Guac! Mole! Cascalote Latin Bistro in El Barrio, NYC!

Wonderful food and service up in El Barrio, NYC!

Delicious guacamole, and the salmon special on a bed of plantains was just perfect. I scarfed it all down while enjoying a damn fine Mojito. My taste buds were singing. My belly was happy. My gluttonous desires were completely satisfied.

My gal totally gushed over the chicken mole. That mole sauce was righteous! Oh, and they don’t skimp on the portions. You go home full after a meal here with a food baby in tow.

We walked in on a weekday evening while exploring a bit of Spanish Harlem and found an empty restaurant, but decided to give it a try. So happy we did as I was in the mood for some cocktails and authentic Latin eats. Cascalote Latin Bistro did not disappoint.

A family owned little gem that is a perfect addition to this neighborhood. Chill vibe, fun staff, good music, and a welcoming feeling. It’s a tiny Latin cuisine restaurant that is nicely appointed with a cozy attitude. Classy and comfortable. Not stuffy or faux. The waitress offered some terrific suggestions, and also told us all about the place, while her mom was preparing the delicious food in the kitchen.

Yes, her Mom. Mamacita. The Patriarch. She told us her Dad is normally the chef, but Mom was holding court on this evening. All I can say is that if Daddy gives up his spot in the kitchen Mom will easily rule.  LOL – she probably already does! 🙂

Compared to other restos in the area there are cheaper options,. Some good, some bad, and some not even all that authentic, but you can’t put a cost on quality as the dining experience here is so worth it. The guac and cocktails alone are worth a visit.

We have heard that brunch here is also off the hook, and gets packed on weekends. Must come back to this family run joint that puts their heart and love into the food to check it out. WEPA!!!



Cascalote Latin Bistro


3 thoughts on “Guac! Mole! Cascalote Latin Bistro in El Barrio, NYC!”

  1. Wow, looks and sounds delish. Very colorful plates of food. I’m so jealous that you have so many different choices in your area. Here, everything is pretty much deep fried. There are a variety of deep fried options, but deep fried something or other is on every menu.

    Have a great week.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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