Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill – Kitschy Eats in Pomona NY!

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I am all about discovering kitschy places to eat and drink at as I love them! The kitsch factor is off the hook here and we loved eating at Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill! It was one of those days that we had a car and decided to just take any random exit to explore a bit and hopefully find somewhere decent to grab a meal before heading home. When we drove by Gilligan’s I did a quick u-turn and made a bee-line for it. So glad we did!

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It’s a lot bigger inside than what you see from the road. The also have free valet parking for everyone. Whoa! When we walked in he laughed in delight as we scored big time kitsch here! Tiki Hut looking bar, mannequin in a hula skirt, all types of things hanging on the walls and ceilings – fans, signs, fake birds and monkeys, plastic palm trees, beach scene murals – you name it! This place is just over the top kitsch! In Pomona NY of all places? It’s not even near the water!

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The menus we were handed were huge. So much to choose from. Seafood, meats, pastas, cocktail list, you name it. I was craving fried clam strips as I love them. We also ordered the Cape Cod Imperial plate which is a combo platter of seafood, the coconut shrimp (which were pretty large), fish and chips, and a few frozen pina coladas. Plus, our meals came with salads and a loaf of warm house made bread and cornbread squares. Can you tell we rolled out of here in food comas after this?

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Nothing fancy about this place. It’s where the locals dine on tasty filling plates of reasonably and cheap priced fresh seafood. Specials during the week. The service is super friendly and attentive. The ambiance and atmosphere is a marriage of the Rain Forest, Central Park Zoo, and a place you would eat at in the Florida Keys while drinking heavily. We had a smile on our faces the whole time, and full bellies as we left!

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Photo credit - Gilligan's

Photo credit – Gilligan’s

Sometimes it pays to just take a trip off a random highway exit into the unknown. So many hidden gems like Gilligan’s are everywhere in America!


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Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill -

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22 Responses to Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill – Kitschy Eats in Pomona NY!

  1. GK Adams

    Love me some clams! Heck, I’ll eat any kind of seafood (except clams). Thanks for making me hungry, yet again.
    GK Adams recently posted…Hump DayMy Profile

  2. I love roadtrips that end in random destinations! This place sounds like SO much fun and I had an LOL moment when you said it’s not even near any water! Very cool!
    Patricia Sands recently posted…Man Booker Prize Shortlist 2013My Profile

  3. Love joints like Gilligans. Kitschy. Fodder for fun. And, good food? Can’t beat that.

    It set me back for a minute when you said, “we had access to a car for the day.” Then, I realized, you practically have the whole world accessible by public transport. Do only the rich and famous, or transplanted country bumpkins own cars? The hassle! The expense.

    Bet the Pina Coladas were tasty.

    Bet you wished you were in The City, where you could cab it home rather than drive home. This post might have had a whole ‘nother ending.
    Gloria Richard recently posted…COME PLAY WITH THE DARK HUNTSMAN…Cover Reveal & GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Hey Phil, one never knows the gems one might find off the beaten path, looks good, and fun too.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Bulgur SaladMy Profile

  5. P.J.

    This is the way I like to travel and eat. Oh, I’m hungry. What’s here? Boom. I need to start using Yelp more, too. Probably would help with finding good joints.
    P.J. recently posted…My pledge in moving forward with the blogging worldMy Profile

  6. Phil….this post was picked up by “Steak Lovers Daily”!

    Way to go, Bro!
    Fearless Leader recently posted…Lady Gets Parking Ticket; Attacks Cop w/ Cup of Doo Doo!My Profile

  7. Jules

    I LOVE hidden gems. Seriously, that post made me so hungry. Heading home to get my grub on now.

    Jules of Canines & Couture
    Jules recently posted…Your Daily Smooshy: Ready, Set, Mount!My Profile

  8. Holly J says:

    I love places like this too! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Pomona, but I’m fairly certain I’ve passed it on the highway. I have to save, reading your blog always makes me hungry. I’m happy I haven’t had breakfast yet. Off to the kitchen I go…
    Holly J recently posted…Raspberry SmoothieMy Profile

  9. Jessica

    And now I’m craving clam strips once again. I love little places like this! Everything looks delicious and the atmosphere screams “fun.”
    Jessica recently posted…Friday Link Love ♥My Profile

  10. Lisa says:

    This is a hidden gem indeed. If you didn’t fill us in on the location I would assume you were on an island vacation. All that seafood and bright colors off the beaten path would certainly brighten anyones day. Great find!

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