Getting all fizzy in NYC! The Pure Fizz by Mastrad.

The Pure Fizz – so easy!

One of the fun perks of having a blog are the opportunities to receive invites to events and new product launches. Residing in NYC offers many chances to experience these types of gatherings as it is the media capital and many PR agencies reside here, or come here to gain plentiful exposure. One event I was recently invited to was to sample a new home soda maker that is hitting the market in July. It’s always fun to check out a new product before the public gets a chance to see it, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this one. The company is called Mastrad and their product is the Pure Fizz soda maker. They are a leading company based in Paris, France, and offer many kitchen specific products for both amateur and pro use.


The event took place at the stylish and chic Eventi Hotel in midtown Manhattan. We were led to a suite converted into a showcase for the Pure Fizz and also for many of Mastrad’s line of kitchenware offerings. They manufacture a variety of fun and functional products for those who are into cooking and baking. We were able to test some out and I will admit to liking their design and ease of use. Great tools for those who enjoy being in the kitchen, and for those of us who live in small NYC apartments and have limited storage space.

Practical and easy to use kitchen products.

We were treated to a tour of their products and an overview of the Pure Fizz, while a professional bartender on hand mixed a variety of drinks and cocktails for us to try. He showed us how easy it is to use the product and every drink was delicious. I have a few friends who have the Soda Stream product and the one big negative about it is that you can only put water into it to make your sodas. With the Pure Fizz you can put anything in it – water, juice, alcohol, etc. We tasted a nutritious juice and berry drink, along with a Bullitt Bourbon Mint Julep cocktail (I had a few of those libations!), and both were terrific. Along with many trays of appetizers and finger foods being passed about this made for a wonderful way to spend a rainy Thursday evening learning about something new that I was excited to actually try at home. I was able to do just that since we were handed terrific gift bags on the way out that contained the Pure Fizz and some of their other kitchenware products we viewed this night.

Fun kitchen products of all types.

Now, I won’t endorse or even cover a product unless I use it first-hand. After testing it out at home yesterday I can fully recommend the Pure Fizz. Why, you ask? Well, coming from a guy with limited kitchen expertise I found this product to be incredibly easy to use and was very satisfied with the end result. I decided to keep it simple and just go with fizzing up some cold water from my Brita pitcher in the fridge, and add in some sliced limes. What I tasted was a refreshing lime soda cocktail! So easy to use. Just add in the liquid base you want in the bottle , screw on the charger cap, twist in the CO2 cartridge, shake 10-15 times, let sit for 3-5 minutes, press the release button to let escape excess gas, then pour and enjoy! It was that easy. Just seal up the bottle and put back in the fridge to keep the rest chilled. Plus, the stainless steel design along with the CO2 really gets your drink cold. The .75 liter bottle holds enough for about three to four glasses to enjoy. We ended up drinking all of it as we watched TV and the drinks never lost their carbonation. Loved this product as it worked just as was demonstrated to us!

IMG_20130527_152134_827 (1)
Some serious carbonation going on here!

Stylish, sleek, elegant, and even practical the Pure Fizz is designed for ease of use and storage. It’s the type of product that will look good sitting on your dinner table, and won’t take up much space on your counter or in the cabinets. Price point will be $80 and is not bad overall considering it is made of stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and will offer many uses over time. It’s a perfect size and amount offering for two people over dinner, or to take to a picnic since it is totally portable and easy to transport. CO2 cartidges will be sold separately in packs of 10. From what I was told they are looking for distribution here in the city/states and were eyeing shops like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table to start.

A variety of fizzy drinks and cocktails can be made easily with the Pure Fizz.

The Pure Fizz by Mastrad is simple, practical, healthy, cleverly designed, portable, and is a green product as there really is no waste. The CO2 cartridges can be recycled. It really is a smartly designed product that I found highly satisfying, and the end result was an enjoyable way to prepare a drink. I am looking forward to experimenting with different ingredients and concoctions in the upcoming days to see what I can come up with!

Just shake, fizz, and enjoy!


( I was in no way paid or compensated for this post, as I was invited to their event to actually experience the product and really liked it! )

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15 thoughts on “Getting all fizzy in NYC! The Pure Fizz by Mastrad.”

  1. Sounds pretty cool, and I’m glad you only review what you use as it makes you more trustworthy. I will admit I’m a little jealous of the new product invitations though to be fair as I’m travelling around right now it’d be difficult to invite me anywhere lol

    1. Hey JP!

      Thanks for reading and dropping by my blog. It’s true – I won’t review or endorse a product/service unless I use it first-hand. Sure, we all have different likes and opinions on things, and I hope that my reviews and updates on these products/services help anyone reading to maybe try them out and judge for themselves. I’m a pretty fair guy and call it right down the line.

      I appreciate the comment!

    1. Hey Jules!

      Who doesn’t like fizzy drinks! It’s a fun product and worth having when it comes out.

      Thanks for the comment – glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Ha! You assume everyone is cool like you and gets invited to these sorts of events simply because they have blogs. Not true. I suspect you get invited because you do a lot of reviews and they were crossing their fingers that you’d do exactly what you did. 🙂

    If hubby and I were still soda drinkers, this would totally be something I’d pick up. Nice review! (The kitchen supplies looked pretty awesome, by the way.)

    1. Hey Kitt!

      LOL! Actually, I have worked in media/advertising for many years. I have a code of ethics and will only review and cover things I use first-hand and approve of to endorse it. As I write about all kinds of things NYC related that I experience I enjoy going to these events amd having the chance to experience them. Agencies reach out to me and numerous other bloggers and media people to be involved. All bloggers such as yourself can also do the same if that is an aspect of your blog and you are willing to do so. I know you are one of the cool kids too! 🙂

      This is a product you might like as it’s not soda in a sugary sense, and very healthy if you want it to be. Water, carbonation, and some fruit. Boom!

  3. I agree with you about experiencing products first hand for your review. I always do a list of pros and cons for my reviews and then my overall opinions. There are a few products that I have been sent that I wasn’t a fan of and I stated it in my review so that other people would be aware of the problems that I had. I am super jealous of the events though, maybe one day my food blog will be big enough to go somewhere that actually has interesting events (WV isn’t the hot bed of interesting product launches). I like that the design is sleek and would look nice on a kitchen counter!

  4. I just purchased one 2 weeks ago and it has become my favorite item in the kitchen. I love it. Its the simplicity, as well as the good carbonation levels and nice design, that make this a winner. I used to run through 12 packs of Polar selzter each week and would regularly have my wife on my back about 1/2 full- flat cans left around the house. Sometimes I just want a small glass and this 750 ml sizing with the ability to store is just perfect. I purchased for $59.99+ $7 shipping from Mastrad online and separately purchased 300 (30 packs of 10) 8gram CO2 canisters on Amazon for $99 (including shipping). These are not Mastrad branded, but work just fine. Excluding the initial price, the cost is $.44 a litre ($99/300/.75). This compares to about $.93 a litre of polar seltzer can 12 packs at $3.99 or $.78 at $3.33 and about $1.09 for a 1 litre bottle. I wont even enterain 2 litre bottles as the fizziness just doesn’t is lost by the time the 2nd half of the bottle is reached. Beyond the price, its just fun to use – it takes up no space and again, its fun to you and sleek. I have the equivalent of 225 litres worth of cartridges in a cabinte space taking up less than 1 cubic foot. No more running out and running to the store. What more can I say? Oh, you can add flavor in the carafe pre-carbonation if you want. I like plain just fine, but tried a cap-full of lemon concentrate and it was great, too. I perfect item for the kitchen, if you like carbonated drinks. I may just buy another.

    1. Hey Greg!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Sounds like you enjoyed this product as much as I did. It is so simple to use, and it’s perfect for just a few people or single servings. Doesn’t take up much space too. It’s a nifty little item. Nice tip on getting the CO2 cartridges. I use it all the time.

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