. Congratulations! Look at you! You took a fun activity and made it an interesting venture.

    Seriously, you’re doing a great job. Your blog is entertaining and often informative. It’s one I read on a consistent basis. And, you kept at it–I know many people who quit after a few months and you really have to keep going for personal and professional benefits.

    Cheers and here’s to many more years 🙂
    Jean recently posted…Job Tips: What I Learned While Working in HellMy Profile

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