Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina – Carb Love in NYC!

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Mmmmm…..fresh made pasta! Carbs Carbs Carbs! Wonderful Carbs! Joyous carbs!

Hey, even though we are eating healthy and employing a more nutrition based intake nowadays doesn’t mean giving up on eating out and indulging a bit. We just decided to do it on a once a week basis, and pick out a new joint that we haven’t chowed down at before. Even so, there are plenty of spots here in NYC that offers up some delicious grub with a healthier kick to it. You just have to show some restraint and not give into sinful desires!
We happened on a restaurant called Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina. Located in the Chelsea Market we decided to give it a try for dinner while sauntering around the area as I took the day off for my birthday a few weeks ago. After walking around the High Line elevated garden and park we had a hungering for something to nourish our souls. Turned out to be a solid choice.

The market has some really nifty places to shop and dine at. We were drawn into here by the terrific selection of multi-colored and multi-flavored freshly made pastas in the displays. To dine in, or take out and prepare at home. After a full afternoon of strolling around the Chelsea/Meatpacking District area some carbs seemed like perfect way to replenish our energy packs. Or just to fill our bellies!


Took a table in the large dimly lit dining area and perused the menus that were handed to us. I love candle lit places but sometimes I need my handy-dandy flashlight app on the phone to actually read it. It’s not that I’m old or need glasses, it’s just too damn dark! I must say that it was hard to make a choice as I wanted to eat almost everything here. Is that so wrong? Oh, but it feels so right!

We behaved ourselves and went with some healthy choices. Tasty kale and quinoa ravioli plate, roasted salmon plate with a goat cheese salad, grilled shrimp appetizer, and a radicchio salad. Sparkling water too. All pretty delish! I had read some mixed reviews about this place but our concerns were quickly laid to rest after the first few bites. Sometimes I just think people like to write reviews to be edgy and over-critical. They enjoy negativism for some reason, love to bash, and see little joy in things. I go into these places with an open mind and give them a fair shot. I tell it like it is.

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Great service all around. Friendly hostess who brought us to our table. Waiters are attentive without being overbearing. Bus boys do scurry around and quickly swipe empty plates off your table. “Whoa – slow down there buddy! I’m still gonna eat that last morsel.” – I proclaimed as I was about to stab his hand with my fork. I have no shame. You don’t mess with a man’s food!

A bit pricey for the portions, but a nice atmosphere and attentive service made it worth the overall damage to my gal’s credit card. Even she agreed that it was well worth a relaxing and a bit romantic meal here. My sugar momma treated me as it was my birthday after all. Oh yeah, life is good. We opted for dessert at home 😉 !!!

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Just wish the seating was a bit more comfortable as the chairs seemed too narrow and hard for me. Midway through I had to switch out chairs to find a better fit. My butt was a bit sore after this meal. Yet, I didn’t mind too much as my tummy was happy. Gluttony always rules the day! Happy birthday to me!

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12 thoughts on “Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina – Carb Love in NYC!”

  1. I love the way you’ve made a “splurge” plan, but still try to keep it semi healthy. Seems like your flashlight app worked well, you were able to order some pretty delicious looking food.

    1. Hey Karen!

      Yes, doing well so far and sticking with it. Once a week we find a cool spot to try as our cheat day. This was a nice meal spot.

  2. Happy Birthday Indeed! Looks delicious and healthy of course. Love the “touch that plate or dies attitude” hahahaha

  3. A once-per-week splurge on some carb-soaked food sounds perfectly reasonable to me. And I’m with you in your frustration about restaurants that are so poorly lit you can’t read the menu (particularly when it is in small font on a coloured background!) Nonetheless, sounds like you relished the fare.

    1. Hey Gary!

      Yup – have to have that one splurge day to keep my sanity! I almost want to walk into some of these places with an industrial sized flashlight!

  4. All that sounds so good. Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner. Happy Belated birthday by the way!!! I love pasta and not sure i could be as good as you were and not get a huge plate of spaghetti or lasagna or alfredo….. Oh i’m starving now.

    1. Hey Holli!

      Thanks, and yes, it was a very nice meal. The pastas here all looked amazing. I really wanted to go to town on them but behaved!

  5. I’m trying to eat healthier, too — and be healthier for that matter — but some of these carb-powered meals look delicious!

    1. Hey PJ!

      Good for you! It’s all about discipline and staying motivated. It wasn’t easy as I wanted a huge bowl of pasta with cheese on top!

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