Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Us New Yorkers
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Are New Yorkers really that grumpy? Are we really as rude as the movies and tv portray us? Well, kinda. Sometimes. I happen to see things going on week in and week out all around my travels in NYC. Perhaps we just can’t help ourselves lately as many of us are on a short fuse with this long winter. Here it is supposedly Spring and it’s 35 degrees. I sense a touch of disbelief, confusion, depression, and anger out there. Maybe too many of us expect instant 60 degree sunny weather already. Yeah, we are an impatient bunch. Just like the Burger King commercial slogan we want to “have it our way”. Actually, right about now I think some of us would like to give the King a beat down, along with that dubious weather prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil! (Enemy #1 in the Northeast right now)

Yet, I think New Yorkers get a bum rap about how rude we are. We’re actually pretty nice, can be fun on occasion, and along with being directions experts we are also willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Just don’t get in the way of our daily routines or we might have to run you over. Don’t mess with us as we are heading to work or coming home from it. We are always in a rush and hate being bothered or delayed. The subways can be a bit of an anger “fight club” at times. There is a time and place for everything of course. Many people here deal with high pressure jobs and stressful relationships. At times we can be caught at the worst moment and we will blow you off. Then there are others that we can be quite pleasant.


We ain’t all that bad! Well, some of us are.

A few points about our grumpiness / rudeness –


If you see me with my ear buds in don’t talk to me. That is the NY’er suit of armor. It emits the universal “leave me alone” signal.


Doubly so if you encounter any of us that are not yet properly caffeinated. If I have not yet had my two cups of morning coffee I will emit a guttural growl at anyone approaching too close.


If you see a couple having a lovers quarrel on a street corner do not engage and ask directions. You will be looked at with disdain and might be “stink eyed”, or worse yet, have both of them gang up on you, even though they are in the midst of a breakup.


Most of all if we see a celebrity walking the streets we are not a bunch of crazy eyed starfuckers! These people live here in NYC to blend in and live like the regulars. They just want to do their thing even though they are famous, wealthy, and beautiful for the most part. If you stalk them or creep on them while they are out shopping, at dinner, or enjoying a jog you just might be dealt with embarrassingly and end up on TMZ.

Hey, we are a good crew here. Perhaps a bit grumpy at times but what do you expect after about six months of a long winter season. We want warm sunny days already. We’re not really rude, but more like “irritable” is the best way to describe us right now.




Still, I feel like strangling that damn groundhog.

26 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Us New Yorkers”

  1. True that. I’m more than happy to give tourists directions but sometimes they catch me at the wrong time. I’m sure it happens everywhere (to some extent).

    And agreed, New Yorkers are too cool to fawn over celebrities. Even if you’re secretly excited to see someone, just keep calm and act like you rub elbows with them all the time. It’s the New York way.

    1. Hey Jill!

      Yeah, we are good with directions. Though, if you’re a jerk I’ll tell you the wrong way to go!

      True – don’t be a lame starfukker. Leave that to the tourists! 🙂

  2. This winter has been enough to bring out the very worst in anyone! Seems to be picking up down here now (at last)….

    Kate x

  3. Thanks for the insight Phil. My first and only trip to New York so far didn’t reveal too much of a bad streak in the locals, mind you it was over a weekend.

    I’m totally with you on the iPod usage, it is a key tool for locking out the world.

    1. Hey Guy!

      We are actually a good bunch of lads and lasses! Just waiting for some damn warmth and sunshine.

      My ipod is always on when in the subways for sure!

  4. If you guys are irritable because of 6 months of winter, can you imagine what we over here are like, with only 2 weeks of sunshine??
    Still, ever one I know who has ever been to New York, raved enthusiastically about the place as well as the people and loved there experience there. 🙂

    1. Hey Lily Jo!

      Only two weeks? That would drive me insane! Now I consider us over here lucky!

      Yeah, us New Yorkers are plenty of bark but not a lot of bite. Good people for the most part. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. I live in Atlanta, it’s like NYC with grits, NASCAR, Rap music, and the worst driver from every other city in America.

    But, I love it.


    1. Hello UP!

      Road rage must be all kinds of fun down there!

      Actually, I have been there a bunch of times on biz. I know just what you are saying!

  6. LOL, I was cracking up as I read this one while eating a bowl of vanilla icecream. I got to go and read your other post that I missed out on. I know what New Yorkers are like, and they are exactly how you describe them, lol. No kidding and yes, for real. Your article is no joke. (snickering)

  7. This post made me giggle, most of it is spot on. I feel bad for that damn groundhog man, but it’s true, he’s a freaking rodent, not a meteorologist. LOL. New Yorkers are actually cool, just follow the rules and we ain’ts gots not problems yo!

  8. I’ve not been to NYC before so I can’t comment on whether or not I think the people are nice but I can say something about our little rodent friend… he was wrong, he was freaking wrong, it’s been cold as hell in Kansas! But, I can’t complain too much because it’s starting to warm up a bit, not a lot, a bit and that’s at least something good right?

    1. Hey Emily!

      The groundhog fooled us all! That’s what happens when you trust a rat!

      You need to visit NYC at least once. We don’t bite – too hard! 😉

  9. Oh Phil, this is Hilarious! I laughed all the way though. I have not seen these memes, but they say it all!
    Thanks for bringing your snark to the party! Have fun checking out all the newbies!

    1. Hey Susie!

      Thanks so much – glad you got a good laugh! 🙂

      I will be mingling at your party mostly tomorrow as I’m working late tonight. Thanks for the invite!

  10. The poor groundhog! I’m sure all this “Spring prediction nonsense” was never his idea! I’ve been to NYC a few times and everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. I totally agree you are “a good crew”!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Thanks so much for reading. Glad you had a good time here and you found NY’ers to actually be friendly people! Hey some of us are a bit rude at times but not all that bad! 🙂

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone in New York, who actually lives in NY. Every time I’ve asked for directions the person didn’t speak English….or did they? Of course I’ve only been there to see shows, eat and tour but I must say I LOVE NY! Sometimes I need someone to flip me off…you know…let me know I’m alive.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Haha! Yes, and was born and bred here. There are some of us! So glad you love our city, and also don’t mind being flipped off! 🙂

  12. Having grown up in the pacific NW I am pretty sure that they are some of the grumpiest people on the planet. No one opens doors for anyone and everyone is full of caffeine to keep themselves from going over the edge. They also have the highest suicide rate in the nation. Fun stuff, hence why I moved 🙂 The two times I have been to NYC everyone seemed fine, not any crankier than I am on a daily basis! Maybe that says more about me than anything else……

    1. Hey Frugal!

      I would have never known the level of grumpiness out there. Heck, all that good coffee would make me happy!

      Yet, if I was in Seattle with all that rain I would be an angry mess!

      Have a great weekend!

  13. Hello Phil:

    As I ´ve told you on Twitter I have randomnly picked a post to read an comment… Well I guess I picked it not so randomly… Because when I saw this one, I knew at first sight that it was going to be a funny and cool choice… And I was right, yes!!!.

    New Yorkers are not the only urban people to be grumpy, mind you… All those signs you were referring in your post are almost the same here in Buenos Aires, which is also a huge city… But worst: in South America, so go figure!

    I live in BA but not in the big city, but in the suburbs and work here too so I don´t go too often Downtown…

    But when I was a College student I had to go three or four times a week to BA and it was was just the way you described, adding that I had travel by train and it took me an hour or hour and a half to arrive to that “urban hell”…

    Porteños (as we call the habitants of BA capital city) are usually grumpy and sometimes rude, or more like “irritable” when the sun vanishes in winter time…
    They are all very similar to the New Yorkers´s features you have well pointed above…

    They are also absorbed by their daily routines, they use the same strategy with the IPOD just to avoid facing their “bushleague” reality and also to their groundhog´s lives

    They are always in a rush no matter if they are heading to work or coming home from…

    Subways are also here a fight club from time to time … and other times the city just collapses underneath and everybody has to spend huge amounts of money to pick up a cab for just ten blocks.. Yes, we are usually in a delayed mode here in South America… But the traffic is always the same thing in big cities, isn´t it?…
    And so many other things are almost similar …. Like the ones you have described…

    I was just wondering if there is “a Urban Way of Being/Living” that may connect all habitants of the big cities in the world…

    I guess that in some sort way this “Raison d´être” or “Urban Human Nature” does really exist… I don´t know how you will see it… But I begin to suspect that you will probably agree with this final statement!!!

    All the best for you, dear Phil & thanks for this thoughtful & funny post…
    I really enjoyed it 😉

    Aquileana 🙂

    1. Hello Aquileana!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! So glad you had fun reading this post!

      Seems like the more crowded areas and bigger cities are very alike in some ways when it comes to what I described here! Have a great week!

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